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WWE SmackDown Results and November 7 Recap

This week’s WWE SmackDown opens with a cage being lowered onto the ring, which will be used in the opening contest.

Stardust immediately goes for the door, but the Uso hits some chops, then nails an uppercut. This is Jey. Jey goes to launch Stardust into the cage, but Stardust escapes, and now we have a standoff between the two teams. Goldust tags in and immediately hits a boot. He throws Jey into the corner for a series of chops, but Jey comes back with a back-body drop from the opposite corner. Jimmy tags in and hits a corner forearm shot before dropping Goldust with a chop. He hits what looks like a flipping fist drop for 2. Goldust comes back witha drop-down uppercut, then tries to throw Jimmy into the cage. Jimmy puts on the breaks and sends Goldust into it for 2. Goldust fights out of an armbar, misses a clothesline, misses a back elbow, then dodges a cross-body, sending Jimmy into the cage. He turns Jimmy inside-out with a clothesline as we go to commercials.

Back from the break, Stardust is legal and slamming Jimmy’s head into the cage. Goldust tags in and treats the cage like a cheese grater on Jimmy’s face before launching him into the opposite side of the cage for 2. Jimmy fights out of a rear chinlock, then avoids a throw into the cage by holding on and trying to climb out. Goldust grabs him and brings him back down with an electric chair for 2. Goldust goes back to the rear chinlock. Jimmy tries to fight out, so Goldust nails him with a series of kneelifts. He sets Jimmy up on the top rope, then looks for a back superplex. Jimmy holds onto the cage, then knocks Goldust off with some headbutts before landing a corkscrew moonsault. Jey and Stardust make the tag, and Jey nails several shots, ducks a clothesline and hits a Samoan drop. Stardust avoids a running hip attack thanks to interference by Goldust, but Jey rams him into the cage. Now both halves of the champs are slumped down in the corners. Jey nails Goldust, but Stardust avoids the move by hitting a sunset flip for 2. Jey comes back with a superkick off a throw into the cage, getting 2 as Goldust breaks it up. Jimmy runs in, and Goldust back-body drops him into the cage. Jey nails Goldust with a superkick, and Stardust hits Cross-Rhodes on Jey for 2. Stardust goes to climb out from the corner, but Jey manages to snag him at the top. Jey pulls him back in as Goldust hits a boot on Jimmy on the opposite side. Goldust climbs to the top, and Jimmy follows. All four men are fighting on the top rope until Stardust goes down off a headbutt. Jimmy hits a superplex on Goldust, and Jey lands a Samoan Splash. However, Goldust isn’t the legal man. Stardust then quickly rolls up Jey for 3.


Corporate Kane is in the ring and says the Authority made it’s most difficult decision on RAW. With the fate of the Authority in the balance, they needed to decide how to handle Randy Orton. No one could question Orton’s ability; it was a question of his loyalty. Orton should be an example because if they’ll do that to one of their own, imagine what they’ll do to everyone else. You’re either with the Authority or against them. Choose wisely. Now, Dolph Ziggler was offered an opportunity to have the world. Instead, he chose your admiration, your adulation. Ziggler thinks he can survive if he aligns with Team Cena. Well, let’s see if he can survive tonight against Kane. Again. For the third time in a few weeks. And, what the hell, since there’s one hanging above him, let’s do it in a steel cage. Moving on, Team Authority now has an open position available, so he’d like to call out a potential recruit. This man has shown everything they’re looking for…

Instead of the apparent candidate, we get Cesaro. He has beaten everything WWE has thrown at him. The battle lines have been drawn, and WWE’s fate lies in the balance. So, if Kane is looking for someone on the team that can swing John Cena like a rag doll, Cesaro is the man. Kane says Cesaro isn’t who he expected out here tonight. But if he’s intent on proving himself, he can face the star Kane was interested, and that match is now. That man is Ryback.

