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WWE SmackDown Results and October 31 Recap

Dean Ambrose takes on Cesaro in a Trick or Treat Street Fight main-event on a Halloween edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee is on color commentary for this match. She’s wearing a shirt that says, “BOO” and says she’s dressed as a ghost. Nice nod to Jim Halpert on the Office there. I hate Summer Rae so much. Anyway, as Nikki comes out, we cut back to earlier today when she informed Brie Bella (dressed as Daniel Bryan) that she’s not in the BR because she has to go pick up some luggage that got sent to the wrong city. Brie also has to keep the costume on while she does it. Hilarious.

The bell rings, and Cameron eliminates Mendes off a spinning headscissors. Nattie shoulders Rae to the floor, eliminating her. Emma locks Cameron in the Dilemma, but then gets tossed to the floor by Fox. We get some stupid bit between Paige and Layla that isn’t worth discussing. Paige boots her in the gut and tosses her to the floor. I love Lee mocking everyone here. Cameron and Naomi are both gone, courtesy of Nattie. Nikki hits a spinebuster on Paige. Nattie eats a kick from Fox. Nattie gets tossed to the outside by Fox, almost hangs on, but then drops. Fox then tackles Paige through the ropes, sending them both to the floor. Nikki wins.


As thrilling as it sounded, I assure you. Nikki then gets in Lee’s face to almost no reaction.

[adinserter block=”1″]Kane comes out, accompanied by Seth Rollins and Rollins Security. He wishes everyone a happy Halloween. Every year around this time, he gets a warm, fuzzy feeling in his chest. He looks forward to terrifying children and make-believe blood. Just when you think you survive the horror, you wake up 11/1, and just around the corner is Survivor Series. As for tonight, the Authority has quite the main event planned, as Cesaro takes on Dean Ambrose in a “Trick-or-Street Fight”. Rollins calls that a hell of a main event, but what if Bray Wyatt gets to Ambrose first? Let’s face it. Ambrose will fall to Wyatt just like he did to Rollins. He doesn’t understand why everyone is booing him, since he’s just being honest. He agrees with the “You sold out” chant, then says every fan is lucky to be here. They are in the presence of greatness. On top of that, this crowd is some of the first people to be let in on the Authority’s plan for Survivor Series. Who will be stupid enough to join Team Cena to take on Team Authority, knowing the consequences? Kane agrees, then says there’s one superstar who, if he didn’t know better, is already on Team Cena. He’s, of course, talking about Dolph Ziggler.

This is a rematch from Monday night, which Ziggler won. The match starts, and Kane backs Ziggler to the corner. Ziggler ducks a punch, hits a few of his own, then nails a dropkick to the knee. He goes for the leaping DDT, but Kane throws him off, onto his face. Kane nails a forearm to the face, then ties Ziggler up in the ropes for a shot to the chest. Kane nails a short-arm clothesline for 2, then stomps Ziggler down. He nails a gut shot in the corner, then an uppercut. Kane steps on Ziggler’s head on the bottom rope, then pulls Ziggler up for a snapmare. Kane goes into a rear chinlock, but Ziggler quickly fights out with punches. Kane goes for a bodyslam, but Ziggler escapes, hits a series of kicks and lands a neckbreaker. The Show-Off Elbow connects for 2. Kane charges at Ziggler in the corner, but Ziggler nails an elbow. Ziggler goes to the middle, and Kane knocks him to the floor with an uppercut. Commercials.

Back from the break, Kane misses a shoulder charge in the corner, colliding with the ring post. Ziggler pops up with a dropkick, then hits some mounted punches in the corner. He goes for another neckbreaker, but Kane shoves him off. Ziggler avoids a big boot and hits the rocker dropper for 2. Jamie Noble causes a distraction on the apron, which allows Kane to drop Ziggler with a big boot for 2. Kane signals for the chokeslam, and Ziggler counters into a sunset flip for 2. He nails kane with a superkick and goes for a corner splash. Kane catches him in mid-air with a goozle and nails the chokeslam for 3.


Kane hits another chokeslam after the match, and now Rollins Security are in the ring as well. They proceed to stomp Ziggler down, then pick him back up for Kane. Kane says he neglected to tell Ziggler that he’s got another match tonight. That match is against Seth Rollins, and it starts right now.

Kane and Rollins Security are still at ringside. As Ziggler gets himself to his knees, Rollins puts him back down with the curb stomp for 3.


Heath Slater is in the ring, dressed like a scarecrow. He once again reminds us it’s Halloween. It’s his favorite time of the year, and he decided to be a scarecrow. In reality, he’s a big, brave crow. After what John Cena did to him on RAW, he’s offering…Ryback interrupts him.

