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WWE SmackDown Results and April 30 Recap

WWE SmackDown opens with Seth Rollins, flanked by J&J Security, reaming someone off camera in the Authority’s office. The camera pans over, and we see Kane. The two then argue about what happened Monday night. Rollins blames Kane for him now having to defend his title in a triple threat match at Payback (what the hell is WWE’s deal with triple threats?) against Randy Orton and Roman Reigns. Kane says Rollins shouldn’t have a problem proving how good he is in that match. Rollins says Kane is his problem. He’s supposed to make decisions that are best for business, which in turn are best for Rollins. Kane says what’s best for business is giving fans a match they want (so why hasn’t he done it?). Rollins calls that crap, then says Kane is jealous of him. Rollins is everything Kane never was and never will be. He will rise while Kane fades away. Kane says part of his job is to help Rollins grow as an athlete and a person, and so help him, he’ll make a man out of Rollins if that’s the last thing he does. So tonight, he’s going to face the man he was supposed to last week, Dean Ambrose, because that’s what’s best for business. Rollins says what’s best for business is Kane 20 years ago, not this irrelevant Kane. He dares Kane to do something out there and prove that he has some viability, something to give to the Authority.

Roman Reigns heads down to the ring, and we see what happened on RAW with Kane losing it on Rollins and J&J, eventually costing himself and Rollins a tag match against Orton and Reigns. Back to the ring, Reigns sends a shout-out to Ambrose and wishes him luck later tonight. Rollins destroyed what they created together, that being the Shield. He also took the greatest opportunity Reigns has ever had at Wrestlemania. Since that night, he’s had to scratch and crawl, but wait until you see the fight he brings to Orton and Rollins.

Kane comes out, and he’s taking his button-down off. He waves for someone to follow him, and it’s a referee. Looks like we’re going to a match.

The two trade punches until Kane reverses a corner whip. He clubs Reigns across the back, but Reigns comes back with a series of uppercuts. Kane grabs him by the shirt and throws him onto the mat before sending him into the buckles. Kane hits a back suplex, then drops a double axe handle across the back. Reigns comes back with a boot off the rope, then low-bridges Kane to the floor. Outside, Kane comes back with an uppercut and looks to throw Reigns into the ring post. Reigns reverses, then hits the apron kick from the opposite side. Kane recovers and drops Reigns with a sidewalk slam across the announce desk. Commercials.

Back from the break, Kane has Reigns in a bearhug in the middle of the ring. Reigns elbows his way out, only to get rammed back-first into the buckles. Kane foot-chokes Reigns on the apron, then sends him into the buckles for a corner clothesline, which gets 2. Kane talks some trash, only to receive an uppercut. The two trade shots before Reigns gets the upper-hand and hits a suplex. Both men get back up, with Reigns ducking a clothesline and hitting one of his own. He blocks a corner charge, then hits a flying clothesline from the middle buckle. Reigns hits a series of corner clotheslines and uppercut. Kane comes back with one of his own before running into a Samoan drop. Reigns loads up the Superman Punch, but Kane blocks it and catches Reigns with a chokeslam for 2. Kane is livid, and he signals for the tombstone. Reigns slides out and drops Kane with a DDT. He connects with a Superman Punch and goes for the spear, but Kane sees it coming and heads for higher ground. He is counted out as we see Rollins and J&J watching on a monitor.


Renee Young approaches Rollins and wants a reaction to what just happened. Rollins says it’s obvious: Kane got in over his head. The major difference between him and Kane, aside from Kane carrying around a senior citizen discount card while Rollins carries the WWE World title, is that Rollins never runs away from a fight. He finds a way to win the fight on his own, which is exactly what he’ll do at Payback. He’ll beat both Orton and Reigns on his own. He doesn’t need the help of anyone, including the Authority and J&J. He only needs himself. He is the future, and the future is now, which makes him the man.

[adinserter block=”2″]Tonight, we get a tag title rematch from Extreme Rules.

Sandow has a new entrance theme, and it’s kind of generic. The bell rings, and Axel starts with some trash talk before ripping his shirt off. Sandow starts to do the same, but Axel tries to clothesline him. Sandow ducks and applies a side headlock before hitting a shoulder off the ropes. He finally rips the shirt off, then throws Axel to the floor. Outside, Sandow sits down next to Axel, only to hit him with a back elbow. Back in, Axel stomps Sandow as he re-enters the ring. Axel hits a corner whip and a splash before grinding his knee into Sandow’s face. Sandow avoids a second corner splash, then starts to do the Hulk Hogan bit. He connects with a big boot and follows up with You’re Welcome for 3.


