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WWE SmackDown Results and May 28 Recap

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns team up to take on WWE champion Seth Rollins and Kane in this week’s edition of WWE SmackDown.

Kidd and Cara start with a lock-up. They trade arm wringers. Kidd backflips off the ropes into an armdrag. He blocks a hiptoss, counters and sends Cara to the floor. Cesaro makes a blind tag and nails a European uppercut as Kidd hits a German suplex for 2. Cesaro applies a modified half-Boston crab, but Cara escapes. He hits a boot out of the corner, then dives off the buckles with a headscissors. Kalisto tags in and gets hoisted up by Cara, right into a hurricanrana. Cesaro winds up on the floor, but the PTP roll him back in, where Kalisto gets 2. Cesaro recovers and hits a clothesline. Kalisto goes for a sunset flip out of the corner, but Cesaro powers him up into a delayed vertical suplex. Kidd tags in and spikes Kalisto off the top in what looks like a double-team brainbuster for 2. Kalisto recovers and applies an arm wringer before tagging in Cara. Cara nails a kick against the ropes, sending Kidd to the floor. Los Matadores roll him back in, where Cara grabs him for a Gory Special. Kalisto tags in and hits a springboard dropkick while Kidd is still locked in the Special, which gets him 2. Kidd reverses a corner whip, Kalisto avoids contact, the two crisscross, and Kalisto snaps off a handspring headscissors, sending Kidd to the floor. The New Day roll Kidd back in, and Cesaro gets in their faces. Commercials.

Back from the break, Cesaro is now legal with Kalisto. He has Kalisto in a sleeper, but Kalisto escapes. Cesaro tosses him to the floor. The PTP roll him back in, and Cesaro corner-whips him. Kidd tags in, but gets hit with an elbow. Cesaro goes for the Very European Uppercut, but Kalisto lands on his feet on Cesaro’s shoulders, leaps off and makes the tag. Cara hits an apron kick on Kidd, then lands a springboard armdrag. He hits a hurricanrana off the ropes and follows up with a lionsault for 2. Cara sends Kidd out, but he holds on and lands across Cesaro’s back. Cesaro muscles him back in, where he hits a headscissors off the ropes. Cesaro tags in and hits his series of corner uppercuts. He calls for the Cesaro Swing, but Kalisto tries to interfere. Cesaro blasts him, which allows Cara to roll him up for 2. Cara hits a satellite armbar for 2, then tags to Kalisto. Kalisto misses a dive, ducks a clothesline and hits a corkscrew plancha from the middle for 2. He hits a handspring tidal crush for another 2. Cesaro picks him up off a chancery and hits an overhead belly-to-belly, sending him to the floor. The PTP roll Kalisto back in as Kidd makes the tag. He hits a springboard flying elbow for 2. I think this is the first lumberjack match I’ve seen where the lumberjacks aren’t beating the wrestlers up the second they hit the floor. Kidd goes for a suplex, but Kalisto escapes, rolls Kidd up, rolls backwards and hits a Kalisto Kick for 2 as Cesaro breaks it up. Cara dropkicks Cesaro to the floor near the New Day. Back in the ring, Kalisto hits a mule kick and goes for a hurricanrana. Kidd catches him and locks in the Sharpshooter. Kalisto crawls to the ropes, so Kidd drags him to the middle. Cara breaks it up with a springboard headbutt. Cesaro blasts Cara with a superkick, but then gets backdropped to the floor by Kalisto, landing on several of the lumberjacks in the process. Kidd then clotheslines Cara to the floor as the New Day roll Kalisto back into the ring. Not sure when he left, but whatever. Kidd turns around, and Kalisto surprises him with the Salida Del Sol for 3.

[adinserter block=”1″]WINNERS: THE LUCHA DRAGONS.

Damn, that was a fun match. These two pairs are easily my two favorite tag teams in WWE right now.

