WWE SmackDown Results and July 16 Recap


This Sunday is WWE Battleground, although no one really seems to care. Roman Reigns makes his way down through the crowd. After seeing a clip of the fight between Reigns and Bray Wyatt on RAW, Reigns says this started when Wyatt screwed him at MITB. Ever since then, he’s interfered in every one of Reigns’ matches and tried to get in his head with stupid mind games. Reigns is sick of it, and Wyatt isn’t in his head. He can’t break Reigns’ focus. If he could, Reigns wouldn’t have whipped him on RAW all over Atlanta. Wyatt needs to stay out of his business tonight, because he’s got a good one for Birmingham. He’s teaming with Dean Ambrose, and they’re bringing the fight to Sheamus and Big Show. The good guys…

The lights go out, and Wyatt appears on the TitanTron, clapping. He’s impressed. It appears the prophecy is true. Reigns is the perfect combination of brutality and brains. What is it that Reigns did to deserve those gifts? What gave him the right to try and make a clown out of Wyatt? On RAW, he didn’t need to turn around to find Reigns; he knew he was there. He could feel Reigns’ presence. For a moment, he was like everyone else and admired Reigns. He can see why they chose Reigns and believe in him. After all, Reigns is the unattainable. A stone monument that represents all that is good in this world. But understand Wyatt when he says his hand is the hammer, and at Battleground, the hammer destroys the monument and leaves it crumbling on the ground. *Laughs* Reigns says Wyatt keeps talking about this hammer. Why doesn’t he bring it down to the ring? Or is he going to stay on the TV all night? It sounds like Birmingham wants him to come down the ring now. Wyatt laughs and says Reigns holds no power over him. This is what true power looks like, and while Reigns stands out there with the insignificant people, just because they cheer for him, chant his name…go on, Reigns. Collect your roses, gladiator, because at the end of the day, none of them are real. But what is real is that while Reigns is in the ring, gallivanting around, Wyatt is back here with everything Reigns actually cares about. Does Reigns honestly think he can protect them all from him? He’s capable of some horrific things, and their game has only just begun. *Laughs* Reigns says the only thing that’s real is the whole world saw the “Face of Fear” run from Reigns live on RAW. Wyatt says that’s the fire that he’s been trying to get out of Reigns. Give it to him, because he knows that when he corners this vicious dog, he’s expecting the dog to bite him. But what Reigns doesn’t understand is that he’s the master, and when he raises his hand, that vicious dog will sit and obey. He wants Reigns to take some advice: Before Battleground, he wants Reigns to go home and surround himself with the people he loves most, and he wants Reigns to kiss them, tell them he loves them, and tell them he’s sorry. After Battleground, he won’t be able to promise he’s coming home. Anyone but you. Anyone but you.

The Prime-Time Players are on commentary for this match. Cara and Kofi start with a lock-up. Kofi applies a side headlock, hits a shoulder off the ropes, goes into a crisscross, poses for the crowd, then starts clapping. Cara applies a headlock now and hits his own shoulder off the ropes. More crisscrossing until Cara hits a springboard cross-body. Kofi comes back with some shots and tags in E. E tees off on Cara in the corner, then tags Kofi backs in. Cara boots both of them and counters an E arm wringer with a takedown on E and a headscissors on Kofi simultaneously. Kalisto tags in and Cara wheelbarrows him onto Kofi for 2. Cara back in, and he comes off the top, hitting Kofi with a forearm to the back. E makes a blind tag, Cara ducks a double clothesline and goes for another cross-body. E and Kofi catch him and dump him to the floor. Commercials.