Renee Young is with Ryback. She mentions him being attacked by Bray Wyatt on RAW. Why is Ryback Wyatt’s target? Ryback doesn’t have answer, but the “Eater of Worlds” has bitten off more than he can chew. He wants to question Ryback’s dedication, so tonight, Ryback is giving a special dedication to Wyatt when he devours Wyatt’s former disciple, Luke Harper. Wyatt, don’t worry, friend. His message will be very clear, and it won’t contain any big words. In fact, it only contains three tiny words: feed me more.

The two lock up, and Ryback applies a side headlock before hitting a shoulder off the ropes for a 0-count. Harper backs Ryback into the corner, hits a couple uppercuts, then applies a headlock of his own. Ryback turns it into a top wristlock and drives Harper down for 1. Harper breaks free with a forearm shot, then hits an uppercut. Ryback nails a few punches, misses a clothesline and hits a Thesz press. He rams the back of Harper’s head into the mat a few times, then proceeds to shoulder him in the corner. He sets Harper up on top, only to have Harper hit another uppercut. He drops down and hits a suplex before flexing for the crowd. Harper looks for another suplex, only to have Ryback reverse and hit a delayed vertical. In the corner, Ryback mounts Harper for some punches, only to have Harper drop him with a sit-out powerbomb for 2. He boots Ryback to the floor as we go to commercials.

Back from the break, Harper levels Ryback with a back elbow for 2. Harper applies the Gator Roll, but Ryback is powering his way back to his feet. He escapes the hold by tossing Harper on his face, then lays in some rights. Harper hits a boot, but then runs into a forearm that sends him to the apron. Ryback pulls him back in, hits a boot out of the corner, follows up with an over-the-shoulder powerslam and then hits a Warrior Splash for 2. Ryback sets up a powerbomb, but Harper counters into a jackknife for 2. Off the ropes, Ryback hits a spinebuster, then signals for the Meat Hook. Harper blocks it with a big boot, then nails a superkick for 2. Ryback recovers and ducks a clothesline before hitting the Meat Hook. Shell Shocked connects, and that’s good for 3.


The screen goes black, and when it comes back on, Bray Wyatt is in the ring. Ryback sees him and charges, only to get hit with a standing uranage. Wyatt pounds on him, then lays him out with Sister Abigail. He then stares at Harper for a moment before turning back to the crowd for his catchphrase.

I dig Nattie’s catsuit this week. She looks great. Kidd and Kofi start with a test of strength, only to have Kidd immediately turn it into a pin for 1. The two go through a standing switch several times utnil Kidd turns the situation into a crucifix for 1. Kidd applies a rear chinlock, then turns it into an arm wringer. Kofi escapes and tosses Kidd over the top, only to have Kidd skin the cat over the top of Cesaro, who is supporting him with his back. Cesaro tags himself in as Kidd flips back into the ring, and the former champs hit Kofi with a flapjack into a Very European Uppercut for 2. Cesaro deadlifts Kofi up and hits him with a gutwrench suplex for 2. Cesaro gets in a backslide for 2, then applies a top wristlock, that he turns into a 3/4 nelson, which he then turns into a rear chinlock. Kofi counters with a jawbreaker, hits a few shots, then goes for a suplex. Cesaro blocks it, powers Kofi up into a vertical and tags in Kidd. Kidd comes off the top and he & Cesaro hit Kofi with a combination suplex/sidewalk slam for 2. Kidd applies an arm wringer and tags in Cesaro, who nails Kofi with a gut shot before hitting a butterfly suplex. Kofi rolls to the floor, only to have Cesaro give chase. Cesaro gets distracted by Woods on the outside, which allows Kofi to sneak back into the ring and tag E behind Cesaro’s back. Cesaro gets back in and hits a European uppercut on Kofi. E comes in, only to have Cesaro drop him with a German suplex. Kidd tags in, and the former champs stomp E down in sync with a “New Day sucks” chant. Kidd backflips over the top rope, hitting E with a kick in the process. He nails a shoulder through the ropes, then hits Kofi on the apron with a back elbow. He tries to kick Woods on the floor, but misses, allowing E to knock him off the apron and send him flying into the barricade. Woods taunts Kidd at E picks him up and rams him into the barricade. Back in the ring, E stomps Kidd down as Kofi tags himself in. Kofi does some stomping, then tags in E. Does the same, tags in Kofi, and slingshots him into Kidd for a dropkick that gets 2. Kofi applies an armbar, only to have Kidd fight out. Kofi trips him off the ropes, sliding to the floor in the process. Back in, Kofi goes for a double axe handle from the middle rope, only to be met by a dropkick from Kidd. E tags in and knocks Cesaro off the apron before sending Kidd to the floor with an over-the-top belly-to-belly. Commercials.

