WWE SmackDown Results and September 19 Recap


Roman Reigns and Rusev collide in a huge WWE Friday Night SmackDown main-event on the Night of Champions go-home show.

We get an inset promo from the Dust Brothers, and it’s one of their weird-ass promos about a cosmic key and whatnot. The match starts, and the two jockey for position with a lock-up. They trade a few blows, then Jimmy nails a clothesline out of the corner. Stardust gets a rope break off a waistlock, then misses a clothesline. Jimmy hits a couple of strikes and goes for a Samoan drop, but Stardust counters it into a neckbreaker. Stardust stomps Jimmy down, then stomps him in the gut. He nails a forearm to the head, then stands on Jimmy in the corner. Jimmy comes back with an uppercut, but Stardust recovers and drops down to hit a kick to the head. Jimmy nails a boot out of the corner, then misses a superkick. He blocks a kick, hits a mule kick, then nails a superkick off the ropes for 3.


Goldust tries a sneak attack after the match, but the Usos send him to the floor with a double superkick.

Cesaro and Ziggler start, with Ziggler going for Cesaro’s leg. Back to a vertical base, Ziggler gets in a waistlock. Cesaro counters into a side headlock, then hits a hip throw. Ziggler counters into a headscissors, and Cesaro counters that back to the headlock. He hits a shoulder off the ropes, then mocks Ziggler with a hip swivel. Cesaro hits another hip throw as Miz hasn’t taken his stupid sunglasses off yet. Back to the action, the two crisscross until Cesaro blocks a hiptoss. Ziggler ducks a clothesline and goes for a sunset flip. Cesaro blocks it and goes for a press slam. Ziggler escapes and hits a dropkick. Miz distracts him, which allows Cesaro to hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker out of the corner for 2. Miz tags in, hits a boot and finally loses the glasses. He hits another low boot for 2, then nails a few lefts. He stomps Ziggler down, then goes for a suplex. Ziggler counters into a small package for 2, then hits a quick neckbreaker. He misses the rocker dropper, and Miz nails the Reality Check for 2. Commercials.

Back from the break, Miz hits a hanging clothesline in the corner, then goes up top, hitting a double axe handle for 2. Miz rakes at Ziggler’s face, then applies a rear chinlock. Ziggler counters with a jawbreaker, and now both are down. Cesaro makes the first tag and goes after Sheamus. Sheamus nails a right, and Ziggler hits Cesaro with a back-body drop. Cesaro grabs Ziggler’s leg to prevent a tag, then throws him to the adjacent corner. Ziggler nails an elbow and dives for the tag, but Cesaro catches him. He looks for a toss, and Ziggler impales him with a DDT. Miz and Sheamus tag in, and Sheamus hits all the hot tag offense, eventually tosses Miz to the apron for the 10 Beats of the Bodhran (actually hitting 15), then hits him with a rolling fireman’s carry slam for 2. Miz comes back with a kick off the ropes, but then runs into the Irish Curse for 2 as Cesaro breaks it up with a double stomp. Ziggler launches him to the floor, and Miz launches Ziggler. Miz turns around, and Sheamus hits him with a tilt-a-whirl powerslam. Mizdow jumps on the apron, and Sheamus looks for the 10 Beats again. Mizdow escapes, but then gets nailed by R-Ziggler. Miz tries to roll Sheamus up for a quick pin, but only gets 2. He hits a snap DDT for another 2, then signals for the SKF. R-Ziggler jumps on the apron for a distraction, which allows Ziggler to sneak in and blast Miz with a superkick. Miz gets up, and Sheamus drops him with a Brogue Kick for 3.


After the match, Cesaro tries a sneak attack on Sheamus, but Sheamus sees it coming, forcing Cesaro to retreat.

Slater nails a punch to the side of the head, then clubs Rose down in the corner. He whips Rose across the ring, but then eats a pair of boots in the opposite corner. Rose goes up top and hits a cross-body for 2. Rose hits a hip throw into a side headlock. Slater eventually counters with a back suplex, then nails a kick to the ribs. Slater hits a low running boot for 1, then begins to pelt Rose with rights in the corner. He foot-chokes Rose, hits a bodyslam, then mounts the middle rope. Rose blocks Slater’s dive with a foot, then rolls him up with a small package for 2. Slater misses a splash in the corner, and Rose hits a pair of forearms before dropping Slater with a spinebuster. He nails a corner clothesline, then lays in a few shots to Slater’s gut before ripping off his shirt. Titus trips Rose behind the ref’s back, allowing Slater to nail him with a Harlem Side Kick for 2. Rose’s bunny gets in the ring and starts bunny-hopping around before hitting Titus with a slingshot plancha. Slater is distracted, and when he turns around, Rose hits him with the Party Foul for 3.


