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WWE SmackDown Results and December 26 Recap

This week opens up with Hulk Hogan in the ring. I’m not recapping this, other than to tell you he informs us he’s running Smackdown tonight, him mentioning a couple of things he’s done on Smackdown, and to let us know Edge and Christian will be running RAW Monday night.

[adinserter block=”1″]Seth Rollins, along with J&J Security, interrupt things. He says he just wanted to come out here and shake Hogan’s hands before saying some might call Hogan the Seth Rollins of the 80’s. I still can’t believe they recycled Billy and Chuck’s logo for Rollins’ merchandise. Anyway, all joking aside, Rollins wants to thank Hogan. He’s one of the main reasons Rollins got into the business, but at this point, Hogan doesn’t belong in the ring anymore. This ring belongs to Rollins, so if Hogan doesn’t mind…Hogan cuts him off and says he’s running SD whether Rollins likes it or not, brother. Rollins hates hearing that, then says the company has been in the dump since the Authority were ousted out of power. Let’s take two of the smartest business people ever-Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, two people who know what’s best for business-take them out of power and replace them with a carnival sideshow like Hogan. Hogan is a legend and a Hall of Famer, but he has no business in Rollins’ business. As the undisputed future of WWE, trust him when he says this is his business. But you know what? If Hogan is going to be out here and be the GM, why doesn’t he spend his time doing something worthwhile, like maybe who is going to lead this company into the future? How about Hogan, the “Immortal One”, endorse the future of WWE, Seth Rollins? And when he’s done, maybe he’ll realize it’s almost 2015, Hogan doesn’t belong in the ring, and he can take his ass out of it. Hogan more or less threatens to beat Rollins up, then says he’s not sure if Rollins is the guy for the future. Rollins says he’s Mr. MITB and the standard-bearer. There’s no one else to run this place in the future. Hogan thinks he has better choices than Rollins for the future, namely the man who has beaten Rollins twice, Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler comes out and thanks Hogan for the invite and calling him the future. But, Rollins is right. He is the future. Just ask him. It’s all he ever talks about. Since he’s the future, why doesn’t he leave WWE and not come back for another 10 years? Rollins says Ziggler isn’t a big picture type of guy. The future is not a popularity contest. He should do everyone a favor by curb-stomping Ziggler in front of everyone. How does that sound, brother? Ziggler says it’s happened before, and he’s always gotten back up, so what does Rollins want to do right now, brother?

Now the Big Show joins us. Show appreciates Rollins’ intellect and wits. Sometimes you can’t use wits, and you need to use force. So, Show is going to get in the ring, knock out Hogan, then knock out Ziggler as a bonus.

Roman Reigns makes his way down through the crowd and enters the ring. Show, Rollins and J&J leave to the apron, and Reigns tells Show not to come through the ropes unless he wants to get hit again, especially in front of his wife and kids. Hogan then puts together a match for tonight, Rollins/Show vs. Reigns/Ziggler. Unlike the Authority, he gives people what they want. Insert catchphrase.

Kane hits a boot and an uppercut. Ryback comes back with punches, a corner whip and a corner clothesline. He then runs into a boot, and now Kane is stomping him down. Kane nails a series of strikes in the corner as JBL makes a “Christmas Creature” reference. Ryback gets corner-whipped, but then fights back with rights. Kane drops him with a back elbow. Ryback comes back with rights, receives a kick off the ropes, then hits a spinebuster. Rusev’s music hits, and he comes out, followed by Lana. Rusev gets on the apron, and Ryback boots him to the floor. He turns around into a goozle by Kane, escapes and drops Kane with a Meat Hook. Shell Shocked connects, and this one’s over.


Rusev jumps on the apron after the match, and Ryback challenges him to get in the ring. Rusev does, and Ryback turns around to nail Kane. When he turns back to Rusev, Rusev nails a jumping side kick. Kane then hits two chokeslams on Ryback. Rusev stomps Ryback in the back and applies the Accolade. Several referees hit the ring and try to get him to break the hold. He refuses to do so until Lana smacks him in the arm.

We see Lana and Rusev talking in the back when they’re interrupted by Hulk Hogan. He says the night is still young, and tonight, Rusev will defend the title, brother. And sister.

