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WWE Smackdown: What Is next for Luke Harper Towards WrestleMania 33 & Beyond?

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After what was a stellar match between him and AJ Styles two weeks ago on Smackdown, Luke Harper has been on the quiet side of things. Harper had put on a great performance that showed fans why he has an Intercontinental Championship reign under his belt. The question is now that everything is falling into place for WrestleMania, where does Harper go?

If one looks into the near future, I would think he will more than likely be in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Depending on the outcome of WrestleMania may be the best possible determination for Harper. There is the fallout of him and Bray Wyatt that could definitely be revisited. There is also the return of Erick Rowan that is on the horizon. Either one could be in Harper’s plans.

Regardless of where he goes, Harper is more than ready for the next phase of his WWE career. The potential of him becoming a singles Superstar is more and more obvious as time passes on. The company already didn’t capitalize on him and Rowan as Tag Team Champions in the past. They could make up for it of course, but having a successful singles run sounds so much better for him.

I think that Harper is a prominent, but surprising contender to win the Battle Royal followed with a strong singles run for the summer. There are plenty of options for the former Wyatt Family member. If anything else from that Smackdown, he put everyone on notice with his incredible performance against Styles. Fans including myself hope that he will be rewarded for his efforts.

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Harper is in a babyface role right now, so if he were to head down the singles path I could definitely see him tangle with the likes of a villainous Dolph Ziggler or Baron Corbin. Corbin is clearly on a roll with his feud against Dean Ambrose and I think he will capture the Intercontinental Championship come WrestleMania. His momentum has been rising consistently and shouldn’t stop anytime soon.

If the company chooses to pair him with Rowan upon his return it would certainly add depth to the Tag Team Division which is desperately needed. However the bad thing about this is that there hasn’t been much focus on the Tag Team Division despite the fact that Smackdown has been putting on incredible shows. If there are no changes to the Division post WrestleMania then Harper will find himself in obscurity at least from a television standpoint. But if the pair isn’t booked to dominate and make its case known upon rebuilding themselves, then it would be a wasted effort.

I said this before and I will continue to say it, Smackdown continues to operate under the motto ‘the higher the risk, the higher the reward’. I would love nothing more than for the company to pull the trigger on Harper’s potential as a singles star. But if they put him back in a tag team with Rowan, then it must count. Don’t let me down guys; Harper is indeed poised for greater things.

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