WWE SmackDown Results and January 29 Recap


This week’s WWE SmackDown is live in Hartford, CT, due to the bad weather in the northeast. The Big Show will face Roman Reigns, and Daniel Bryan will face Kane in a casket match.

The show opens with the COO of WWE, Triple H, coming down to the ring. He says, “Welcome to Monday Night RAW” as a joke, pointing out the snowstorm, and how the show was postponed. One thing they don’t like in WWE is being told what to do, so when they were told they couldn’t do RAW, for the first time ever, RAW emanated from WWE Headquarters. A lot of people said they couldn’t get 1 million subscribers to the WWE Network, and this week, they made that happened. To all that have subscribed, he’s got two words for ya: Thank you. Then, they said they couldn’t do a show tonight in Hartford. That’s why Trips is here to welcome the crowd to Smackdown Live. It’s been a crazy week, and controversial as well, coming out of the Rumble on Sunday. WWE isn’t the only one on controversy on them. The Super Bowl is Sunday, and there’s controversy all over it. The NFL and Roger Goodell have a problem with their balls. Some like their balls soft, some like them hard. According to Tom Hardy, some like old balls. One thing about WWE and Trips, they’ve never had a problem with balls. Unlike Goodell who has controversy and does nothing, when Trips has controversy, he takes action. On 2/22 at Fastlane, he will deal with a current problem. He has a problem with a man called Sting. At Fastlane, he will go face-to-face with that problem and resolve it. Now, there’s other controversy coming out of the Rumble. Not the Rumble itself, which was spectacular (boos). The triple threat for the WWE title is one of the greatest matches Trips has ever seen. Seth Rollins proved to the world he’s the future of wrestling. It was a match where John Cena proved to the world that he is the past. And it is a match in which Brock Lesnar proved he is the beast and still the WWE World Champion. That match wasn’t the problem. No, the problem was the Rumble itself (boos). When that match was over, that building was rumbling. People were going crazy, from top to bottom. It was electric, and the next day, it got worse. Everyone talked about it, including ESPN and Bill Simmons. If you don’t know what he means, let’s take a look at the controversy.

[adinserter block=”1″]We see video of the final moments of the Rumble, when Roman Reigns eliminated Big Show and Kane before the Rock came out to clear the ring. Reigns then eliminated Rusev to win the match to one of the worst reactions I’ve ever heard. Back to the arena, Trips says that, on RAW, he’ll put an end to the controversy. On Monday night, he will make an announcement that will shake the WWE Universe to its core.

As he starts to leave, Reigns comes down through the crowd. There’s mostly boos, but it’s a little more mixed than at the Rumble. He says Trips keeps talking about controversy; Reigns doesn’t see it. He won the Rumble match, so that means he’s going to Wrestlemania. Trips says that he did win the Rumble, but let’s see if he wins this one.

The two lock up, and Show backs Reigns to the corner. Reigns fights out with rights. Show tries for another lock-up, but Reigns ducks him. Show shoves him to the corner for some body blows, then whips him across the ring. He misses a hip attack, and Reigns hits a pair of corner splashes. Reigns goes for a suplex, but Show easily blocks and counters with one of his own. Show hits a bodyslam, then lands another body blow. Reigns gets whipped hard into the corner, but fights back from his knees with punches. Show lands a big shoulder off the ropes, then drops Reigns with a headbutt. He picks Reigns up for another headbutt, then sets him in the corner for a big biel throw. Reigns escapes a snake eyes attempt, then begins pounding Show in the back of the head before stomping Show down in the corner. Show comes back with yet another body blow, but then gets clotheslined to the floor. Commercials.

Back from the break, Show is back in control, and he locks Reigns in a half-crab. He breaks the hold to strike Reigns in the knee a few times, then picks him up in his new hanging leg lock. Reigns manages to pull himself up on the ropes, grab show in a headscissors and send him over the top rope. Reigns hobbles to the floor and kicks Show into the ring post. Show recovers and sends Reigns back into the ring, but Reigns is up first and hits show with a pair of clotheslines. He ducks one from Show, then finally takes him down with the third one. Reigns hits Show with a Samoan drop, sending him back to the floor. Reigns heads to the apron and hits a flying clothesline. Both men make it back in before 10, and Reigns goes for the Superman Punch. Show catches him and hits a chokeslam for 2. Show rolls to the apron and heads up top. Reigns gets to his feet and blasts Show with a Superman Punch. Show is still up on the buckles, so Reigns hits another one, then slams Show to the mat. Reigns calls for the spear, hits it and gets 3.