Renee Young is standing by with Rusev and Lana. She mentions the match with Mark Henry at NoC, then turns to tonight against Roman Reigns. Lana speaks in Russian, then Rusev does the same. Back to Lana, who speaks in more Russian. Very productive interview here.

Fernando and Rowan are the legal men after a commercial break (that took place before the match started). Fernando mocks Rowan and hits a tilt-a-whirl into a sunset flip. Rowan blocks and throws Diego to the corner. Fernando dives off the buckles, but Rowan catches him and hits a fall-away slam. Wyatt tags in and stomps Fernando down before hitting a snap suplex and a running senton. Harper tags in and drops an elbow, followed by a fist drop for 2. Harper hits a European uppercut, and Fernando comes back with a forearm. Fernando hits a sunset flip for 2, and Harper blasts him with a forearm. He walks across Fernando before tagging in Rowan, who hits a jumping kneedrop. Rowan drives his fists into Fernando’s temples. Fernando tries to fight out, so Rowan goes for a back suplex. Fernando lands on his feet and tags in Show. Show hits a pair of clotheslines, sends Rowan to the corner, hits a hip attack and goes for a shoulder. Rowan ducks and nails a front chopblock, then tags in Wyatt. Wyatt assaults Show, then hits a low DDT for 2. Harper in, and Harper puts the boots to Show before applying the Gator Roll into a side headlock. Show gets back to his feet and shoves Harper away, but Harper comes back with a dropkick. Rowan tags in and kicks Show to the floor. Wyatt tags in and begins nailing Show on the outside. Show crawls back into the ring for a tag, but Wyatt cuts him off. Harper in, and he applies a rear chinlock. Show gets to his feet and breaks the hold with a back suplex. Show goes to the middle rope, missing the Vader Bomb. Harper nails one of the Matadores on the apron, then quickly tags out to Wyatt. Wyatt applies his own rear chinlock now, and Show once again breaks the hold with a back suplex. He tags Diego, who hits a big chop off the top rope. He follows up with a spinning headbutt off the ropes, followed by another and a series of rights. He avoids a back-body drop, then trips Wyatt into the middle rope. Wyatt shakes it off and drops Diego with a flying back elbow. Outside, Fernando ducks a clothesline from Rowan, but gets dropped with one by Harper. Show shoves Rowan into the barricade, so Harper nails him with a superkick before shoving him face-first into the ring post. Back in the ring, Diego ducks a clothesline and hits Harper with a suicide dive on the outside. He hits a hotshot on Wyatt on the apron, then misses a dive off the top rope before Wyatt hits him with a Sister Abigail off the ropes, in one fluid motion, for 3.


Resident waste-of-space Renee Young is once again with us, this time joined by Roman Reigns. She mentions tonight’s match with Rusev. Reigns says he doesn’t discriminate. It’s one vs. all. Tonight, it’s Rusev, and Sunday, it’s Rollins again. Believe that.

Paige shoves Nikki, so Nikki shoves back. Paige tackles her, then pulls her up by the hair and throws her to the corner. Nikki hits a back elbow out of the corner and some ridiculous middle rope kick for 2. Paige rolls to the apron, so Nikki knocks her to the floor with a hip attack. Nikki rolls Paige back in, so Paige now knocks her to the floor with a kick. Paige rolls Nikki back in, then applies a scissored rear chinlock. Nikki breaks the hold, so Paige clubs her down. Nikki comes back with forearms, but Paige stops that with a side kick. Nikki hits a clothesline, a dropsh*t and a back-body drop. A modified facebreaker gets 2. Paige comes back with another side kick, then hits the Paige Turner for 3.


Lee grabs the Divas title, then climbs into the ring, holding the belt like a baby. Paige screams to have it back. Lee starts to hand it to her, but won’t completely let go. Nikki rips it out of both of their hands and clobbers each of them with it.