Ryback must have noticed everyone pointing out that “THEN” was misspelled on the back of his singlet (it said “THAN”), as it’s now fixed. However, the “E” is much brighter than the rest of the letters. Slater avoids a clothesline and hits a right. Ryback laughs and misses again. Slater applies a waistlock, but Ryback counters into an arm wringer, pulling a costume hand off in the process. Slater’s proud of his trick. Ryback tosses the hand up in the air, then nails a standing spinebuster. The Meat Hook connects, and Shell Shocked gets him 3.


We see Adam Rose and the Exotic Express. Surprise, it’s his favorite time of the year. He knocks on the door of Gold & Stardust. Something pointless happens. He knocks on the next door, and it’s Sin Cara dressed as a ninja turtle. He throws some candy. Someone comes out as a ghost, and it’s R-Truth. Truth starts talking about the Bunny upstaging Rose. Truth sometimes forgets Rose exists. If Rose dressed up as the Bunny, people might pay attention to him. He throws some candy up, then puts a rock in Rose’s hands. I still am not sure why this man was hired in the first place.

The Miz and Damien Mizdow are in the ring for “MizTV”. Mizdow is now stunt-doubling for Miz while he’s talking. That’s dedication. Miz points out “Team Cena verse Team Authority” (his words). Miz offers his services to the match. Mizdow does as well to a decent pop. We then go back to RAW when Mark Henry turned on the Big Show. Back to the ring, Miz welcomes Henry onto the show to explain himself. Miz points out 3 World’s Strongest Slams on Show and asks what happened. Henry responds with, “What the hell you think happened?” He tells Miz not to ask stupid questions. Everyone saw what happened. Everyone saw Henry about to win the tag titles, and Show got jealous. Miz says there was resentment over their feud with Rusev, and Henry enjoyed watching Show lose. We go to footage from HIAC, and Henry indeed was smiling when Show tapped out. Henry says Show was trying to outshine him, succeeding where he failed. On Sunday, he came down to support Show. A “What?” chant starts, and Henry tells the crowd to shut up. About damn time. In return, Show took the spotlight Monday night. Henry says Show acts like he knows everything and has been bossing Henry around. Show is a tall guy with an overactive pituitary gland. Henry is an Olympian. He’s the “World’s Strongest Man”. It’s not about size; it’s about strength.

This brings out Show. He stares Henry down from the stage, then slowly heads down to the ring. Henry leaves behind the backs of Miz and Mizdow, then shoves them into Show. Show runs through them, then grabs Henry at ringside. He nails a bunch of punches until Henry shoves him into the ring post. Henry then throws him through the barricade that surrounds the timekeeper’s area before heading to the back.

We get an inset promo from the champs. They’re rambling about the main event at Survivor Series, offering their services. Stardust starts with a Matador, hitting a shoulder off the ropes. They crisscross until the Matador pops off a hurricanrana. The other Matador tags in and hits a dropkick for 1. The other Matador tags back in and hits a tope con hilo for 2. Stardust comes back with a kneelift, backs the Matador in the corner and sends him across the ring. Matador avoids a charge, but Stardust recovers and hits the Disaster Kick. Goldust tags in and stomps the Matador down before nailing an uppercut. Matador fights back, then fights out of the corner as Stardust tags in. Stardust manages to low-bridge him as we go to commercials.

Back from the break, Torito is on the apron, and Stardust sends him flying with a hip bump. Stardust then runs into a flapjack. Apparently, this is Fernando in the ring. He crawls for a tag, and both Diego and Goldust tag in. Diego hits a couple of spinning headbutts, then nails a chop in the corner. He hits a pair of boots and nails a hurricanrana off the middle rope. Goldust gets sent to the floor, and Los Matadores hit a pair of suicide dives. Stardust nails the Falling Star on them, then rolls Goldust back in. He grabs Torito by the horns and rolls him in as well. Goldust sends him into the corner, but Torito leaps over the buckles before hitting Stardust with a dropkick on the apron. Back in the ring, Torito ducks a clothesline and goes for a suicide dive on Stardust. Stardust catches him in a fireman’s carry, which Torito turns into a spinning armdrag. In the ring, Diego sneaks in a roll-up on Goldust and gets 3.


When was the last time Los Matadores won a match?

Khali is STILL here? A “U-S-A” chant breaks out for no reason. Khali hits a big overhand chop, but Rusev shakes it off and attacks Khali in the corner. Khali hits another chop. Rusev kicks him in the leg, hits the jumping side kick, stomps on Khali’s back and locks in the Accolade. Khali taps.


Lana tells the crowd to shut up and says they have received direction from Mother Russia. The direction is to further destroy the deteriorating American spirit. Rusev says he’s beaten our “Real American”. He has beaten our “Strongest American”. He has beaten our “Giant American”. Next, he will crush our American champion. Sheamus, after he takes away the US Championship, he will give it as a present to the true leader of men, Vladimir Putin.

