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WWE SmackDown Results and December 3 Recap

This week, the show is in Hershey, PA. After a long video recapping RAW, we go to the ring, where Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and the Usos are standing by. Reigns asks who in the crowd is with their family, because he’s with his. They (he and the Usos) have a big family, about 150 cousins. Everyone would agree these three are the tightest. For 30 years, they’ve always had each other’s backs, and they’re like brothers. He turns his attention to Ambrose. They’ve known each other for about 5 years, but with all the memories they’ve stacked up, they could fill 30 years. They’ve traveled the world, had a lot of great fights, even against each other, and that’s why Ambrose is his brother. A “hug it out” chant starts, which Reigns and Ambrose respond to in kindly. Reigns then moves onto Sheamus cashing MITB at Survivor Series and taking the WWE World title. If he was smart, he would have left it between himself and Reigns, but instead, he involved the Authority and the League of Nations. The LoN can’t help him at TLC, because Reigns has him one-on-one in a TLC match. All he has to do is Superman Punch Sheamus, spear him, then climb the ladder to the title. That feels far from now, though. That’s TLC, and he wants to instead do it tonight. So Sheamus, round up the LoN, and get your ass out here right now. They came to fight.

Sheamus comes out, and he’s followed by the rest of the LoN, that being King Barrett, Rusev and Alberto Del Rio. Sheamus says he enjoys listening to Reigns talk about his family and friends. It was so positive and full of joy. Reigns has him all wrong. He’s a big admirer of Reigns. Reigns had a great night at Survivor Series. He became WWE World Champion, in the ring with the belt. So, it was only for 5:15, but who’s judging? Besides, Sheamus got a great t-shirt out of it. Reigns says no one wants to hear Sheamus crack jokes; they want to see Reigns and his boys crack heads. So, Sheamus can shut his mouth, come to the ring, and try to fight. Sheamus calls Reigns aggressive. He came out to extend the olive branch, but if he won’t accept their friendship, there will be a match tonight. It’ll be himself ADR, Rusev and the only true royalty in the world, Barrett. Those three will face the Usos, Ambrose and the man of the hour himself, Reigns.

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The New Day then come out onto the stage. Xavier Woods wants to know why everyone is so serious. He has some stats for Reigns. He has some facts. It took them longer to throw Sheamus a championship celebration than it did for Reigns to lose the WWE World title. Even though Reigns has said information, he doesn’t need to be a ruiner, which he has become. Big E calls him “Roman the Ruiner”. One of the Usos tells them to shut up, come down, and fight already. Woods says they have some more to say, and they have some information: Ambrose and the Usos have to earn the right to be Reigns’ partners tonight, and to do that, they have to defeat the New Day. If they can’t do it, Reigns will have to face the LoN by himself. Then, it will truly be one vs. all.

Dolph Ziggler is on commentary for this match. We get an inset promo from Breeze. Ziggler embarrassed him on RAW, so tonight, he’ll take out his frustrations on the “troll doll”, Neville. Rae then says, “It’s time to get gorgeous”, something she knows not one damn thing about.

The match stats with Breeze hitting a quick armdrag, then celebrates in the corner. The two then lock up, and Breeze goes into an arm wringer. Neville counters with a series of flips and hits his own armdrag before taunting Breeze with his own corner celebration. Breeze charges in, and Neville rolls him up for 2 before going into an armbar. Breeze manages to escape, but Neville locks it back in shortly thereafter. Breeze breaks free with a forearm to the face before running into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that sends him to the floor. Neville goes for a dive, but Rae stands in front of Breeze, putting a stop to that. Commercials.

Back from the break, Neville is trying to escape from a front chancery. On the third attempt he does and hits a pancake. Back up, Neville hits a series of kicks and a basement dropkick. Neville clotheslines Breeze to the floor, then hits a twisting suicide dive. Back in the ring, Neville hits a running SSP for 2. Neville heads up, but Breeze gets out of the way and into the opposite corner. Neville charges in, gets backdropped, lands feet-first on the apron, hits a forearm and goes for a springboard. Breeze sees it coming and tries for a mid-air dropkick, which Neville also sees coming. Breeze lands on his face, but then recovers and hits a Supermodel Kick off the ropes for 2. Breeze stomps Neville down in the corner, but Neville pops up with a superkick of his own. Neville heads up top for the Red Arrow, but Breeze rolls to the floor. Neville heads out and rolls Breeze back in before Rae grabs him by the foot. The distraction allows Breeze to hit a quick kick to the face and follow up with the Unprettier for 3.