Back from the break, E has Kidd in a bearhug. Kidd escapes, but E quickly grabs him in a belly-to-belly for 2. Kofi tags in and hits a quick kick to the chest. He hits the Boom Drop, then knocks Cesaro off the apron. Kofi signals for Trouble in Paradise, but Kidd sees it coming and ducks. Kidd makes the tag to Cesaro, and Cesaro back-body drops Kofi before booting E off the apron. He nails four European uppercuts in opposite corners and follows up with a short-arm clothesline for 2. Cesaro applies a la magistral for 2, then hits a Warrior Press, followed by a double stomp for 2 as E breaks it up. Cesaro sends him to the floor, then goes after Woods, who has just jumped on the apron. Woods quickly drops down, and the distraction is enough for Kofi to roll Cesaro up for 2. Kofi hits the Pendulum in the corner and tags in E, who runs through Cesaro with a vertical splash for 2 as Kidd breaks it up this time. Kofi looks to toss Kidd, but gets tossed himself. Kidd ducks a clothesline by E and hits Kofi with a suicide dive. E turns to Cesaro in the corner, who hits him with a big knee. Cesaro mounts the middle buckle and hits a flying European uppercut. Cesaro calls for the Cesaro Swing, tags in Kidd, and the two hit Montezuma’s Revenge for 2 as Woods and Kofi break up the pin, leading to the DQ.


The 3-on-2 attack continues. Kidd gets thrown shoulder-first into the ring post and Cesaro is then stomped down by all three.

We cut to some footage from earlier today, and it’s Cameron and Summer Rae gossiping about Naomi and Brie Bella. Nikki Bella walks up a moment later, and says Cameron is brave for running Brie down when she’s not here. Nikki then tries to get all tough, then challenges Cameron to a match tonight. Cameron says she has no problem with that. Since when did the Bella Tw*ts turn face? And why are supposed to care?

Commercial for ECW Unreleased, Vol. 3. Those are always good sets.

More stupid submissions for the new season of WWE Tough Enough. Save for a female powerlifter and a female boxer, these clips are all garbage.

We get an inset promo from Naomi. She says something about fairytales. In the real world, the nice people fail. Brie Bella got a taste of that on RAW, and soon, Nikki will have her dreams shattered.

The match starts with a lock-up, which Nikki reverses into an armdrag. She follows up with a clothesline, then hits a snapmare before going into an armbar. Cameron breaks it with forearm shots, then throws Nikki to the corner. She tries and fails to do something sexy, then runs into a back elbow. Nikki comes off the middle with a Disaster Kick, but misses. Cameron covers her for 2, then hits some forearms to the back before kicking Nikki to the floor. Nikki starts selling a knee injury as Cameron throws her into the barricade. Back in the ring, Cameron hits a suicide kick for 2. At least she remembered to lay Nikki in the right position for the pin this time. Nikki comes back with an armdrag, only to have Cameron hit her with a hair mare. Cameron applies a rear chinlock, then jumps on Nikki’s back as she gets to her feet. Nikki breaks it by falling into the buckles. She ducks a clothesline, hits two of her own, then hits a dropsh*t. She misses a corner clothesline, hits a back elbow, then connect with a Disaster Kick for 2. Cameron rolls her up for 2, then slaps her across the face. Nikki hits her with a forearm, then connects with the Rack Attack for 3.


Another segment with the Prime-Time Players. Darren Young is pretending to cry about the New Day being the new tag champs. Titus O’Neil asks if anyone is excited about the new champs. Crickets chirp. He then introduces the New Day Be Gone Box. You can put it anywhere in your home, and if you see New Day on the screen, you just clap them away while chanting. Now, if you want the PTP on your screen, call WWE and let them know. If WWE Shop ever gets their act together and starts selling the PTP shirt, they could be printing money. “Millions of dollars” chant.