Swagger immediately backs Dallas into the corner, and Dallas forces a break. They lock up, and once again Dallas gets himself into the ropes. After the break, Dallas slaps Swagger and bails to the floor. Swagger chases him back into the ring, and Dallas once again hits the floor. Swagger heads out from the other side and surprises Dallas with a clothesline. He sends Dallas face-first into the announce desk, then rolls him into the ring. Dallas kicks him on the way back in, then hits a neckbreaker. Dallas nails a short-arm clothesline out of the corner for 1, then applies a side headlock. Swagger fights out, but Dallas nails a forearms. Swagger reverses a corner whip and hits a big boot. The Swagger Bomb connects, but Dallas escapes the belly-to-belly. He heads out to the floor yet again, then heads back into the ring and crawls to the other side. Swagger tries to pull him back in by the ankle, but Dallas drops to the floor. He hotshots Swagger’s arm, then climbs back into the ring, hits the Running Bo-Dog and gets 3.


Dallas tells Swagger he appears to have lost his swagger. Does Swagger want to end up like Zeb, a haggard, old senior citizen? A waitress at a local diner told Dallas Zeb stole 3 packets of sugar and is a terrible tipper. It’s obvious Swagger is a slow learner. If he wants to be successful in WWE and in life, all he has to do is Boli…Swagger interrupts the speech by kicking Dallas in the face and sending him running up the ramp.

More Renee Young. I really don’t know how they justify paying her salary. Mark Henry is the subject of one of her “interviews” now, and she asks how he’s feeling after RAW. He says he feels good. 1992 at the Olympics, he was defeated by a Russian. In 1996, a Russian won after he left due to injury. This Sunday, he has the chance to not only win for himself, but for the fans and this country. Mark Henry crush Rusev.

Reigns charges at Rusev, and Rusev shoves him back. They lock up once more, jockeying for position, until both fall through the ropes to the floor. Rusev is up first, and he nails a kick. He goes for an iron claw, but Reigns breaks it and nails an uppercut, sending Rusev back into the ring in the process. Back in, Reigns nails a back elbow and a kneelift. Rusev shoves him off and nails a kick to the midsection. He clubs Reigns across the back, stomps him down, then hits a series of strikes in the corner. Reigns tries to shake it off, but Rusev applies a bearhug. Reigns elbows his way out, blocks a throw to the corner, then lands one of his own. Reigns comes off the middle with a flying clothesline, then hits another from the mat before Rusev nails a spinning heel kick. Commercials.

[adinserter block=”2″]Back from the break, Rusev has Reigns locked in another bearhug. Reigns gets back to his feet after a minute or so and hits a pair of headbutts. Rusev sends him to the corner and hits a running shoulder thrust. Reigns blocks a second attempt, avoids a corner splash, misses a corner clothesline, bounces off the buckles and hits a clothesline on the second try. He hits another clothesline, but then gets hit with a vertical splash against the ropes. Reigns shakes it off and hits a Samoan drop, followed by some mounted punches. He lands a corner clothesline, ducks one from Rusev and lands a jumping one for 2. Another corner clothesline connects, as does an uppercut and a boot into the ropes. Reigns drops to the floor and hits the jumping apron kick. Back in, Reigns loads up the Superman Punch, but Seth Rollins runs down and causes a distraction from the apron. Rusev blasts Reigns with a jumping side kick, then goes for the Accolade. Reigns escapes and hits a back suplex. Rollins climbs to the top, briefcase in-hand, and looks to nail Reigns. Reigns ducks, and Rusev takes the case to the head, leading to the bell.


Reigns clotheslines Rollins to the floor, then nails Rusev with the Superman Punch. Rollins is back to his feet, and he drags Reigns to the floor. Reigns tackles him over the announce desk, then rams him into the barricade before tossing him into the crowd. Reigns chases after him.

Rusev and Lana celebrate Rusev’s “victory” back in the ring, when Mark Henry comes out. He points up, and a giant American flag drops from the ceiling. Henry hits the ring, and Rusev cuts him off with stomps to the back. He hits a few forearms as well, but that’s when Henry starts to get back to his feet. He shoves Rusev to the corner, then hits him with the World’s Strongest Slam.

End of show.

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