WWE SmackDown Results and January 28 Recap

WWE SmackDown Results

This week, we are in Tampa, FL. Tonight, “The Highlight Reel” will feature Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, while the new US Champion Kalisto defends against Neville.

The show then goes right into the New Day, and I’m already unhappy. We go to a clip of the Rock and the New Day from RAW. Back to the arena, Big E says the Rock should be ashamed of himself. Kofi Kingston then says they wanted to show Rock that, despite his success, he still does not have what they have. Woods says that would be gold. They then basically recap what we just saw. E says Rock is cooking “doo-doo”.

I hate to say this, but thankfully, the Miz interrupts. Then I remember Miz sucks on the mic too, and this segment just gets worse. Miz compares his movie success to the Rock’s and says he doesn’t get upstaged. He lists off his supposed credentials, and is then interrupted by the Usos.

This night just keeps getting worse. They do a stupid bit on the ramp that goes on way too long. They say these four look frustrated, and one of them mocks Miz for hanging onto Wrestlemania memories. They call his jacket a dress. Woods says Miz has the best mouth in the business, and I die a little inside. The New Day accuse the Usos of riding their cousin’s coattails, and a gold allergy runs in their family. This goes on before Kofi points out the Usos are outnumbered. One of the Usos then says they have backup. Titus O’Neil comes down to dance around with them, and he’s then followed by Dolph Ziggler. The faces hit the ring and clear the place out as we go to commercials.

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Back from the break, we’re going into our first match.

Woods and an Uso start, but Woods immediately tags out to Miz. Uso gets in a waistlock into side headlock. This is Jey. Jey hits a shoulder off the ropes, then goes into a crisscross. He then blocks a hiptoss and hits a short-arm. In the corner now, Jey whips Miz across the ring. Miz reverses, and Jey avoids contact before dancing and hitting an uppercut for 1. Jimmy tags in, and the Usos hit a double back elbow and a double elbow drop for 2. Miz comes back with a jawbreaker and tags in Kofi, who runs into a hiptoss. Titus tags in, who slaps Kofi across the chest. Titus then puts him in the face corner for another slap. The crowd chants “One more time”, and Titus obliges. Ziggler tags in and nails a dropkick for 2. Kofi thumbs him in the eye in the corner, then explodes out of the corner with a dropkick of his own. Woods tags in, and Kofi picks Ziggler up for a Woods dropkick for 1. E tags in, and he clubs Ziggler in the gut before hitting a front belly-to-belly for 2. Ziggler comes back with a kick and dives for a tag. E throws him off, he lands on his feet, slides between E’s legs and dives for the tag to Jimmy. Jimmy hits a pair of clotheslines, a superkick to the gut and a drop-down uppercut. He catches E with an Alley-Uce, then connects with a hip attack in the corner. Mauro Ranallo points out he’s paying tribute to his family with that, including Umaga, who hasn’t been mentioned on the show since I don’t know when. Anyway, Jimmy nails the remaining heels on the apron. When he turns around, E hits an overhead belly-to-belly into the buckles. After some weird editing (I’m assuming commercials), we’re back with the New Day doing the Unicorn Stamped on Jimmy. Miz tags in and gets sent in with a hanging clothesline by Kofi. The heels then celebrate before Kofi is back in. He kicks Jimmy, then knee-chokes him on the bottom rope. Miz then assaults Jimmy behind the ref’s back as Kofi taunts the other faces. Jimmy blocks a shot, hits a few of own and then connects with a reverse Dragon Whip. Woods tags in and gets sent throat-first right into the middle rope. Miz tags in before Jimmy dives for a tag to Titus. Titus hits a pair of clotheslines, then clotheslines an incoming E to the floor. Titus then hits a big boot on Miz before catching Kofi off a spring-board attempt. Titus hits a backbreaker before tossing Kofi to the floor. Miz then gets corner-whipped, eats an avalanche, then gets powerslammed for 2 as Kofi and E break it up. The Usos come in and hit a pair of superkicks, knocking the two to the floor. Ziggler pulls the ropes down for them to hit the double suicide dive. Woods tries a back suplex on Ziggler, but Ziggler lands on his feet and hits the Zig-Zag. Miz sneaks in from behind and goes for the SCF. Ziggler escapes, plants a superkick on Miz’s chin, and Miz turns around into the Clash of the Titus for 3.