Naomi hits a hip throw, and Fox counters with a headscissors. Naomi kicks out, but gets hit with a dropsh*t for 1. Naomi avoids a corner whip, then does…something in the corner before hitting a leg lariat for 2. Naomi applies a rear chinlock, then turns it into an arm wringer, then turns that into a hammerlock. Fox elbows out before hitting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2. Fox slams Naomi’s face into the mat before applying a rear chinlock. Naomi tries to break free, but gets thrown to the corner. Fox hits a northern lights suplex for 2, then tosses Naomi outside. Naomi lands on the apron and hits a high kick before hitting a hotshot. Back in the ring, she hits a flying clothesline and a hurricanrana. She goes for a sunset flip, but Fox sits down on her for 2. Fox slaps Naomi and goes for a corner whip. Naomi counters, and Fox does the splits onto the top rope. Naomi nails her with a step-up enziguri, knocks her back down to the mat, hits a split-legged moonsault for 3.


We see the Miz watching from the back, celebrating Naomi’s win.

Naomi is in the back, when she’s stopped by Jimmy Uso, who congratulates her. He says she’s on a role, and she says the role will continue when he beats Miz later on.

On his way out to the ring, Rose briefly gets into it with one of the Rosebuds. The Bunny is also absent this week. The rest of the Rosebuds wait to do the body surf, but Rose looks at them and simply tells them to back off. The match starts, and Rose goes for a clothesline. Truth ducks and nails a shot. He plays to the crowd, which allows Rose to attack him from behind. Rose hits a series of mule kicks in the corner for 2, then snaps off a suplex for another 2. Rose applies a sleeper, which Truth fights his way out of. Rose nails a kneelift, but then runs into a jumping heel kick. Truth nails a pair of clotheslines and hits a corner splash. He goes for the Osaka Street Cutter, but Rose lands on his feet and sends Truth shoulder-first into the ring post. The Party Foul connects for 3.


Rusev comes out for his title match, and we still don’t know who his opponent is. Lana says this isn’t fair. Rusev has done nothing to disrespect the fans they way they disrespect him. But it doesn’t matter. Regardless of opponent, Rusev will crush him. Dean Ambrose’s music hits, and it looks like we’ve got our challenger.

Ambrose and Rusev lock up and end up in the corner. Rusev misses a swing, and Ambrose starts to work him over in the corner. Rusev comes back with his own shots and begins to stomp Ambrose down before choking him over the middle rope. He hits a few more shots, but Ambrose comes back with a cross-body and some punches. He ties Rusev up in the ropes and hits a series of chops before nailing a seated dropkick. Rusev is still on his feet, so Ambrose hits another one, sending Rusev to the floor. Ambrose drops him with a suicide dive and rolls Rusev back in for a jackknife for 2. Rusev hits a variation of the Stun Gun, then proceeds to stomp Ambrose down. He hits a series of elbows, then applies a rear chinlock. Rusev breaks the hold and hits a series of elbows into Ambrose’s shoulder before nailing a boot for 2. Rusev applies a head-and-arm, which Ambrose breaks by stomping on Rusev’s feet before hitting a jawbreaker. Rusev hits a kitchen sink off the ropes, ties Ambrose up in the ropes, and knocks him to the floor with a splash to the back. Commercials.

Back from the break, Rusev has a trapezius claw on Ambrose. Ambrose breaks it with a headbutt, then hits a boot out of the corner. Ambrose lays in some jabs and chops, ducks a pair of clotheslines and goes for a cross-body. Rusev catches him and hits a modified fall-away slam for 2. He signals for the jumping side kick, which connects. He stomps Ambrose’s back, then goes for the Accolade. Ambrose refuses to let him lock it in and gets a rope break. Rusev kicks him in the corner, then whips him before missing a splash. Ambrose rolls him up in a quick schoolboy for 2. He hits a few punches and kicks, nails a couple of running forearms, hits another in the corner, then caps it off with a running bulldog. Ambrose climbs to the top and divs over an incoming Rusev. Rusev nails a forearms, which allows Ambrose to hit the rebound clothesline for 2. He goes up top once more and hits a vertical flying elbow for 2. Ambrose goes for Dirty Deeds, but Rusev escapes and rolls to the floor. Ambrose heads out nails Rusev in the back of the head before throwing him into the barricade. Rusev picks him up on his shoulder, but Ambrose escapes and shoves him into the barricade. Ambrose charges in, but Bray Wyatt runs through Ambrose out of nowhere, leading to the DQ.


Wyatt continues to assault Ambrose, then rolls him into the ring as Rusev heads up the ramp. Wyatt signals for Sister Abigail, but Ambrose fights him off. Wyatt throws Ambrose outside, then follows. Ambrose tackles him over the announce desk. Back on his feet first, Wyatt grabs Ambrose and throws him into the timekeeper’s area. He tears up the announce desk, and when he goes after Ambrose, Ambrose hits him in the face with a chair. Wyatt rolls into the ring, and Ambrose starts launching chairs at him. As Ambrose hits the ring, Wyatt escapes to the ramp.