The crowd actually turned around quite a bit over the course of the match.

Vince McMahon appears via tape. He promotes Fastlane, talks about the 1 million subscribers, then tells those who haven’t subscribed that the month of February will be free for them to try out.

We get the second inductee for the Hall of Fame announced, and it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Seth Rollins comes out with J&J Security. He says he told everyone, and last Sunday at the Rumble, he proved once again just how good he really is. He was one second away from pinning John Cena and becoming the new WWE World Champion. What’s more impressive than that is that he stuck a dagger right into Lesnar by breaking his ribs. Cena can’t say that. The Undertaker sure can’t say that. And even though he didn’t walk out of Philly as champion, he still has the future firmly in his reach (his case). He’s feeling so good tonight that he’s issuing an open challenge to anyone in this entire building who thinks they’re even half the man he is. Come out and test him. See? Nobody has the guts. Nobody…

Ryback’s music hits, and he marches straight to the ring. J&J jump him, but he fights them off before Rollins nails a dropkick. The three proceed to triple-team him until Erick Rowan runs down to the ring. J&J try to stop him, but he takes them both down. Rollins nails him with a kick and continues stomping Ryback. Dolph Ziggler now runs down, and he tackles Rollins to the floor. Rollins throws him into the announce desk, then heads back to the ring for Ryback. Ryback is up and picks him up for Shell Shocked, but J&J manage to free Rollins and rolls him to the floor before bailing themselves. Rowan grabs them by their shirt collars, but Rollins frees them by nailing Rowan with a dropkick to the back.

Kane is in the back with the casket. Tonight, he writes the final chapter of Daniel Bryan’s story. Surprise, there is no happy ending. Bryan doesn’t know what happens in a casket match. First, Kane will beat him beyond the human capacity for pain, then dump him in the casket, shut the lid and secure the lad. The only thing Bryan will see is beautiful black darkness. All he’ll feel is the cold, hard casket squeezing the life out of him, and all he’ll hear is the frantic beating of his heart as it threatens to explode out of his chest, until he wonders how many beats he has left. That’s when he’ll scratch and claw, desperate to escape. But there is no escape. Don’t be alarmed, because soon enough, he’ll reach his final destination along the River Styx, towards eternal hellfire. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. May God have mercy on your soul, because the devil’s favorite demon will not.

Kidd nails Jey with a kick and goes for a corner whip. Jey avoids contact and hits an uppercut. He sends Kidd, and Kidd avoids contact before kicking Jey in the back of the leg. He ties Jey’s leg in the apron skirt and stomps down on it before applying a modified spinning toehold. Jey fights his way out, but Kidd is back on the attack quickly. Kidd drops an elbow to the knee, then applies a legbar before going for an anklelock. Jey kicks him away, and Kidd spills to the floor. Kidd is back up, but Jey puts him back down with an uppercut, then goes for a suicide dive. Kidd blocks it with a kick from the apron, misses a springboard, then runs into an Alley-Oos. Jey signals for the corner hip attack, but Cesaro distracts him. Jimmy wipes Cesaro out with a dive from the steps. In the ring, Kidd whips Jey leg-first into the buckles, then hits Just Kidding for 3.


We see Kane staring at the casket.

Rusev and Lana are in the ring. Pretty sure he defends the US title even less than Dean Ambrose did. He says everyone saw what happened at the end of the Rumble. He should have been declared the winner. Lana screams in Russian. Rusev says he should be facing Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. He is the most dominant superstar, the only undefeated superstar, and your United States Champion. Your USA doesn’t give him Lesnar like he deserves. They give him a man with no titles, who is not a challenge. A man from the past: John Cena. Cena has no hunger or desire, and he’s not the superstar Rusev is. Cena is a loser. Cena doesn’t belong in the ring with him.

