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The WWE Comes To South Park – Video

WWE South ParkThe superstars of World Wrestling Entertainment invade South Park tonight. Check out this video featuring John Cena and Edge. Cartman and the boys attend a WWE event and find their calling as pro wrestlers. The boys then join the school wrestling team expecting a WWE experience. The concept sounds great and I am sure there are many wrestling fans that can relate to this. The first airing begins tonight and will be replayed throughout the week.

[adinserter block=”1″]Wow, the WWE missed a golden opportunity with this one. The WWE and South Park should have co-promoted the episode and had the boys Guest Host WWE RAW. They could have had the animated South Park crew up on the Titan Tron making matches and running the show. I suggested something similar involving Family Guy a few months ago, but this one was handed right to them.

I think the big joke here is that South Park airs on Comedy Central which is a Viacom channel. Viacom also owns and distributes Spike TV which airs TNA Impact! Instead of promoting its own product, Viacom bypassed TNA Wrestling to feature the WWE. Sorry TNA, but apparently you are an afterthought on your own network.

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