Miz applies a waistlock, and Jimmy counters. Miz breaks it with a back elbow, then hits Jimmy with a boot. Jimmy pops up with a shoulder, and Miz rolls to the floor. Jimmy chases him back in, avoids a stomp, pulls him back to the floor and starts slamming him face-first into the apron. Back in the ring, Miz tries to escape, but Jimmy pulls him in and hits a clothesline as Mizdow sells it on the floor. In the corner, Jimmy beats Miz down until Miz hits a back elbow. Miz charges in and runs right into a Samoan drop. Jimmy calls for the running hip attack, but Miz hits the floor and heads up the ramp. Jimmy chases after him, blocks a punch and hits one of his own. Miz gets thrown into the barricade before getting rolled back into the ring, where he begs off. He offers to help both Jimmy and Jey, as well as Naomi, then offers a handshake. Mizdow is doing the same to no one on the outside. Jimmy acts like he’s going to accept, but then hits a pair of superkicks instead. He heads up top, hits the Samoan Splash and gets 3.


Another video for the Ascension. Looking forward to these guys being on the main roster.

Goldust is in the back, dressed like a wizard, looking into a “crystal ball”. He says something about seeing the future, and in 2015, it will be the year off…he electrocutes himself on the ball before finishing. Stardust walks in, laughs, then says his name.

Ziggler and Rollins start with a lock-up, and Ziggler backs Rollins into the corner. After a clean break, Rollins applies a side headlock before hitting a shoulder off the ropes. The two crisscross until Ziggler hits a hiptoss for a 0-count. He goes for a tag to Reigns, and as he makes it, Rollins bails to his corner and tags in Show. They lock up, and Show backs Reigns into the corner. Reigns a voids a shot and hits a few of his own. Show comes back with a shoulder off the ropes, then nails a body blow in the corner. Rollins tags in, boots Reigns down, then applies an arm wringer. Reigns immediately counters and snaps Rollins onto his back. Reigns jerks on Rollins’ arm, then throws him shoulder-first into the buckles. Ziggler tags in and hits a neckbreaker before landing the Shot to the Heart. Rollins gets to his feet, and Ziggler puts him back down with a dropkick. J&J distract the ref, which allows Show to nail Ziggler from behind. Commercials.

[adinserter block=”2″]Back from the break, Rollins has Ziggler in a rear chinlock. Ziggler fights out and goes for a dropkick. Rollins blocks it and slingshots him into the corner. Rollins steps on Ziggler’s face, then tags in Show. Show drops to the floor, drags Ziggler to the apron and drops a big chop on him. Back in the ring. Show hits a Nightmare on Helms Street for 2. Ziggler gets back up and hits a few weak punches before Show drops him with a forearm to the back. He stares Reigns down, then stomps Ziggler in the chest. Ziggler slumps to the mat off a corner whip, and Show is now standing on his face. Show whips him hard into the corner, then begins taunting Reigns on the apron. Show throws Ziggler to the corner, and Ziggler responds with a pair of boots before hitting the rocker dropper. Rollins tags in and cuts Ziggler off from making the tag. Ziggler lands on his feet off a back suplex, avoids a corner splash, and tags in Reigns. Reigns unloads on Rollins, ducks a clothesline and hits a tilt-a-whirl powerslam. He loads up the Superman Punch, but Jamie Noble jumps on the apron to distract the ref as Joey Mercury grabs Reigns’ foot. Reigns pulls him up by the head and throws him to the floor. Rollins sneaks in a schoolboy with a handful of tights for 2, then hits a thrust kick to the face for another 2. Rollins looks for the powerbomb into the buckles, but he can’t get Reigns up. Reigns counters with a back-body drop, and Rollins lands on his feet. Reigns ducks a big kick and nails a shot to the face. He picks Rollins up for a Samoan drop, but Rollins escapes and shoves Reigns into Show, who looks for a chokeslam. Reigns escapes and shoves Show into Ziggler, who hits a superkick. Show turns around, and Reigns cuts through him with a spear. Rollins throws Reigns to the floor, then tosses Ziggler. Rollins distracts the ref, which allows J&J to ram Reigns into the barricade. After they’re done, Rollins hits Reigns with a suicide dive. Rollins rolls Reigns back in, then looks for a springboard move. Outside, Ziggler takes out Mercury with a clothesline, then looks to grab Rollins’ leg. Rollins jumps over him, and Ziggler instead hits Noble with a superkick. Rollins gets in the ring, turns around, and Reigns hits him with a spear for 3.


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