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WWE SmackDown Results and November 8 Recap

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We are in Glasgow, Scotland this week. The show opens with AJ Styles. Tom Phillips has joined the commentary team, because a team of four is totally necessary. We get confirmation Dean Ambrose will face Styles for the WWE World title at TLC in a TLC match. Styles reams the audience before talking about what happened last week in the main event. He calls Ambrose a cheater and not on his level. He calls James Ellsworth an embarrassment to humanity. If they were both here, he’d beat the ugly off of them. Ellsworth isn’t here, and Styles has been prevented physical contact with Ambrose due to Survivor Series and them being on the same team. As the captain of Team Smackdown, he needs to get his team on the same page to beat the crap out of Team RAW. He wants the team out here right now.

Baron Corbin interrupts first. Corbin says he’ll deliver at Survivor Series, but not for Styles’ team.

The Wyatt Family show up. Styles tries to welcome them (Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton are on the team), but they don’t care.

Ambrose is the last out. He gets all the way to the ring apron, then turns around and gets on the stage, where he brings out Ellsworth. They join everyone else in the ring. Ambrose says he brought Ellsworth as a guest. Styles says Ellsworth better not be anywhere near the building at Survivor Series. Ambrose says Styles will have to go through him to get rid of Ellsworth. Styles says they might be on the team at Survivor Series, but he’s outnumbered right now. Corbin takes that as his cue to leave. The Wyatts stay, and that brings out Shane McMahon. He asks the remaining members of the team if they want to prove they are the best in the business. In order to prove that they are, they need to beat Team RAW. The only way to do that is a united front. If the team can harness Ellsworth’s passion and energy, Shane predicts a clean sweep for Team Smackdown at Survivor Series. He then names Ellsworth as the official mascot for the team. Shane wants to get some of these issues out of the way tonight, so the Wyatt Family will face Ambrose, Ellsworth and Corbin in a six-man.

Corbin gets stopped by Shane in the back. Shane informs him of what was announced. Corbin doesn’t care. He’s not sticking his neck out for the other two. If Shane has a problem, he can kick Corbin off the team. Shane needs him more than he needs Shane. Shane takes him out of the match tonight and puts him in a match with Kalisto tonight instead.

Fandango pins English with a Falcon Arrow after escaping the Whirling Dervish.


Nikki Bella is on commentary. I can’ take this. Carmella comes down mid-match, waving at Nikki. Nikki leaves the announce desk to get into an argument. Nattie separates them before shoving Nikki. Nikki shoves her to the floor, then forearms Carmella. Nattie tries to restore order before breaking the count, only for Naomi to cradle her for 3.


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Dean Ambrose and James Ellsworth are in the back. Ellsworth says they can do this without Baron Corbin. Daniel Bryan walks in, and he’s got a replacement for Corbin. They turn to the side, and Kane is standing there. Kane tells Ellsworth the strategy for tonight is for Ellsworth to not tag in.

Kalisto was kayfabe injured by Corbin a while back. In reality, Kalisto took time off to nurse an injury. Corbin beats Kalisto up before the bell rings before skeeballing him to the floor. He heads out, only to slip on the apron and mess up his knee. Kalisto dropkicks the knee into the ring steps before referee Rudy Charles tries to send him to the back. Other referees check on Corbin. Kalisto says “no”, heads up top and frog splashes the bad knee.


We get a video package for Bliss/Lynch, which is up next. So much for that main event position we were informed of at the beginning of the show.

Before we go to that, however, we cut to the back. Shane McMahon is standing in front of a white board with the names of Team RAW and Team Smackdown written on it. Daniel Bryan enters and says the trainers have said Baron Corbin can no longer compete, so they need a replacement right away.