Jojo is standing by with Becky Lynch. She says there was tension between Lynch and Charlotte after what happened on RAW. Her thoughts? Lynch says Charlotte is still her best friend. Friends don’t always see eye-to-eye. She’s not happy about what happened, but she doesn’t want to let that get in between them. Jojo points out what happened with Paige. She says she doesn’t see Charlotte going down that same path. Brie Bella and Alicia Fox walk up and call her gullible. Lynch says Brie should be prepping to lose to her tonight. Brie spouts off the “Fool me once…” line, then says Lynch will drown in her own shame. Fox says Lynch is the problem, not Charlotte or Paige. Charlotte walks in and says the problem is neither of them can handle that there’s a new generation of women ready to take them down, like she did to Nikki Bella for the Divas title. Brie says it’s lonely on top. Remember that when she loses the belt and comes crashing to Earth. Man, Brie is full of cliches tonight. After they walk off, Charlotte tells Lynch not to worry about them. She’ll be in Lynch’s corner tonight and always.

Lynch gets in a waistlock, then hits an armdrag off the ropes. Brie pretends to hurt her ankle, so Lynch dropkicks her to the apron. Brie comes back with a hotshot, then throws Lynch to the corner for a bulldog for 2. We see Team BAD watching in the back, playing with a pinata and a kendo stick. Brie hits some kicks and follows up with a basement dropkick. Brie Mode connects for 2, then Brie applies an armbar/chinlock combo. Lynch fights out and nails a couple clotheslines. She connects with a leg lariat, a corner splash and an exploder suplex for 2. Lynch sets up the Disarmer, but Lynch grabs the ropes. As Lynch lets go, Brie’s arm swings out and hits Charlotte at ringside, knocking her down. Lynch ducks a clothesline and locks in the Disarmer. Charlotte hits the ring and begins assaulting Brie, leading to the DQ.


Charlotte and Lynch begin arguing in the ring.

Neville is in the back, and he’s stopped by the Miz. Miz makes fun of his ears. Neville gives him one chance to walk away. Miz says Neville has an interesting look and limitless talent in the ring, but his personality is meh. It’s not just him saying it; social media is, too. Neville can turn this around. He just needs to listen to someone with personality and charisma, someone like the star of “Santa’s Little Helper”. Neville wants to know why Miz is so interested in his career all of a sudden. Miz says he knew someone just like Neville once, someone named Daniel Bryan. He took Bryan under his wing, and Bryan wound up main-eventing Wrestlemania, just like Miz did, and just like Neville could. Neville needs to let the audience in, make himself relatable and be awesome. Miz hands him his business car, then gives him a copy of sh*tty new movie.

Renee Young is standing by with Rusev and Lana. Lana is sporting a douchey side ponytail, which is revolting. Young points out the main event tonight, then goes back to RAW, when Lana was injured inadvertently by Ryback. Back to the interview, Lana calls Ryback a barbarian. He doesn’t know what to do with a beautiful woman like her, unlike her fiance’, Rusev. Rusev says he can always have another match; he can never have anyone like Lana. Ryback is a coward, but next time he sees Ryback, he’ll crush him. Then they kiss. Remember when Rusev was headlining pay-per-views in title matches and was possibly going to become the WWE World Champion? Thank L. Ron Hubbard he announced his engagement on the internet while Lana got nuclear heat backstage and put a stop to that nonsense.