Sheamus walks out onto the stage, looks at the US title, then says he’s been looking for this fight ever since Rusev declared war on America. In terms Rusev can understand, challenge accepted. He wants Rusev to understand that, when it comes to the title, he takes personal pride in representing what it stands for, almost as much pride as doing this. He hits the ring and goes for the Brogue Kick, but Rusev ducks and rolls to the floor.

Bray Wyatt comes out, and the “Fireflies” are in full effect with this crowd. For some reason, his halogen lantern is now smoking. He sits in the ring and says today is a very special day. Today, all of you get to pretend to be someone or something you are not. Have you ever stopped to wonder why camoflauge and costumes make you feel so comfortable? Why wear a mask? Is it to hide from the world’s horrors? Maybe it’s the fact you hate everything about your horrible every-day lives? Regardless, you can’t play pretend forever. Tomorrow morning, you go back to being an anonymous souls. But Dean Ambrose, he’s different. He doesn’t get to take his mask off; he parades it around for the world to see on a daily basis, and you love him for it. Why? Because he’s different. He’s nothing like any of you. He’s like Wyatt himself. He’s a creature, an animal. Ambrose is a monster. If anyone can imagine what the rush felt like when he finally had Seth Rollins in that cell and was beating the life out of him, Wyatt understands. He knows what it feels like to have something breathing in the midst of your closing hands. He can feel what that power is like. In that moment, you are not just a man; you are immortal, something greater. You have the power to take it all away. He knows who Ambrose is, and he knows all the things Ambrose has done. As long as Wyatt’s eyes are on his, Ambrose can’t just wash away his sins. His stains are on him forever, and he thought Ambrose would like to know that she still cries for Ambrose. Follow the buzzards.

As you can imagine, there are Halloween-themed weapons all around ringside, as well as regular ones painted in Halloween colors. Cesaro throws his towel at Ambrose, leading to a slug fest. Ambrose gets the better of it before stomping Cesaro down. He nails a running forearm in the corner, followed by a running bulldog. Ambrose grabs a pumpkin, but gets hit with a kendo stick shot to the gut before he can connect. Cesaro hits him once again, then lands a double-stomp before nailing some mounted punches to the head. He hits another gut shot with the stick, then a shot to the chest. Another shot to the chest. And another. And several more. Ambrose blocks a shot to the head and hits a few rights. Cesaro boots him, and Ambrose looks for the rebound clothesline. Cesaro meets him with yet another gut shot with the stick, then drops him with a tigerbomb for 2. Cesaro continues the assault with the stick, then grabs several pumpkins sets them up in the ring in a pile. He hits a running boot to the head, then grabs even more of the pumpkins for the pile. Cesaro goes for a suplex onto the pumpkins, but Ambrose escapes and goes into a waistlock. Cesaro goes into a standing switch before Ambrose nails an elbow. Cesaro shoves him off, then gets low-bridged to the floor. Cesaro grabs another stick and nails Ambrose in the leg as he heads outside. Cesaro hits a shot to the chest, then clears off the table at ringside before turning it over. With a bucket of candy in his hands, Ambrose hits a seated dropkick, sending candy flying. Ambrose goes for a shot with a stick off the apron, but Cesaro catches him and throws him over the announce desk. Cesaro grabs a stick, climbs on the table and goes for a shot. Ambrose wails on him with his stick, then rolls him back into the ring. He ducks a clothesline and hits a back-body drop onto the “pumpkin patch”. Cesaro goes to the floor off a clothesline over the top rope. He grabs another stick and nails Ambrose in the gut yet again. He forces Ambrose’s head into an apple bucket, which backfires on him when Ambrose grabs an apple with his teeth and spits it into Cesaro’s face. Ambrose hits some jabs, grabs a skeleton and nails Cesaro with it. Cesaro blocks a shot, then suplexes them both at the same time. He clears off another table, then grabs a folding chair, hitting Ambrose across the back. Ambrose rams him with a witch’s broom, lays him out on the table, climbs to the middle rope with the broom between his leg and hits a flying elbow. He rolls Cesaro back in, where Cesaro hits a backbreaker. Ambrose hits the rebound clothesline, then grabs another pumpkin. He sticks it over Cesaro’s head and hits the new version of Dirty Deeds as the pumpkin goes flying off for 3.


After the match, Ambrose sticks another pumpkin on Cesaro’s head, grabs a skull, talks to it, then hits Dirty Deeds again. The pumpkin stays on Cesaro’s head this time, and cracks in half on impact

Themed street fights usually suck, but thanks to these two, this was actually a pretty fun match.

End of show.

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