Cena comes out and says sometimes, the he and the WWE Universe don’t see eye-to-eye, but he thinks everyone will agree with him when he says shut your mouth, or he’ll shut it for you. Has anyone else noticed Cena slips in and out of what sounds like some bizarre amalgamation of a Boston and southern accent lately? Rusev needs a lesson in the word respect. Rusev is undefeated and the US Champion, and has crushed everything in his path, but he just made the biggest mistake of his life. He says Cena is a man of the past and a loser. Cena says he’s a 15-time World Champion, 2-time Rumble winner, has made 10 appearances at WM and is the face who runs the place. He was holding the US title before Rusev had pubes and Lana had boobs. So, Rusev needs to slow his role. Cena will give him a challenge right now, and then he blathers about dancing. He tells Lana to go back to Tinder, then challenges Rusev to a fight right now. Rusev hands over his medal and belt, but Lana tells him not to waste his time on this. Rusev stares Cena down for a moment, then decides to leave the ring instead. Cena makes some “ho” jokes, then says this isn’t a waste of time; this fights Rusev at Fastlane. This beats Rusev at Fastlane. And this, at Fastlane says the champ is here.

Nikki Bella vs. Paige for the WWE Divas Championship is announced at Fastlane. Makes sense since, you know, Natalya was the one who beat Nikki in several matches recently.

Renee Young is now standing by with Paige. She mentions the match I just did, but is then interrupted by the Bellas, who can do nothing but comment on how pale Paige is. Brilliant. And so clever, too. They call her a vampire. Paige nails Brie in the face with a forearm, and Nikki “nails” her with one before Brie “hits” a knee. Nikki then puts her down with another forearm.

Finally, the Ascension get to face a real team. We get an inset promo, and the Ascension talk about destroying the New-Age Outlaws at the Rumble. Tonight, the destruction rolls on. They send “Oldust” and his cosmic freak brother back to outer space. Welcome to the Wasteland. Viktor and Stardust start, with Stardust getting a quick sunset flip for 1. Stardust then reverses a hiptoss before Viktor applies a waistlock. He ducks a clothesline and applies a full-nelson before sending him into Konnor. Stardust nails Konnor, but then gets hit from behind by Viktor. Konnor tags in and stomps Stardust down, then hits him with a European uppercut. He chokes Stardust over the bottom rope, then tags in Viktor, who nails a gut shot and a bodyslam. Viktor hits a fist drop for 1, then applies a rear chinlock. Stardust breaks free, but gets put down with a forearm. Konnor tags in and stomps Stardust down in the corner. Stardust crawls to his corner, but Konnor picks him up and goes for a back suplex. Stardust lands on his feet and hits the drop-down uppercut. Viktor tags himself in, and Goldust gets the hot tag to almost no reaction. He hits an uppercut, an inverted atomic drop and a boot to the side of the head, then sends Viktor into the corner. Viktor reverses, then runs into a powerslam. Konnor tries to interfere, but Goldust hits a drop-down uppercut on him. Back to Viktor, he calls for the bulldog, but Stardust tags himself in. He goes for the Disaster Kick, but Konnor knocks him on his ass. Konnor tags in, knocks Goldust off the apron, then the Ascension hit the Fall of Man for 3.


More footage of Kane with the casket.

We see some magician performing a trick with an Oreo for Summer Rae, R-Truth, Zack Ryder and Alicia Fox. The Miz and Damien Mizdow walk up, and Miz says he knows how the trick is done. The magician says he’s a big fan, and would love to do a trick with an A-lister. Miz likes the idea, but the magician is actually talking about Mizdow. Miz says he’s the stunt-double, and if the magician wants to do a trick, he does a trick with Miz. The Magician does an old trick with an egg and a handkerchief, then shows him how to do it. The magician then adds to the trick, turning the fake egg into a real egg. He then smashes it on Miz’s forehead. Mizdow is laughing.

Bray Wyatt appears on the screen and asks what makes you smile? Is it spending time with a loved one? Is it money? Power? Perhaps it’s memory you hold dear, maybe something nostalgic from childhood. But him? He’s different. He finds enjoyment in the types of things your mommy and daddy have shielded you from your entire life. (laughs) He is not like you. He is legion amongst men. He fears nothing, living or dead. So, what makes you smile? Because after what transpires next, he promises it will be hard for you to ever smile again. Run.