Have I mentioned how much I hate 6-man matches? If I had to recap AAA or CMLL, I think I’d kill myself. It’s announced that the New Day will defend the tag titles against the Usos and the Lucha Dragons in a triple threat ladder match at TLC, while Ambrose will face Kevin Owens for the IC title that same night. One of the Usos starts with Woods. Woods applies a side headlock, but Uso counters into his own. Woods escapes, the two crisscross and Uso ends the series with a double chop. He hits a knife edge and his brother tags in, hitting a corner splash for 2. Woods gets stomped in the corner before Ambrose tags in. They do the New Day’s stomping bit, making frequent tags before ending with an Uso getting 2. Woods knees his way out of an arm wringer and tags in Kofi, who runs into an armdrag. Kofi comes back with a hair whip off the ropes and tags in E. E stomps Uso before hitting a back elbow for 2. Woods tags in and nails a punch, followed by a running reverse STO for 2. Woods applies a half-nelson, but Uso fights out. Woods puts him down with a dropkick and tags in E, who hits a Warrior Splash, only to land on Uso’s knees. Ambrose tags in, fires off some jabs, then hits a cross-body into some punches. E reverses a corner whip, Ambrose avoids contact and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Ambrose nails Woods, rolls to the floor and throws him into the barricade. Kofi gets the same treatment. E rolls him back in, but Ambrose spins through and nails a clothesline. E gets rolled back in, where he eats a corner forearm. Ambrose goes for a bulldog, but E crotches him on the top shelf and tags in Kofi, who nails a shot from the top, sending Ambrose to the floor. Commercials.

Back from the break, the New Day are doing their stomping bit, followed by the dropkick bit for 2. We see Roman Reigns looking on backstage. Kofi dances around a bit, then hits a running knee for 2. Kofi applies an armbar, but Ambrose fights out. Kofi trips him while sliding to the outside, then heads up top for a flying clothesline, which gets 2. Woods tags in and kicks Ambrose in the gut, then connects with a big kick for 2. E tags in and kicks a field goal into Ambrose’s gut. Ambrose fights back with some weak jabs before getting caught in a belly-to-belly for 2. E then knocks one of the Usos to the floor with a cheap shot. He then charges at Ambrose, who low-bridges him to the floor. Woods rolls E in, who tags to Kofi. Kofi heads up top and hits a cross-body, but Ambrose rolls through for 2. Kofi hits a forearm, which leads to the Lunatic Lariat from Ambrose. Ambrose tags in the other Usos, who makes the hot, hot, hot tag and goes after Woods, who has also tagged in. Uso hits a back suplex and calls for the running hip attack. Kofi tries to intercept, but the other Uso puts a stop to that. They hit stereo hip attacks before Woods gets hit with an Alley-Oos for 2. E breaks it up, only to have the other Uso, which is apparently Jey, run interference. E tosses Jey to the floor, then turns around into a seated missile dropkick from Ambrose. Ambrose clotheslines E to the floor and hits a slingshot cross-body. E catches him before Jimmy wipes them both out with a suicide dive. Jey (although it could be Jimmy, because I think Rip Thomas got himself mixed up, and I don’t feel like rewinding) goes for a back suplex on Woods, who lands on his feet. Jey hits a reverse Dragon Whip, then goes for the Samoan Splash. Kofi jumps on the apron, and Jey hits him instead, appearing to injure his knee in the process. Now Rip is saying this is Jimmy. I don’t care. Woods hits a cheap shot, and as the ref backs him off, Kofi clips Jimmy’s knee from the floor. Jimmy falls and gets his ankle tangled in the ropes. The ref frees him, and Woods hits a running kick for 3.


That means Reigns is on his own in the main event tonight.

We see the Wyatt Family on the screen. Bray Wyatt tells the Dudley Boyz they’re here.

The lights go out for the Wyatt Family, but when they come back on, R-Truth is there. He looks confused, then waves to the crowd. Can someone explain this new gimmick to me? Anyway, the lights go back out, and the Wyatts make their entrance. Wyatt himself is wrestling this match. After the bell rings, Rowan immediately tries to run interference. D-Von swings wildly and misses, but also sees Wyatt coming, ducks a shot and begins firing off rights. Wyatt comes back with some uppercuts, misses a clothesline and gets hit with a Thesz press into some punches. D-Von fires off some more in the corner before getting nailed with a clothesline off the ropes. Wyatt throws D-Von to the corner for an uppercut, then hits a snapmare and a kick to the back. He applies a rear chinlock. D-Von tries to fight out, eats a kneelift, then catches a flapjack off the ropes. He heads up top and hits a diving headbutt for 2. Wyatt connects with a boot out of the corner, then drops D-Von with Sister Abigail for 3.