Back from the break, E and Kofi take turns stomping Cara down in the corner. E whips Kofi in for a low dropkick in the corner, and Kofi follows up with a kick off the ropes for 2. Kofi applies a half-nelson/chinlock combo, but Cara elbows out. Kofi trips him and slides to the floor in the process. Back in, Kofi goes to the middle rope and snaps off a hurricanrana, but Cara rolls through for 2. Kofi nails Kalisto before kicking Cara and tagging in E. E locks in an abdominal stretch, but Cara knees his way out. E catches him with a back elbow off the ropes for 2, then kicks him across the ring. Cara blocks a corner charge, fights off Kofi, dives over E and tags in Kalisto. Kalisto hits a springboard cross-body, then goes for a corkscrew plancha. E catches him and sends him into the ropes, where he hits a handspring Tidal Crush. Kalisto trips him before hitting a Kalisto Kick. He ducks an incoming Kofi and nails him, knockin him to the floor. Cara wipes Kofi out with a suicide dive. Kalisto gets grabbed from behind by E for a roll-up, but he counters into a Salida del Sol and goes for the pin before Woods jumps up on the apron. Cara blasts him with a kick and calls for a tag, but Kofi yanks him down. Kalisto tees off on E and goes for an Asai moonsault. E catches him before tagging in Kofi and the two hit the Midnight Hour for 3.

[adinserter block=”1″]WINNERS: BIG E AND KOFI KINGSTON.

Woods grabs a mic and tells the PTP that what just happened is what the power of positivity is all about, baby. Kofi says the PTP thought they could keep the New Day down, but what they failed to realize is when they ride the train of positivity, there is nothing in the world that can derail them. E then just orders the crowd to clap, because at Battleground, they’re taking what is rightfully theirs, and prime time is their time. The belts return to them, and they become the new WWE Tag Team Champions. Woods says then everyone will sing with them, “New-Tag-Champs”. The PTP hit the ring, so the New Day bail.

Roman Reigns is in the locker room with Dean Ambrose. Ambrose checks to see if Reigns is good. Reigns says he’s just ready for Sunday. He’s ready to beat the crap out of Bray Wyatt and be done with him. Ambrose is sick of him, too. He’s lucky they didn’t do worse to him on Monday. He wants to take care of the jokers tonight and keep an eye out for Wyatt.

Swagger takes Barrett down by the waist, then rolls him over for 1. He picks Barrett up by the neck, but Barrett quickly gets to the ropes for the break. Swagger goes for a waistlock again after tripping the leg. He then powers Barrett up for a takedown. He goes for it again, but Barrett elbows out and nails Swagger in the corner. Swagger gets corner-whipped, avoids a splash and hits a clothesline off the ropes. Swagger goes for the Swagger Bomb, but Barrett sees it coming and rolls to the floor. Swagger follows and slams him face-first into the apron before rolling him back in. On the apron, Barrett nails a mule kick, then throws Swagger into the top buckle. He drapes Swagger across the top, nails some forearms to the back and goes for a kick. Swagger avoids contact, and Barrett collides with the buckles. Swagger hits a hotshot from the apron and rushes back in, only to have Barrett nail him in the face. Barrett follows up with the Royal Bull Hammer and gets 3.


R-Truth’s music hits, and he starts to do a speech, but Barrett cuts him off. He says this has gone on way too long. He’s sick of Truth’s nonsense. He’s the King of the Ring because he won an 8-man tournament, defeating 3 wrestlers in less than 24 hours. Truth was in the tournament, but wasn’t good enough to win it, so he makes a mockery of Barrett’s crown. The crown is one of the most prestigious accolades in the history of WWE. Some of the all-time greats have been the King, including himself. Truth wants to come out every week, no matter how many times Barrett beats him, to make a mockery of the crown. That’s fine, but the jokes and laughter end on Sunday. Barrett is going to beat him so badly, Truth will be on his knees, bowing down to the true King, and all will hail King Barrett.

We see Cesaro getting ready for his match. Kevin Owens spots him, wishes him luck, then walks away.