The match apparently started during the commercial. When we come back, Cesaro is in control with a side headlock. Ryback powers Cesaro into the corner, hits some shoulder thrusts, but then runs into a big boot for 2. Cesaro nails some crossface punches, then applies a rear chinlock. Ryback tries to roll through, but Cesaro refuses to let go. He gets to his feet, breaks the hold with some elbows, then gets hit with a snapmare and a low dropkick. Cesaro throws Ryback to the corner, hits a few shots and lands a suplex for 2. Cesaro goes back to the rear chinlock, but Ryback muscles him up, then breaks the hold by falling into the buckles. Cesaro applies a sleeper, and Ryback repeats the corner spot before nailing a spinebuster. He connects with the Meat Hook, then goes for Shell Shocked. Cesaro escapes and sends Ryback shoulder-first into the ring post. He nails a big boot from the apron, then comes off the top with a flying elbow for 2. Cesaro lays in some forearm shots, then goes for a suplex. Ryback blocks and goes for one of his own. Cesaro tries to break it with some knee strikes, but Ryback holds on, turns it into Shell Shocked and gets 3.


Kane applauds Ryback from the apron, then enters the ring. Ryback doesn’t seem to notice, however, and immediately heads up the ramp. Kane looks confused.

Rose gets dumped on by the crowd when trying a “What’s up”. Truth applies a side headlock, then nails a shoulder off the ropes. The two crisscross, but Truth puts on the breaks and mocks the Bunny. Rose misses a back elbow, then hops into Truth’s arms. Truth tosses him, then ducks a clothesline. The Bunny jumps on the apron and is now doing Truth’s dance. Rose is distracted, and Truth rolls him up for 3.


I’m guessing this is a heel turn for Rose. Sure enough, he knocks the Bunny on his ass. On a side note, I believe Truth just ended Rose’s undefeated streak. Rose dances with the rest of the Exotic Express, and now the Bunny is back up. Rose stares him down, then turns back to the rest of the crew for more dancing.

Christian makes his long-awaited return, albeit as the host of a new installment of “The Peep Show”. He says just when you least expect it, “Captain Charisma” shows up for one…more…episode of “The Peep Show”. He’s got quite a few peeps here in Albany, NY. There’s a lot of crazy stuff going on right now, like when Mr. McMahon announced the new stipulation for the main event at Survivor Series. Now, he wants to know what the fans think. Who’s on Team Authority? The crowd boos? Who’s taking Team Cena? Lots of cheers.

Before this goes on much further, Dean Ambrose, the special guest for tonight, makes his way down to the ring. We get a quick clip of the feud between Ambrose and Bray Wyatt before Christian formally welcomes Ambrose to the show. The last time Christian saw him, he was running with the Shield, made a lot of enemies, Christian included. The question is, what’s it like to be Dean Ambrose right now. Ambrose says he has no friends and a bunch of enemies, with his back always in the corner, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. Christian points out Wyatt, then wants to know why he’s doing this. Ambrose doesn’t know. Why does anyone go after anyone? He has nothing to take away. Wyatt doesn’t want a championship. He thinks Wyatt wants to play mind games with people who can’t turn the volume up in their heads. Wyatt likes to prey on weak-minded people. Unfortunately for Wyatt, Ambrose’s mind is a dangerous place to be. Wyatt doesn’t know him. Nobody does. He can play games, too. He does this because it’s fun. He likes adrenaline and gets a sick thrill from spitting up blood and teeth, and he’s not scared to go down any dark alley with Wyatt.

The lights go out, and Wyatt’s music hits. He sits in his chair on the stage and says Ambrose has nothing to fear, because he has nothing to lose. There was a time when Ambrose had something to fight for, a time when he had safety with the Shield. But what happened? That love was ripped from him and the security was taken away, leaving Ambrose a fish out of water, gasping for air. Does Ambrose know Wyatt or what he does? He heals. He healed Erick Rowan. He healed Luke Harper, and he can heal Ambrose, too. All he has to do is take Wyatt’s hand. Wyatt can make this all go away. He’s no fool, though. He knows salvation is not for everyone. He once offered his hand to Daniel Bryan. Bryan defied him, and now Bryan is nowhere to be seen. Ambrose is different. Wyatt can fix him. Tell him he’s wrong. What does Ambrose have to lose? Ambrose’s own father turned his back on him. Does he still send Ambrose postcards from prison? Tell him he’s wrong. Prove him wrong. Ambrose leaves the ring and heads towards Wyatt, but the lights go out. When they come back on, Wyatt is behind him. Wyatt tells him to run. The lights go out again, and Wyatt is gone, but we can still hear him laughing.