Kane rolls the casket down to ringside during his entrance. The crowd is FIRMLY behind Bryan here. They circle each other for a few moments until Kane shoves Bryan into the corner. Bryan ducks a shot and hits a few kicks before Kane hits him. He hits a bodyslam and a low dropkick before going for a pin for no reason. Bryan counters into a Yes! Lock, but Kane fights him off and tries to roll him into the casket. Kane then goes for a back suplex, but Bryan lands on his feet and hits several kicks to the back of Kane’s leg, eventually putting him down. Bryan tries to roll Kane into the casket, but Kane holds onto the ropes. He hits Bryan with a right, but then gets tripped into the buckles. Bryan kicks him in the face, then mounts the buckles for some punches. Kane shoves him off, but Bryan is right back on him. Kane shoves him off again, then goes for a chokeslam. Bryan fights out, ducks a clothesline and runs into a boot. Kane then goes to throw Bryan into the casket, but Bryan escapes and dropkicks Kane in the back near the casket. Bryan looks for a charge, but Kane moves to the other side of the ring, away from the casket. Commercials.

Back from the break, Kane has Bryan on the apron. He pulls the skirt over Bryan’s face and pelts him with rights. Back in the ring, Kane goes for a suplex into the casket. Bryan lands on the apron, so Kane boots him. Bryan holds onto the ropes, so Kane tries shoving him face-first into it. Bryan almost goes in, but then kicks Kane away. Back in the ring, Bryan immediately runs into a big boot. Bryan gets hit with a corner splash and a sidewalk slam. Kane tries to shove Bryan into the casket through the ropes, but Bryan braces himself on the apron before hitting some elbows. Kane launches him, but Bryan skins the cat and pulls Kane over with a headscissors. Kane quickly escapes to the floor, where Bryan dropkicks him through the ropes. Up top now, Bryan wipes Kane out with a plancha on the floor. He pelts Kane with rights, then comes off the apron with another dive. Kane cathes him and rams him back-first into the ring post before booting him into the casket. Bryan crawls out on the other side, so Kane shoves him back in. Bryan puts his feet up to prevent the lid closing, then boots Kane in the face repeatedly. Bryan dives again, and gets caught with a mid-air uppercut. Commercials.

Back from the break, Bryan nails a few shots on Kane before Kane hits a DDT off the ropes. Kane kicks Bryan towards the casket, then tries to shove him in with a boot to the face. Bryan slides under his legs and back into the ring, where Kane assaults him in the corner. Kane hits a short-arm clothesline, then whips Bryan into the corner. Bryan flips out of it, ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own. Bryan fires up the Yes! Kicks, but Kane ducks the buzzsaw. Kane charges at Bryan, but Bryan low-bridges him to the floor and then hits a suicide dive. He kicks Kane in the leg, knocking him against the barricade, where Bryan hits him with a running dropkick. Bryan assaults Kane with rights and goes for another dropkick into the barricade, but gets sent into the timekeeper’s area instead. Kane throws Bryan over the announce desk, then rolls him back over it to ringside before grabbing a chair. He cracks Bryan over the back three times, then drags him by the hair over to the casket. He throws Bryan face-first into the open lid, then rolls him onto the apron. Kane picks him up for the tombston, but Bryan slides out into the ring. He hits Kane with a hotshot, then nails a running dropkick. Kane is still hanging onto the ropes, so Bryan does it again. Kane still holds on, and on the third attempt, blocks Bryan and hits him with a chokeslam. Kane rolls him in, but Bryan kicks him in the face. Bryan then pulls Kane in with the Yes! Lock. Kane isn’t in all the way, so Bryan releases the hold and goes for the lid. Kane gets his arm up, so Bryan hits some Yes! Kicks to the chest. Kane blocks the buzzsaw and hits an uppercut. Back in the ring, Kane turns Bryan inside-out with a clothesline. He goes for the tombstone again, but Bryan reverses into the Yes! Lock. Kane escapes and goes for the chokeslam. Bryan escapes and low-bridges an incoming Kane into casket. Kane holds on, and Bryan blasts him with another kick. He then dropkicks Kane into the casket and finally closes the lid.


End of show.

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