The two lock up and jockey for position. Rusev eventually controls and backs Cesaro into the corner. He misses a clothesline, and Cesaro takes him down with a waistlock before rolling him over into a crucifix for 1. He holds onto the waistlock before Rusev gets to the ropes. Rusev gets in a couple cheap shots, then clubs Cesaro down. Rusev hits a kick off the ropes, but Cesaro no-sells and nails a clothesline. He goes for a suplex, but Rusev fights him off and clubs him across the back. Rusev hits a knee, then goes for a suplex. Cesaro blocks twice and powers Rusev up for one of his own, getting a 1-count. Cesaro nails a right and a European uppercut. Rusev backdrops him to the apron, then tries to throw him into the buckles. Cesaro blocks counters and climbs back in. Rusev catches him with a knee and a goofy-looking swinging back suplex. Rusev stomps Cesaro down befor foot-choking him against the bottom rope. Rusev corner-whips Cesaro, then catches him with a knee to the chest. Rusev knocks him down with a punch, then lays in some stomps. Cesaro comes back with some rights and body shots. He ducks a clothesline and hits a German suplex. He hangs on for a second, but Rusev elbows his way out and hits a vertical splash against the ropes before dropping Cesaro with a fall-away slam for 2. Commercials.

Back from the break, Rusev headbutts Cesaro in the back before applying a rear chinlock. Cesaro elbows out, ducks a clothesline and hits a springboard European uppercut. He follows up with more uppercuts in the corner, then hits an overhead slam for 2. He sends Rusev to the floor with a dropkick and goes for a suicide dive. Rusev nails a forearm through the ropes, comes back in, ducks a clothesline and hits a spinning heel kick for 2. Rusev stomps Cesaro on the back and Cesaro then counters the Accolade attempt by rolling onto his back. He pulls Rusev down for a Sharpshooter, then instead hits a double-stomp to the gut. Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer, but Rusev backdrops him. Cesaro lands on his feet, then turns around into a thrust kick. Rusev calls for the Accolade again, stomping Cesaro in the back. He tries to lock it in, but Cesaro blocks it before grabbing the ropes. Rusev stomps him down, then charges in, only to get low-bridged to the floor. Cesaro dropkicks him through the ropes and lands outside as well. He charges in, only to have Rusev nail him with a big kick. Rusev rolls Cesaro back in and breaks the 10-count at 9, but then decides to go up top. He goes for a dive, but Cesaro meets him mid-air with a Very European Uppercut. Cesaro hits the Neutralizer and gets the 3!


Cesaro becomes only the second man to pin Rusev, and he proceeds to celebrate with the fans in the front row. That’s a good win for Cesaro, and I hope it leads somewhere.

New Guy approaches Sheamus (who is now sporting a bull ring) for an interview about tonight’s main event, as well as his match with Randy Orton on Sunday. What are Sheamus’ thoughts on his upcoming challenges? Sheamus say they might seem like big challenges to a little man like New Guy, but he is just one Brogue Kick away from becoming the next WWE World Champion. It’s just another day at the office. He doesn’t cower from challenges; he embraces them. Tonight will be fun when he teams up with Big Show to take on Ambrose and Reigns. And he can’t wait to see the smile on his own face after what happens in the ring tonight. He wants to send a message to Orton, who has been jumping and mocking him. He invites Orton to watch tonight and see the battering he gives his opponents, because it’ll be nothing compared to the beating at Battleground. Tonight is about competition, but Sunday is personal, and everyone will be entertained.

Neville blocks a kick and applies a side headlock. They crisscross before Neville hits a seated dropkick. He lands a spinning back kick before Stardust hits a misdirection forearm. He stomps Neville down in the corner, then lands a snapmare and a running knee to the face for 1. Stardust drives his knee into Neville’s back, then takes him down with a rear chinlock. Neville snapmares out, runs into a back elbow, then leapfrogs an incoming Stardust, sending him crashing to the floor. Neville heads out and connects with an Asai moonsault beore rolling Stardust back in. He goes for a slingshot sunset flip, but Stardust drops down for the pin and grabs the ropes. The ref sees it before he counts three, leading the two to argue. Neville then surprises Stardust with a victory roll and gets 3.


New Guy stops Neville in the back to congratulate him on his victory after his loss on RAW. What was his strategy in this match? Neville starts to talk about strategy when he gets attacked by Stardust from behind. Stardust then rambles.