Seems odd that Titus got the pin here instead of Ziggler. Maybe they’re going to attempt pushing him again.

They circle each other before Kalisto avoids a couple shots and goes for a monkey flip. Neville lands on his feet, trips Kalisto, dives over him, goes into a crisscross. Kalisto does a backflip into a headscissors, sending Neville to the floor. He goes for a hurricanrana from the apron, but Neville catches him and looks for a powerbomb, only to have Kalisto counter back into a hurricanrana into the barricade. The referee gets to 8 before Neville gets back in. Kalisto gets back in at 9. After some odd editing (I’m guessing it was a commercial), Neville goes for a back suplex, only for Kalisto to land on his feet on the apron. Kalisto goes for a springboard dive, which Neville turns into a sit-out powerbomb for 2. Kalisto pulls himself up in the corner, where Neville blasts him with a clothesline. Neville then kicks Kalisto in the head. Kalisto comes back with kicks and punches, only to have Neville drop him with a back elbow. He throws Kalisto to the apron by the corner, and then heads out himself. He picks Kalisto up in a fireman’s carry, then climbs up to the top rope. Kalisto gets his footing, clubs Neville across the back, then positions himself in front for a standing super hurricanrana for 2. Kalisto sets up the SDL, but Neville shoves him off and blasts him with a step-up enziguri. Neville lands a spinning back kick, a kick to the face, another spin kick, and now he goes for deadlift German, which Kalisto turns into a victory roll for 2. Neville lands another big kick to the face, then goes for the German again, which Kalisto reverses into the Salida del Sol for 3.


Neville and Kalisto shake hands after the match.

Now it’s time for the “Highlight Reel”. Chris Jericho welcomes everyone. He briefly goes over what’s gone on this week, including Triple H winning the WWE World Championship, the debut of AJ Styles (against Jericho on RAW), which he calls “one for the ages”, and most importantly, the main event for Fastlane has been announced: Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns in a triple threat to determine a #1 contender for the World title at Wrestlemania. Tonight, his guests are two of those three, Ambrose and Reigns. Ambrose is out first, and he’s carrying some flowers. Jericho then brings Reigns out. Ambrose brought the flowers for Jericho for his set. Reigns then grabs a stool to put it on. Jericho says his set used to be better, but this is a step in the right direction. Now, down to business. Jericho has travelled with these two and knows they’re best buds. But now, they’re
opponents with the opportunity to headline Wrestlemania. Is that going to cause dissension? Reigns says no. They’re not jealous people. They’ve talked about competing for the title a lot. Ambrose says he and Reigns don’t fight over stupid stuff before saying he’ll punch Reigns in the mouth at FL. The two then trash-talk each other. Jericho then points out that Brock Lesnar is in the match as well. Everyone knows what Lesnar is capable of, especially Reigns. However, Ambrose has never been in the ring with Lesnar. Ambrose says Lesnar is destructive, but he’s indestructible. Lesnar will probably beat him to a pulp, but Ambrose is the iron man of WWE. When a shot at the title and a trip to Wrestlemania is on the line, he’s got no reason to be scared of Lesnar. Reigns points out how dangerous Lesnar is, and he’s different than anyone Ambrose has ever fought. Lesnar is a beast. Ambrose says he doesn’t technically beat Lesnar; he just has to beat Reigns. Reigns says that would be the first time, then.

The lights go out, and when they come back on, the Wyatts are at ringside. Bray Wyatt says they promised the world they’d bring forth the apocalypse, and at the Royal Rumble, the Wyatt Family slayed “The Beast”. Now they ride, trembling over any who wander the pastures of hubris. Reigns says they don’t know what he’s talking about. He came halfway down to the ring. Why doesn’t he come down all the way and they’ll talk with their fists. Wyatt laughs and says patience is a virtue. If Reigns is to succeed on his quest, he’ll need to engulf the heart of a good man. Tonight, Wyatt plans to put his heart to the test, as well as those of Ambrose and Jericho. Tonight, him and two of his brothers put them down forever. Beware, the apocalypse is upon you. Run.