We see Kane on his cellphone in his office, when Seth Rollins and J&J Security enter. Rollins mentions something about “Age of Ambrose” on Sunday (my feed must have skipped a promo. My apologies). He says Ambrose is lucky he’s even on the streets. He doesn’t know how Ambrose got out of jail, but he needs to be locked up forever. Jamie Noble tells some story about his aunt. Rollins shoves him away and says to Kane that they have a rematch with Ambrose and Roman Reigns. After Monday, what will Ambrose do tonight? Kane calls tonight playtime. They’ll soften Ambrose up, then take out Reigns. Rollins likes the idea, but they thought that would happen on Monday. Kane says Rollins isn’t the only one who can come up with a plan, and after tonight, he won’t have to worry about Sunday.

As R-Truth comes out for his match, we get an inset promo from him. He mentions danger and how everyone is talking about it. Everyone must’ve forgot he puts the “D” in “danger”. He doesn’t worry about danger; danger worries about him. Uh…right…His opponent, King Barrett, also gets one of these promos. He says, by royal decree, this Sunday at Elimination Chamber, his rivals will bow down to the king as he regains the IC title. His loyal subjects around the world will sing, “All hail King Barrett”.

Barrett immediately hits a big boot, then sends Truth shoulder-first into the ring post for 2. Barrett hits some mounted punches and a stomp, then lands a swinging neckbreaker for 2. He applies a rear chinlock, but Truth fights out. He hits an uppercut, avoids a corner whip and tries to catch Barrett with a headscissors. Barrett catches him, shoves him into the air and lands a boot to the gut for 2. Barrett kicks Truth once more, then snaps off a suplex for 2. He loads up the Royal Bull Hammer, but Truth ducks and rolls him up for 2. Barrett avoids a corner whip, but then turns around into the Lie Detector, the move formerly known as Lil Jimmy, for 3.


After the match, Sheamus comes from out of nowhere and drops Truth with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus then does the same to Barrett. He then celebrates behind the podium that the IC title is on at ringside.

Lana is backstage, getting prepped for what looks like an interview. She is wearing so much less makeup now, and man, is it a huge improvement.

This week, the show is emanating from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Mohegan Sun, CT.

Renee Young is now with Lana. Young asks how she is feeling after the breakup with Rusev. Lana says when you let your emotions interfere, you lose the upper hand, and that is almost what happened on RAW. For a moment, she really believed he could change. She was wrong, and that won’t happen again. She is no man’s property or a toy possession. Young asks about her relationship with Dolph Ziggler. She says there is no relationship. Young points out the recent history between the two. Lana says Rusev’s attack on Ziggler will not prevent Ziggler from making it to EC and competing. That’s when Rusev walks up. Lana asks if he’s going to throw a tantrum and act like a spoiled child. He says why bother? He already beat up Ziggler. Where is he? At home? Ziggler is afraid to show up because he knows Rusev is here. He is not bothered by Ziggler at all, and is not jealous at all. Lana’s little boy-toy will suffer because of Lana’s wretched kisses. She dug her grave, and now she will rot in it.

The two lock up and jockey for position until Ryback turns it into a wastelock. Rusev tries for a rope-break, but Ryback pulls him back to the middle. Rusev attempts a break again, and Ryback does the same thing he did before. Rusev breaks it with a back elbow and applies one of his own. Ryback counters with a hammerlock. Rusev counters with a side headlock. Ryback sends him into the ropes, and the two collide with shoulderblocks. They do it again, and neither budges. Ryback lays in some punches, then nails a chop in the corner. He hits a headbutt, but Rusev comes back with clubbing blows to the back. Rusev goes for a suplex, but Ryback blocks and counters with a delayed vertical for 2. Rusev lays in some more punches, hits a snapmare, then mule-kicks Rusev in the face. Ryback drops an elbow, hits a chop, a punch, a knee and a forearm. Rusev comes back with a kick off the ropes, then drops Ryback with a clothesline for 1. Rusev hits a headbutt, then lays in some kicks to the back as Ryback is hanging on the middle rope. He sits on Ryback’s back, then proceeds to kick him in the corner before hitting a double axe handle to the back. Ryback gets whipped hard into the buckles, and Rusev follows up with a kick to the side of the head as a “We want Lana” chant breaks out. Ryback recovers enough to hit a few strikes out of the corner, but then runs right into a back elbow. Ryback puts on the breaks off an Irish whip, then backdrops Rusev to the floor. Outside, Ryback continues the attack until Rusev slams him face-first into the announce desk. Rusev hits a fall-away slam on the floor as we go to commercials.