Dean Ambrose is in his locker room, warming up, when he’s approached by Seth Rollins and J&J. Rollins says he just wants to talk. They have a lot of history, and he thinks it’s in his best interest if Ambrose backs out tonight. Rollins has a huge title match at Payback, and Kane made this match out of spite. When Triple H finds out, he’s going to be furious, and he’s going to take that fury out on anyone who willingly participated, including Ambrose. Ambrose says that sounds good, then says he’ll see Rollins out there. Rollins says that’s a huge mistake, and Ambrose says his whole life has been a huge mistake. At least this one ends with him beating Rollins’ face in.

[adinserter block=”2″]We get some highlights of the King of the Ring tournament, which was eventually won by Bad News Barrett, who defeated Neville in the finals.

Ambrose applies a hammerlock and drives Rollins into the mat. He pulls Rollins’ arm up and yanks on his fingers before sending him to the floor with a knee to the shoulder. Rollins gets back in and hits a kick, followed by a punch. Rollins hits some shoulder thrusts in the corner, then drives Ambrose down with a hammerlock of his own. Ambrose counters with a drop toehold, then goes for his version of the Regal Stretch, only to turn it into a half straight jacket, which he breaks with a shot to the back of the neck. Rollins recovers, sends Ambrose into the corner and nails him with strikes. Ambrose ducks a clothesline and hits a cross-body, right into some mounted punches. Rollins gets clotheslined to the floor near J&J. Ambrose chases them off, then intercepts Rollins with a punch before rolling him back in the ring. J&J disctract Ambrose, allowing Rollins to dropkick him through the ropes. The ref turns his back, and J&J use that to stomp Ambrose down. Kane then walks down to ringside as we go to commercials.

Back from the break, Rollins eats a forearm shot from Ambrose. He shakes it off, kicks Ambrose, then stomps him down before hitting a short-arm clothesline. He follows up with another one, then kicks Ambrose in the face a few times. Ambrose ducks a third short-arm and hits one of his own. Ambrose snaps off some jabs, followed by some punches. He hits a couple forearms off the ropes, another one in the corner and a running bulldog. Ambrose heads up top and goes for the elbow. Rollins boots him and looks for the corner powerbomb. Ambrose escapes and dropkicks Rollins to the floor. Ambrose hits a suicide dive, then rolls Ambrose back in. Rollins kicks him, ducks a rebound clothesline, misses a roundhouse, then gets hit with an atomic drop into a sit-out facebuster for 2. Rollins rolls to the apron, and Ambrose meets him at the corner, pulling him up for a superplex. Rollins fights him off, rakes the eyes and sunset flips into a running corner powerbomb for 2. Rollins goes for a thrust kick, but Ambrose blocks it and rolls him up for 2. Ambrose goes for Dirty Deeds, only to have Rollins escape and hit a Ghetto Blaster. He connects with the thrust kick this time, but only gets 2. Rollins argues with the referee as Kane is on the apron. Ambrose shoves Rollins into Kane, knocking him to the floor, then rolls Rollins up for 2. Rollins then gets backdropped onto Kane outside. J&J check on both of them, and that’s when Ambrose wipes out Kane and J&J with a flying elbow. Rollins comes out of nowhere and throws Ambrose into the barricade. He goes to check on Kane, only to have Kane grab him by the throat. Ambrose dives onto Kane, who catches him by the throat as well. The referee threatens to disqualify Rollins, so Kane lets both men go. He then goes to grab the referee, but stops. As he’s talking to the ref, Ambrose sends him face-first into the ring post. Rollins rolls Ambrose back in, only to have Rollins continue spinning. He lands on his feet on the floor and wipes out both members of J&J with a double clothesline, sending them over the announce desk. Rollins then sends Ambrose face-first into the ring steps. He rolls Ambrose back in and hits his new finisher, a falling DDT, for 3.


Kane enters the ring and appears to be targeting Rollins, but then instead stomps Ambrose down. J&J and Rollins join in the attack, and that’s when Roman Reigns’ music hits. He runs down the aisle and wipes Kane out with a Superman Punch. In the ring, he tosses J&J, then goes after Rollins. J&J jump him again, but he throws them to the side and sends Rollins to the floor. J&J then get taken out with a double spear. Kane re-enters the ring and goes for a chokeslam on both Reigns and Kane, but Reigns breaks it with a punch to the head. Ambrose follows up with a rebound clothesline, and Reigns then nails a spear as Rollins watches from the stage.

End of show.

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