The Social Outcasts are in the ring. Heath Slater says, after RAW, they should have been the hottest thing trending. Curtis Axel says, instead, everyone is talking about AJ Styles. Adam Rose says Styles has the world freaking out. Bo Dallas says his best friend’s (Axel) year-long run in the Rumble match has finally come to an end. The Outcasts all try to hug him, but he doesn’t like that. He then rattles off how much time he was supposedly in the Rumble, only to have Styles eliminate him from behind. What kind of man is that? Axel then challenges Styles to come out so “The Axe Man” can rip him apart. Styles obliges.

I was getting to the point where I never thought I’d see Styles in a WWE ring as a contracted performer. He had a few dark matches and Velocity/Heat matches back in the day, but who didn’t? Glad he’s finally here. Hope WWE doesn’t blow it. Styles gets in a waistlock, but Axel breaks it with a back elbow. The two go into a crisscross before Styles levels Axel with possibly the best dropkick in the business. Styles kicks Axel in the chest, then drops a jumping knee. Axel tries to crawl away, grabbing the ring skirt. He then kicks Styles in the knee before leveling him with a clothesline. Axel assaults Styles in the corner, then lands a running boot to the chest. Lawler just made a comment about having accolades in wrestling, and how he’s won more titles than probably anyone, but that means nothing in WWE. He in fact said, “It didn’t happen”, which has been WWE’s on-again/off-again attitude for years. What I find funny is that Lawler said it, a guy who has never once won a single title in WWE. Anyway, Axel picks up Styles and hits a dropkick of his own. Axel lands a backbreaker near the buckles, then goes to the middle, missing an elbow. Styles ducks a clothesline, hits one of his own, a back elbow and a spin kick. Styles hits a jumping corner clothesline and goes for a fireman’s carry. Axel escapes and sends Styles into the buckles. Styles connects with a back elbow, then hits a Pele from the middle rope for 2. Styles heads to the apron, where Slater tries to grab him. Styles kicks Slater away, then shoulders Axel through the ropes. He flips in then nails Rose, who is on the opposite apron. Styles then ducks a clothesline and hits a somersault suicide dive onto Slater and Dallas. Axel grabs him by the hair, only to have Styles hotshot him. He springboards back in, but Axel meets him with a boot to the gut and looks for the Perfect-Plex. Axel fights out, ducks a clothesline and hits a Pele. He calls for the Styles Clash and hits it for 3.


Honestly, I’m amazed WWE is letting him use the Clash.

We get an inset promo from Nattie. She says there’s nothing worse than being injured, but you can’t keep a Hart down. The divas division has been on fire lately (…), and she’s ready to dive right back into the flames. So get ready, ladies, because “The Queen of Harts” is back.

The two lock up, and Nattie applies a hammerlock. Charlotte reverses into an arm wringer, and Nattie reverses that into a schoolgirl for 2. Nattie blocks a kick and snapmares Charlotte over, runs over her back and hits a basement dropkick. Charlotte gets to the ropes, then lands a big boot out of the corner. She locks in an abdominal stretch while driving her elbow into Nattie’s side. Nattie manages to reverse the hold, then grabs the leg as well. Charlotte elbows her way out before Nattie gets her in a backslide. Charlotte rolls through and hits a basement dropkick. She picks Nattie up for some Flair Chops until Nattie ducks one and lays in some forearms before connecting with a discus clothesline. Nattie ducks a clothesline and hits a release German that sends Charlotte to the floor. Nattie follows and sends Charlotte back in. Flair wooos at Nattie as she gets back in, and the distraction allows Charlotte to chop-block Nattie. Charlotte then locks in the Figure-8, and Nattie eventually taps.


Charlotte locks Nattie in a figure-4 after the match until Becky Lynch runs down and chases Charlotte off.

They mention Nikki Bella just had successful neck surgery. Her career is likely over, however. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

We see video from earlier today. R-Truth is stretching outside when Goldust comes up and asks to run with him. Goldust then starts stretching in suggestive ways. Looks like we’re getting Black Gold, Part 2. Too bad Truth is nowhere near Booker T’s level. Goldust then says they could be called “Golden Truth”, then does his old tourettes bit.