Back from the break, Rusev drops an elbow, then applies a rear chinlock. Ryback fights out, and now the two trade punches. Rusev hits a splash against the ropes, but Ryback comes back with a shoulderblock. Rusev runs into a back elbow, then gets shoved away in the corner. Ryback goes for a powerslam, but Rusev falls out of his arms and appears to have hurt his ankle. He rolls to the floor, where Ryback follows. Rusev sends him face-first into the ring post, and then gets DQ’ed on the second one.


Rusev continues the attack post-match, sending Ryback into the ring steps. Apparently, this ankle injury is legitimate, and Rusev is expected to be out for a couple months or so.

Paige comes out for a match, and she gets the inset promo treatment. She basically talks about how Naomi is a whiner, then says Naomi taking her title match a month ago is the fuel she needs to get back to the Divas title. This is followed up by one with Naomi and Tamina. Naomi calls Paige too emotional. Naomi isn’t emotional at all, and she doesn’t care. She hopes Paige has an emotional breakdown on Sunday when Naomi wins the title.

The two lock up, and Naomi shoves Paige away. Naomi does what apparently is supposed to be taunting, then goes for the ropes when Paige tries to grab her. Paige grabs her in a lock-up, shoves her into the corner and clubs her down before stomping her. Naomi rolls to the floor near Tamina. When she tries to get back in, Paige catches her with a series of kneelifts, sending her back to the floor. Paige tries to grab her by the hair, but Naomi grabs her arm and whips it into the ring post. She sends Paige shoulder-first into the top buckle, then stomps her down in the corner before working on the arm over the bottom rope. Naomi drives Paige down by the arm, then drops a series of knees onto it. She applies a top wristlock, which Paige counters with an armdrag. Paige hits a trio of short-arm clotheslines, a dropsh*t, and a side kick to the face. Paige goes for the PTO, but Naomi kicks her away. Paige ducks a clothesline, kicks Tamina through the ropes, then catches Naomi on a cross-body attempt, which she turns into the Ram-Paige for 3.


Paige avoids an attack from Tamina, and as she heads up the ramp, the Bella Tw*ts come out on stage. What a shock! Nikki Bella does nothing but hold the belt over her head while making stupid faces! Boy, those two sure do earn their money!

Michael Cole is in the ring, about to conduct an exclusive interview with NXT Champion Kevin Owens. I love that Owens is making the NXT title more important than the US title in his segments with John Cena. Mainly because it is. The US title hasn’t had much of any value for the last several years. After some clips of the past two weeks, both of which feature Owens destroying Cena, Cole welcomes him and says he’s been in WWE for two weeks. Owens says that’s true, but he’s been a wrestler for 15 years. He’s competed all over the world, and dominated all over, just like he will do to Cena this Sunday at EC. Cole says Cena is not the typical competitor. Owens knows the resume’. Cena has 15 World titles, 2 Royal Rumble wins, 11 Wrestlemanias, 57 varieties of terrible t-shirt designs, and over 1000 different ways to suck. He is the NXT Champion, yet Cena walks around and acts like Owens has something to prove to him. If you ask him, Cena has something to prove to Owens. Cole says that Cena said Owens knows how to start a fight, and let’s see if he knows how to finish one. Owens remembers that, then says to take a look at what he did to Sami Zayn. Then, Cole will know if Owens can finish a fight. We go to footage from NXT, with Owens destroying Zayn in their last match. Owens says he did exactly what he said he would to further his career, and that was take out Zayn for good. Zayn was his best friend. He traveled with Zayn for 10 years. He was closer with Zayn than anyone else, and that’s what Owens did to him. If he can do that to someone he cares about, imagine what he will do to Cena. In fact, just watch EC, and you can witness that destruction first-hand. After that, then the real champ will be here.