We see Sasha Banks, Naomi and Tamina watching clips from the 9-woman brawl on RAW, when Jo-Jo asks for a reaction to that brawl. Naomi says finally, the odds are even. Her and Tamina having been riding together, but now they have the NXT Women’s Champion with them. Banks says “The Boss” (horrible nickname) is here in WWE. It’s their time to take over and run the divas division. The Bella Tw*ts, Alicia Fox, Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch want to step to them? They think they can take Banks and her girls? They’ll handle their business. Naomi says they’re bad, the best at dominating. Why? Because they are the most amazing & athletic diva, the most power diva and the baddest diva on the same team. They are the trifecta. They didn’t come here to make friends or play nice. Play time is over. Banks says you can bank on that. Tamina then stares Jo-Jo down.

The IC triple threat that was supposed to feature Ryback, Show and the Miz for the title has been canceled due to Ryback suffering a staph infection in his knee. Sheamus locks up with Ambrose and backs him into the corner. Ambrose reverses, then grabs a waistlock and takes Sheamus down. Sheamus backs him to the ropes, turns around and hits a European uppercut. He hits another out of the corner, but then Ambrose comes back with some forearms. Sheamus catches him with a kneelift and a snapmare before kicking him in the spine. Sheamus hits another European uppercut, misses a clothesline and gets caught with a flying forearm. Ambrose hits another in the corner and goes for a bulldog. Sheamus shoves him off and hits a forearm, but Ambrose rebounds with a clothesline and knocks Sheamus to the floor. Reigns tags in as Show checks on Sheamus on the floor and nails them both with a running apron kick. Back in, he tags in Ambrose, who wipes them both out with a flying elbow. Commercials.

Back from the break, Reigns tags in to face off with Show, who is now legal. Show goes for a test of strength, but quickly breaks it and throws Reigns to the corner. He goes for a big chop, but Reigns fights out with kicks and punches. Ambrose tags in and hits Show with several punches and chops before running into a shoulderblock. Sheamus tags in and hits a standing release suplex. Ambrose comes back with punches and gets him against the ropes for a running dropkick. He follows up with a second, then goes off the ropes, only to have Show yank him down. Sheamus capitalizes with the Irish Curse for 2, then tags in Show. Show boots Ambrose, then punches him in the gut. I just realized Show isn’t wearing a shirt like he did last week. Not sure what that was about. Anyway, Show hits a bodyslam, then walks across Ambrose’s gut. He connects with the Nightmare on Helms Street for 2, then throws Ambrose to the corner for a pair of chops beofre tagging out to Sheamus. Sheamus throws him to the adjacent corner, hits a running shoulder thrust, a kneelift and an Irish Hammer. Show tags back in and hits another bodyslam. Show misses a big elbow off the ropes, and Ambrose makes the tag. Sheamus also tags in, and Roman drops him with a trio of clotheslines. He hits several more in the corner, then nails a big uppercut and a Samoan drop. Reigns calls for the Superman Punch, sees Show getting back up and goes after him instead. Show catches him with a goozle and shoves him into Sheamus’ White Noise for 2 as Ambrose breaks it up. Ambrose then dropkicks Show in the knee, sends him to the floor and goes for a suicide dive. Show catches him by the throat and goes for a chokeslam through the announce desk, but Ambrose counters with a DDT through the desk. Back in the ring, Reigns and Sheamus trade punches and uppercuts. Reigns gets the best of the exchanges before being thrown to the corner. Reigns backdrops an incoming Sheamus, but Sheamus lands on the apron, peppers Reigns with punches and then hits a hotshot. Sheamus heads up for the Battering Ram, but Reigns sees it coming. Sheamus rolls through and turns around into a Superman Punch. Reigns calls for the spear, but Bray Wyatt appears out of nowhere and attacks Reigns, leading to the DQ.


Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail, but Reigns escapes and nails a Superman Punch. Sheamus is back up and he goes for the Brogue Kick. Reigns ducks and nails him with a spear.


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