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WWE Spring 2016 Roster Assessment

The WWE has recently done some Spring cleaning. Wrestlemania 32 saw the culmination of the “previous era” of feuds and “older” superstars wrapping up feuds. The following night, Shane McMahon got his chance to run Raw and all of a sudden the wrestlers from NXT entered the fray and continued to make an impact as the weeks progressed.

Despite the coincidence that Shane O Mac in charge is bringing in this new era it’s fitting because the children of Vince McMahon are now in the spotlight. This was a symbolic new era for the WWE front office with Shane and Stephanie McMahon carrying the reins.

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With the roster turning over and moving into the spring and summer with full force, I wanted to do a quick rundown of WWE superstar roster of those here and that have moved on.

Adam Rose – This is an interesting situation. He tested positive for a substance that he’s been taking for a while and the WWE knew about. He proved it by showing his doctor’s notice on Twitter. Hello credibility!? He also just had a domestic issue with his wife. This could be a very thin rope the WWE may be teetering on.

Ryback – Good for him for speaking up but bad for him for speaking up. What he said basically gave management the right to release him. Look, he meant well with what he said but the problem is his role wasn’t defined. He should’ve picked up where Batista left off.

Hornswoggle – No brainer since he tested positive for a banned substance last September. That sealed his fate. Wasn’t a huge fan of Hornswoggle but I give him credit for lasting this long and was as a crowd favorite.

Alex Riley – This one I thought had potential being by Miz’s side and feuding with him as well. He was one that I thought would be a future WWE champion but it didn’t work out.

El Torito – Didn’t realize he was still on the roster. Not much else to say.

Zeb Coulter – I always liked him ever since he was one half of the Jayhawks. He had a good thing going with Jack Swagger but Swagger had to ruin it all with his personal demons. Coulter was good on the mic being one of the old school guys who knew how to speak to the crowd. Hopefully there’s a spot for him as a WWE booker but the roster seems overloaded with men of his ilk.

King Barrett – I was sad about this one. I liked him since Nexus and I thought he had potential but the injury bug hindered his progress. He’ll have no problems finding work.

Damien Sandow – A crowd favorite and a mid-card favorite of mine too. Interesting that the other half of the Miz tandems never lasted in the WWE? First John Morrison and now Sandow. He’s an interesting bird who just didn’t fit in the top tier roster mix.

Santino Marella – One of the most fascinating characters who got released. He debuts in the WWE on Raw winning the intercontinental championship as a walk on from the crowd. He slowly glided down to a comedy act that I thought was funny.

Cameron – Another one where I had no idea she was still on the roster. She was one half of the Funkadactyls, right?

John Cena, Seth Rollins, & Randy Orton – Thanks to the implementation of the new era and a couple of solid feuds there’s no need to rush these three back. A good problem to have.

Dolph Ziggler – Oh boy! More squashing to come? He pins Baron Corbin at Payback but gets squashed weeks before and weeks after that. Did agree to be a punching bag in exchange for winning the WWE title that we don’t know about?

Charlotte – Looks like they may be fading out her father by her side. That’s okay because she has the aura where she can stand alone. Flair’s done a good job grooming her daughter. Now it’s time to part ways.

Becky, Sasha, Emma, Paige, Natalya, et al – Will the women’s division continue to roll on? There’s talent that it could.

Wyatt Family – Will continue to wreak havoc whenever Bray Wyatt returns.

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The New Day – Give me a bowl of Booty-O’s and I’ll never grow tired watching them. Francesca is the leading candidate for ringside figure of the year.

Roman Reigns – Nice that the bookers aren’t giving up on him. He’s playing champion well. Let history decide what kind of champion he is/was.

Baron Corbin – Bookers have plans for this guy. I like his meanness and the dark aura following him. Reminds me of an Undertaker wanna be but not as grim.

Tag Team Division – Nice to see a good number of teams on the roster. The New Day is so good that it may be a while before they lose it to another team on the roster.

Kalisto – He doesn’t have the physical size but his potential, spirit, and talent is sky high. Is his next step Money in the Bank or a WWE title contender?

Regardless of my thoughts, let’s hope the roster continues to get better each week that will in turn make us want more action. Stay tuned to see if this will happen.

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