Kane and Reigns start, and J&J immediately distract the ref. This allows Rollins to knock Ambrose into the barricade and Kane to stomp Reigns down. Rollins tags in and continues the attack on Reigns in the corner. He tags out to Kane, who misses a clothesline and gets hit with a spinning back suplex. Ambrose tags in and nails Kane with rights. Kane corner-whips Ambrose, but Ambrose blocks the charge and hits a seated dropkick from the middle rope. He connects with a bulldog out of the corner and goes for Dirty Deeds. He breaks it when Rollins tries to dive on him from the top, meeting Rollins with a boot to the gut. He goes for Dirty Deeds on Rollins, but Rollins gets pulled to the floor by J&J. Commercials.

Back from the break, J&J are beating up on Ambrose at ringside as Rollins has the ref distracted. They roll him in for a 2-count by Rollins, and now Kane tags in. He chokes Ambrose over the middle rope with his knee, then applies a double trapezius claw. Ambrose fights out, then nails some rights out of the corner. He gets on the middle buckle, but Kane pulls him down by the leg for 2. Rollins tags in and smacks Ambrose around while talking trash. Ambrose drops him with a forearm, only to have Rollins get back up, knock Reigns off the apron and hit Ambrose with a Sling Blade for 2. The ref checks on Reigns, which allows Rollins and Kane to double-team Ambrose in the corner. Rollins hits a bodyslam and tags out to Kane. Kane hits a low dropkick for 2, then hits an uppercut and a headbutt. Rollins tags in and nails a corner forearm for 2. Rollins applies a rear chinlock. Ambrose breaks free, hits a few chops, then runs into a back elbow. Rollins tosses Ambrose to the floor, then distracts the ref as J&J double-team him some more. They roll him back into the ring, but he spins through and sends them both flying over the announce desk. Rollins kicks him through the ropes and rolls him back in for some corner shots. He sets Ambrose up for a superplex, but Ambrose blocks it and sends Rollins to the mat with some headbutts. Kane tags in and tries the same thing, but Ambrose fights him off as well. Kane runs into a boot, and Ambrose hits him with a tornado DDT. Ambrose makes the tag, as does Kane. Reigns dominates Rollins with a series of corner clotheslines. Rollins ducks a jumping clothesline and goes for a spinning neckbreaker. Reigns continues to spin and nails Rollins with a forearm to the back of the head, then puts him down with a Samoan drop. He loads up the Superman Punch, but Kane intercepts him. Ambrose takes Kane out with a flying elbow, then hits a plancha on Kane on the floor. Back in the ring, Rollins ducks a Superman Punch, knocks Reigns down and looks for a thrust kick. Reigns blocks it and stacks Rollins up for a pin, only to power him up for a powerbomb. Rollins escapes, runs into a big boot, hits a superkick and goes for a powerbomb. Reigns backdrops him, only to have Rollins land on his feet, when he turns around, Reigns nails him with the Superman Punch and goes for the pin, but J&J hit the ring, leading to the DQ.


J&J swarm Reigns until Ambrose sends them both to the floor. Kane follows suit, and Ambrose wipes out all three with a suicide dive. Rollins goes for one as well, but Ambrose nails him with a forearm. Kane starts calling for someone to come down, and the New Day run down to ringside to beat up on Ambrose. Reigns wipes them all out with a suicide dive as Xavier Woods manages to escape into the ring. Ambrose drops him with Dirty Deeds. Big E comes in and nails a shot on Ambrose, only to have Ambrose hit him with a rebound clothesline. He avoids a dive by Kofi Kingston, who gets hit with a Superman Punch in mid-air. Reigns then takes E down with a spear. Kane comes back in and chokeslams Reigns before Kane and Rollins double-team Ambrose. Rollins pelts Ambrose with rights, then hits him with a Pedigree, which I might add, he does better than Triple H has in years.

End of show.

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