Wyatt sets up another as Bubba and Dreamer get on the apron. Strowman enters the ring while Rowan and Harper hand him a table. They set it up in the corner as Dreamer grabs kendo sticks from under the ring and begin swinging. Strowman grabs one of the sticks and breaks it over his knee. Harper puts Dreamer down with a superkick before Strowman locks in the choke on Bubba. Rowan continues to set the table up in the corner and runs Dreamer through it with a spinebuster. They drag all three to the center of the ring, then stand over them to celebrate.

Not sure why Sheamus came out first for his team and ADR came out last. Colter is also noticeably absent. Before he comes out, we see Reigns getting ready in the back. The Usos and Dean Ambrose apologize to him for letting him down. He says not to worry about him. Ambrose tells him they will be at ringside. Renee Young walks up and informs them they’ve all been banned from ringside. Reigns is fine and says he’s got this.

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After some commercials, we’re back, and Sheamus’ entrance theme is playing again, even though he came out first. Reigns eventually makes his way out, and now we can begin. ADR starts for his team and goes into a lock-up. Reigns breaks it easily, so ADR kicks him him and hits a few punches. Reigns comes back with a kick off the ropes. ADR ducks a clothesline and goes for a waistlock. Reigns breaks free and sends ADR to the corner, where he tags in Rusev. Rusev tries for a test of strength, but Reigns just shoves him off. Sheamus tags in and boots Reigns before tossing him to the corner for some stomps. Rusev comes in and continues the attack. Then it’s Barrett’s turn. Barrett then argues with the referee so ADR can get in a cheap shot. Sheamus tags in and hits a pair of European uppercuts. He punches Reigns some more in the corner, then misses a clothesline before Reigns nails a forearm for 2. He comes off the ropes, where Barrett trips him from the floor. Sheamus capitalizes as referee Charles Robinson apparently ejects Barrett from this match, making it 3-on-1. Reigns nails a pair of uppercuts as we go to commercials.

Back from the break, Reigns nails an back elbow from the corner before running into a clothesline for 2. ADR tags in and boots Reigns in the chest before throwing him to the corner. ADR hits some mounted punches, then follows up with a snapmare and a kick to the spine for 2. Rusev tags in and hits a delayed back suplex for 2. Rusev applies a trapezius claw before driving his elbow into Reigns’ shoulder. He goes into a double claw, and now Reigns is trying to fight out. He manages to do so, only to have Rusev launch him to the floor. He distracts the referee while ADR and Sheamus get in some cheap shots at ringside. Rusev makes a tag to Sheamus, who launches Reigns into the barricade. Back in the ring, Sheamus hits a running shoulder in the corner and follows up with a kneelift. Rusev tags in hits a running headbutt for 2. ADR tags in and comes off the top with a shot to the shoulder for 2. He throws Reigns to the corner and tags in Sheamus, who hits a release suplex for 2 before applying a rear chinlock. Reigns manages to reverse, then avoids a running shoulder in the corner, sending Sheamus into the post and to the floor. Sheamus rolls back in and tags to Rusev, who runs right into a boot in the corner. Reigns then avoids a splash and hits a Samoan drop. ADR tags in and misses a step-up enziguri. Reigns hits a clothesline, then another, then a series of them in the corner. Reigns connects with a big boot off the ropes and calls for the Superman Punch. Rusev runs interference and eats the SP instead. ADR then sneaks in a Backstabber for 2. ADR calls for the jujigatame, which Reigns escapes. He ducks a clothesline and connects with the spear for 2, only to have Sheamus break up the pin. Reigns ducks a Brogue Kick and clotheslines Sheamus to the floor. Outside, Sheamus avoids the Fly-By, but Rusev does not. Sheamus clubs Reigns and throws Reigns into the steps, but Reigns jumps over them and comes back with a flying clothesline. He then throws Rusev into the timekeeper’s area. ADR tries to throw him into the announce desk, but Reigns reverses. Reigns gets back into the ring just in time to beat the count, and this one is over.


Barrett heads back to ringside, and the distraction allows Sheamus to Brogue Kick Reigns in the back of the head. The Usos and Ambrose run down and clear the ring before Reigns can get beat up much further.


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