They start with a lock-up and jockey for position until Bliss breaks free with an armdrag. Lynch repeats the sequence and goes for the Disarmer. Bliss escapes and runs into a clothesline for 1. A snapmare from Bliss gets 1. Lynch Matrixes out of that and gets in an Oklahoma roll for 2. Bliss with a schoolgirl for 1. Bliss avoids an O’Connor roll, runs into a pair of armdrags and eats a dropkick. Bliss kicks her in the knee out of the corner and throws a kick to the face before tossing her to the floor off a shot to the ring post on the shoulder. Bliss throws Lynch into the steps and slams the bad arm into the floor. Back in, Bliss continues to work over the arm in the ropes before applying an armbar. Bliss stomps her in the gut a few times while holding onto the armbar for a 1-count. She goes back to the armbar, which Lynch fights out of. Bliss reverses a corner whip and sends her shoulder-first into the bottom buckle. Bliss heads to the floor and wraps the arm around the ring post. Back in once more, Bliss ties the arm up in the ropes again. She really has no offense whatsoever. Scissor-stomp to the arm. And another. Lynch throws some shots to the stomach, but Bliss snaps her down with a reverse arm wringer for 2. Bliss goes back to the armbar, then applies a short arm-scissors. You realize how limited Bliss truly is when she has to go more than 2 minutes or so. Lynch counters into a pin for 2, then powers Bliss up while the hold is still on before dropping her with a sit-out powerbomb. Commercials.

Back from the break, Lynch gets in a schoolgirl for 2. She hits a back elbow, then a shot out of the corner. She avoids a corner splash and hits a pair of clotheslines, followed by a leg lariat. She hits the Flying Firearm and a springboard corner kick. A Bexploder gets 2. Lynch heads up top, where she misses the Dublin Jam. Bliss kicks her in the face, and Insult to Injury gets 2. At least she actually hit that move this time. Bliss screams in Lynch’s face before they trade forearms. Lynch gets the better of it and connects with a mule kick. A sunset flip out of the corner gets 2 for Bliss. Bliss heads up top for Twisted Bliss, but Lynch crotches her. Lynch heads up with some forearms, but gets knocked back down. Lynch blocks a tornado DDT before Bliss plants her with a regular DDT for 2. Bliss argues with the referee about the count, then steps over Lynch. She tries a Vader Bomb, but Lynch gets her knees up. They trade 2-counts off O’Connor rolls before Lynch locks in the Disarmer. Bliss almost grabs the ropes, so Lynch drags her out. Bliss gets her foot on the rope, but the referee doesn’t see it. Bliss taps.


We see Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan talking. They agree the decision of the last match stands. Bryan says he hasn’t made a decision on Survivor Series yet, but will tonight. They then talk about RAW, which Stephanie McMahon invited them to this Monday. Bryan says they will definitely be there. They are interrupted by the Miz and Maryse. Maryse talks for Miz because he’s apparently so made he can’t speak. They’re pissed about Dolph Ziggler defending the IC title against Sami Zayn at Survivor Series. Bryan is confident in Ziggler’s ability, especially because he is a fighting champion. And, in exchange for this title match, RAW GM Mick Foley has agreed to have the Cruiserweight title defended against a Smackdown wrestler at Survivor Series. That opponent will be Kalisto. If Kalisto wins, the entire division comes to Smackdown. Bryan offers Miz an IC title match next week. She accepts for him. He’s miffed. Bryan drops in passing that the Undertaker will return next week as well.

Hawkins gets the jobber non-entrance. Then gets a win a couple minutes later with an Oklahoma roll.


Renee Young asks Dolph Ziggler about defending the title next week days before Survivor Series. He’s excited about defending the title next week on the 900th show. He’s going to beat Miz, then send Sami Zayn back to RAW with some bad news.

AJ Styles is on commentary. Wyatt blocks No Chin Music from Ellsworth and immediately drops him with Sister Abigail for 3 in the closing moments.


The Wyatts and Styles surround Ambrose in the ring until Shane McMahon comes down and steps between them. Daniel Bryan is out shortly as well, clipboard in hand. He says he has the opportunity to name anyone on the roster to Team Smackdown at Survivor Series. In the top left-hand corner, there is another name: the name of their commissioner. Christ. I hate wrestling. Bryan asks Shane to be the fifth member, and he agrees, because of course. Couldn’t go more than a few months without Shane working, could we?


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