We see footage from Main Event, where Rusev won the WWE US title from Sheamus. And not a single f*ck was given.

Speaking of not giving a f*ck, we get Renee Young. She’s standing by with AJ Lee, and Lee talks about what happened with the Bellas on RAW. Brie Bella walks up and apologizes for what happened. Lee isn’t upset, as she knows Brie is being used. Nikki then attacks Lee from behind before telling Brie to act more sincere next time.

Kidd is on commentary for this match. Rae pie-faces Nattie, then nails a roundhouse for 1. Rae applies a bodyscissors, but Nattie turns onto her stomach and begins pounding Rae with forearm shots. She powers Rae up and turns the hold into a bodyslam. She slams Rae face-first onto the mat, steps on her back, then hits a dropkick. She lands a discus clothesline and goes for the Sharpshooter as Kidd is now “supporting” his wife from ringside. She gets distracted, and Rae rolls her up in a schoolgirl for 3.


Nattie and Kidd exchange words after the match, with Kidd patting her head like a dog.

Renee Young is back, this time with Dolph Ziggler. She points out Ziggler rejected the offer to join Team Authority, which has led to his cage match with Corporate Kane tonight. Ziggler says he doesn’t see this as punishment. He wants the Authority out. If he has to be caged with a monster, that’s fine. He’s standing up for himself and any other…

Triple H walks up and says he’s surprised to see Ziggler here ready to compete after the beating Seth Rollins gave him on RAW. He’s luck Randy Orton was there to save him. Then again, Orton isn’t here. Neither is John Cena. So, who will save him tonight once he’s in the cage with Kane? Maybe Ziggler should ask himself if it’s time to save himself? It’s not too late. He could still change his mind. Trips then says what happened to Orton was a shame. If that could happen to Orton, imagine what could happen to Ziggler.

Before Kane comes out, we get a video hyping Luke Harper. He says he’s going to piece himself back together “with pieces of you”. Back to the arena, Ziggler appears confused. Anyway, Kane comes out, the match starts, and Ziggler goes on the attack with rights. He hits a seated dropkick to the knee, then goes for the rocker dropper. Kane tries to catch him, but Ziggler counters into a sit-out facebuster for 2. Ziggler looks to escape, but Kane pulls him back in and tosses him into the cage. Ziggler leaps onto the cage and tries to climb out. Kane pulls him back in, eats a few rights, then sends Ziggler flying into the cage wall. Commercials.

Back from the break, Kane goes for a back suplex. Ziggler lands on his feet, but runs into a big boot for 2. Ziggler gets whipped into the corner before getting sandwiched with a clothesline. Kane takes off the top turnbuckle pad, then tries a charge in the adjacent corner. Ziggler avoids it, hits a couple of weak clotheslines, then drops Kane with a leaping DDT for 2. Ziggler pulls himself up to his feet, then tries to climb out once more. Kane is climbing as well, and now the two are fighting on the top rope. Ziggler crotches Kane by kicking him in the knee. Kane returns the favor by pulling Ziggler’s leg out from under him. Ziggler pulls himself back to his feet and dives off the top, but Kane meets him mid-air with an uppercut for 2. Kane signals for the chokeslam (when was the last time the move worked after that?) and goes for it, but Ziggler escapes and runs up the cage wall. Kane yanks him back down, then nails the chokeslam. Kane now signals for the tombstone. Ziggler escapes and pops off a quick Zig-Zag for 2. Ziggler starts crawling for the door, but Kane grabs him by the foot and drags him back in. Ziggler kicks him away, ducks a clothesline and nails a superkick, but Kane falls into the ropes and rebounds with a shot to the face. Ziggler crawls for the door once again and gets through the ropes. Kane charges in, but Ziggler sees him coming. Kane lands face-first onto the exposed buckles, and Ziggler climbs up over the cage after walking up Kane’s back. Kane tries to pull him back in from the top, but Ziggler fights him off. He drops down to the other side, but Kane stops him by kicking the door open, hanging Ziggler out to dry in the process. Kane hits a big boot from the top into the cage, which then in turn goes into Ziggler’s face. Ziggler is still hung up on the door, and now Kane tries to walk out. Ziggler kicks the door into Kane’s face, then shimmies his way down the door, hitting the ground.


End of show.

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