Jericho and Rowan start, with Rowan immediately going on the attack. He whips Jericho to the corner, then runs into an elbow. Jericho hits a few chops and pounds on Rowan in the corner before Ambrose tags in and hits a shoulder thrust. Ambrose lays in some strikes, then dropkicks Rowan against the ropes. Reigns tags in and nails Rowan in the face a few times before backing him into the face corner. Jericho tags in before getting shouldered off the ropes.Rowan rams Jericho head-first into the buckle, then tags in Harper, who chops Jericho in the chest, then nails a European uppercut. Harper rakes at Jericho’s face, then lands a straight right and a mule kick. Jericho comes back with a kick off the ropes and some chops. Harper sends him outside, but Jericho lands on the apron, heads up and connects with a clubbing blow off the top. Jericho goes for the Walls, but Harper spins out of it. Jericho rolls through and hits a step-up enziguri for 2. He connects with a corner clothesline, then goes up for mounted punches. He gets to 9 before Harper hits him in the throat and follows up with a delayed vertical out of the corner for 2. Commercials.

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Back from the break, Wyatt connects with an avalanche on Jericho. Rowan tags in and boots Jericho in the head before driving his fists into Jericho’s temples. Jericho fights to his feet, punches out of the hold, then gets caught with a knee. Rowan then puts him down with a pumphandle backbreaker for 2. Harper in, and he walks over Jericho’s gut, then applies a version of the Nagata Lock. Jericho breaks the hold with chops to the chest before Harper hits an uppercut and goes to a side headlock that he turns into a rear chinlock. Jericho gets to his feet, elbow out and goes for a cross-body. Harper catches him and plants him with a Michinoku driver #2 for 2. Harper then boots Reigns off the apron before signaling for a corner clothesline. Jericho moves out of the way and hits the Codebreaker. Jericho crawls for a tag and tags to Ambrose as Rowan comes in. Ambrose hits a cross-body into some punches, follows up with a corner forearm and a running bulldog. Up top, Ambrose connects with a flying elbow for 2. Wyatt tries to interfere, but Ambrose knocks him to the floor and then levels him with a slingshot cross-body. Ambrose then low-bridges Rowan from outside and hits him with a suicide dive. Back in, Ambrose heads up top again, diving off into a spin kick from Rowan for 2. Wyatt asks for the tag, gets it, and hits a running senton. Wyatt signals for Sister Abigail, but Ambrose turns it into a schoolboy for 2. Wyatt nails an uppercut, leading to a Lunatic Lariat from Ambrose. Wyatt tags to Harper as Reigns tags in. Reigns hits two clotheslines and a leaping one. He shakes off a back elbow in the corner and hits 10 corner clotheslines. Reigns follows up with a big boot for 2, which is broken up by Rowan. Ambrose clotheslines Rowan to the floor, then ducks one from Wyatt on the apron, allowing Jericho to nail him with a dropkick from the middle buckle. Ambrose and Jericho then hit a pair of slingshot cross-bodies. In the ring, Reigns loads up the Superman Punch for Harper, but then sees Strowman coming in and nails him with an uppercut. Harper then rolls Reigns up for 2. Reigns pops up with the Superman Punch, but it’s only good for 2, as Strowman pulls him to the floor, leading to the DQ.


Strowman throws Reigns into the barricade. Ambrose jumps on Strowman’s back, but Strowman shakes him and clotheslines him. Jericho tries to help, and gets tossed over the announce desk for his troubles. Strowman then rolls Reigns into the ring, and the Wyatts triple-team Reigns before Wyatt calls for them to stand Reigns up.

Because this show hasn’t been disappointing enough, the Big Show then comes down to the ring. Rowan tries to cut him off and gets bodyslammed at ringside. Harper then eats a clothesline, and now Show is in the ring with Wyatt and Strowman. Wyatt gets behind Strowman, and we get a staredown before Rowan and Harper attack from behind. They and Strowman club him down as Wyatt boots him in the face. The 4-on-1 attack continues before Reigns gets back in the ring. Strowman catches him by the throat as he goes for a Superman Punch, only to turn around and get goozled by Show. Show throws Strowman to the floor. Behind him, Wyatt grabs Reigns for Sister Abigail, but Reigns escapes and levels him with the Superman Punch. Ambrose and Jericho come in and double-team Rowan, then throw him to the floor, leaving only Harper. Harper turns around into a goozle by Show, who then throws him into a Reigns spear.


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