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WWE SmackDown Results and December 17 Recap

This week, the show emanates from Newark, NJ, and we’re kicking things off with the new WWE World Champion, Roman Reigns. He says winning the title on Monday felt so good, but doing it on his daughter’s birthday was a godsend. He’s been working for this for so long. He wanted to take it home to his family and show them what they sacrificed for. He’ll have to savor this, however, as he doesn’t think he has too many days left in WWE. He speared Triple H, then Superman Punched Vince McMahon. It sounds cool until you’re the guy who does it. There will be repercussions on Monday, but this is Smackdown, so he’s going to live in the moment, because when it comes down to it, we did it.

Sheamus comes out and congratulates Reigns on becoming the new champion. Some may think he’s bitter, but the thing is, he’s happy for Reigns. He knows how long Reigns has waited and wants to savor it. It’s been over five minutes, fifteen seconds already. He wants Reigns to enjoy it, because it won’t be too much longer before Sheamus gets the belt back. Reigns says he’s ready whenever, fella. Sheamus says if it was that simple, he’d have no problem coming down. Reigns, however, has upset a lot of powerful people. What made him think he could assault Trips and Vince and not face any repercussions? Sheamus stood up for Reigns, but the Authority has launched a formal investigation, and until things are resolved, Reigns is on the sidelines. He can’t fight or make any challenges, nor can he even be in this building. On behalf of the Authority, Sheamus has to ask Reigns to leave right now. Reigns tells him if he wants him to leave, Sheamus can make him. Sheamus loves that pride. It’s self-destructive, but it suits Reigns so well. Unfortunately, Stephanie McMahon talked to Sheamus earlier, and they decided if Reigns didn’t leave on his own, they’d have to take measures to make him leave. Some security guards flank Sheamus as he gives Reigns one more opportunity to leave on his own. Reigns shakes his head “no”, so Sheamus sicks the guards on him. Reigns beats up all of them before nailing one with a Superman Punch. The last one comes in and tries to calmly talk him out of the ring, and he’s a bit bigger than the others. Reigns starts to leave, but then drops him with a Superman Punch as well before celebrating with the belt.

Tonight, Dolph Ziggler will face Kevin Owens. Up next, Ryback faces Alberto Del Rio.

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Ryback gets an inset promo. He calls ADR a coward and an opportunist. When Ryback finishes him, he’ll wish he never came back to WWE. Ryback gets ADR in a waistlock, which ADR reverses into a side headlock, then into a waistlock. Ryback reverses, takes ADR down and applies a front chancery before going into an arm wringer. ADR backs him to the buckles and kicks him in the ribs. He goes into some mounted punches, only to have Ryback escape. ADR kicks him down, then hits a couple shots before Ryback comes back with some punches of his own. He presses ADR and drops him face-first onto the mat. Ryback hits a shoulder in the corner and sets ADR up for a superplex, only to have ADR lock in a jujigatame over the ropes. ADR comes back in and hits a seated dropkick that sends Ryback to the apron. He then knocks Ryback off the apron and into the barricade. Commercials.

Back from the break, ADR comes off the ropes with a clubbing blow, then applies a rear chinlock. Ryback gets a rope-break before ADR goes back to the hold. Ryback fights out with punches, takes a kick off the ropes, then gets locked in the chinlock once more. Ryback counters with a back suplex, but ADR keeps the hold locked in. Ryback gets a gut punch and finally breaks free with a slingshot back suplex. Ryback connects with a couple punches, gets shoved, then knocks ADR down twice. He ducks a clothesline and hits a flying shoulder before connecting with a Warrior Splash. ADR reverses a corner whip, runs into an elbow, then gets hit with a missile dropkick from the middle for 2. Ryback loads up the Meat Hook, but ADR ducks and hits a bridging German for 2. ADR stomps Ryback down, then sets up the thrust kick. Ryback blocks it and hits a standing spinebuster. He connects with the Meat Hook, then goes for Shell Shocked. However, the rest of the League of Nations run to ringside, causing a distraction. ADR comes in from behind with a kick, then locks in the rolling jujigatame. Ryback eventually taps.


After the match, ADR picks Ryback up, and Sheamus drops him with a Brogue Kick. Rusev then locks in the Accolade with the US title draped over his arms.

The Lucha Dragons will face 2/3 of the New Day tonight.

We see Tyler Breeze in the back, getting his hair brushed by Summer Rae. He pathetically attempts to insult his opponent tonight, Titus O’Neil, then says he has a “billion-dollar face” before calling Summer Rae “Sum-Sum”. God, I hate this gimmick and everything about it. Goldust sneaks up behind them. Rae sprays hairspray in his face before he hisses at her.

Breeze goes on the attack before Titus hits a bodyslam. Breeze hits a cheap shot in the corner, then a pair of boots. He clubs Titus before knee-choking him over the middle rope. Titus shoves him away, only to get hit with a dropkick. Goldust comes down as Breeze goes for mounted punches. Titus throws Breeze onto his face as Goldust sits down next to Rae. Titus begins chopping Breeze, then hits a big boot off the ropes. He hits an avalanche before running into a boot in the corner. Titus then catches a cross-body attempt before hitting two backbreakers. He misses another charge in the corner as Breeze sees Goldust has his selfie stick. Breeze starts screaming as Goldust takes a selfie at ringside. Titus grabs Breeze from behind and hits the Clash of the Titus for 3.


Goldust continues taking selfies next to Breeze’s prone body.

Renee Young is standing by with the new Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose. She asks for his reaction to Owens saying he wanted to institutionalize Ambrose to get the belt back. Ambrose says Owens will have to go back to the drawing board. He won’t get into Ambrose’s head. Owens can do what he wants, but Ambrose won’t go away. Next time Owens wants a piece, all he has to do is ask. Same goes for anyone else that wants the IC title. Owens’ master plan is to drive Ambrose crazy. Good luck.

The Wyatt Family appears on the screen. Bray Wyatt says no matter how hard you push yourself, when you come face-to-face with fear, extreme isn’t enough. Luke Harper says pain is temporary, but fear lasts forever. Erick Rowan says you can search for the light, but all you’ll find is darkness. Braun Strowman says he finds solace in the muffled screams of those who take their last breaths in his arms. Wyatt says they are not of this world. Sleep with one eye open, and know they are everywhere and can never stop. Run.

Before the Dragons come out, we get a promo from the New Day. They talk about how the Dragons and the Usos are jealous of them, and so are everyone else on the planet. Kofi Kingston then starts shilling the official New Day unicorn horn. It just goes on from here for a few more minutes.

The match starts with Cara and Woods, with Cara getting pounded in the corner. He ducks a clothesline and hits an Asai moonsault for 2, then nails a chop before tagging in Kalisto. They hit a pair of kicks before Cara wheelbarrows Kalisto into a senton for 2. Woods hits a couple punches before Kalisto hits a kick and tags in Cara, who hits a tope con hilo before kicking Woods in the back. He goes for a Gory Special and tags in Kalisto, who dropkicks Woods while still in the hold. Kalisto gets 2, then applies a fujiwara. Woods gets to his feet, so Kalisto goes into an arm wringer. Cara tags in and comes off the top with a clubbing blow. He kicks Woods a couple times then hits a rolling fireman’s carry slam before tagging in Kalisto and monkey-flipping him into a splash for 2. Kalisto applies an armbar before tagging in Cara, who comes off the top with another club. Kalisto tags back in and kicks Wooods in the arm before sending him to the corner for a monkey flip. Woods reverses and sets Kalisto on the top rope. Kalisto kicks him away, then gets distracted by Kofi on the apron. This allows Woods to push him to the floor. Commercials.

Back from the break, Kofi is know legal, and he’s got Kalisto in a modified cobra clutch. He throws Kalisto shoulder-first into the ring post, then the New Day members do the stomping bit. Kofi then sends Woods in for a dropkick in the corner. Woods drop an elbow for 2, then applies a cobra clutch. Woods fights out before getting a kick to the gut. Woods hits a running knee to the face for 2, then tags in Kofi, who comes in with a slingshot stomp for 2. Kofi goes for a modified surfboard. Kalisto escapes before Kofi tags out to Woods. Kofi trips Kalisto by sliding under the bottom, and Woods follows up with a low clothesline for 2. Kofi back in, and he applies a half-nelson/chinlock combo. Kalisto fights out before getting sent to the corner. Kofi sets him up for a superplex, but Kalisto fights him off, then comes off the middle with a cross-body. Kalisto crawls for the tag, so Woods distracts the referee while E pulls Cara to the floor. Kofi then nails Kalisto from behind before pounding on him with fists. Woods and Kofi celebrate in the corner before Cara comes out of nowhere with a flip over the ropes into what looks like a cutter on Woods on the floor, taking him out. Kalisto then comes back in and flips off the ropes into a powerbomb before stacking Kofi up for 3.


Renee Young is standing by with Dolph Ziggler. She points out he’s facing Kevin Owens in the main event tonight, then goes back to what happened on RAW, calling him “collateral damage”. Ziggler says he’s been hearing that phrase for 10 years, always in the background. What Owens doesn’t understand is the titles that Ziggler has won in WWE have all meant something to him, including the IC title. It means more to him than maybe anyone else. What really matters to him, though, is always trying to outdo himself. When he comes back from a match, he dares everyone in the back to top what he just did, but it doesn’t happen. To be fair, he never has come through and won the big match, but he keeps going. He doesn’t call in sick, he’s never lost his smile, and he sure as hell isn’t going to lose this attitude. Tonight, he dares Owens to stop him, or even top him.


We see Team BAD in the crowd at ringside. Brie goes on the attack before Lynch reverses a corner whip. Brie backdrops her to the outside, where she lands on her feet on the apron. Lynch hits a forearm before she gets thrown into the top buckle and booted to the floor. Brie slams her face-first into the apron before attempting to talk trash to Team BAD. Back in the ring, Brie drops a couple elbows to the shoulder, then applies an armbar with a chinlock. Charlotte comes down to ringside as Lynch goes on the attack with punches. She ducks a clothesline and hits a pair of her own before hitting a calf kick. Brie blocks a kick in the corner and hits a missile dropkick from the middle buckle. Brie Mode connects for 2 before Lynch hits an exploder suplex for 2. Lynch connects with a jumping kick in the corner, then looks for the Disarmer. Brie gets to the ropes before going for the facebuster. Lynch shoves her away, and as the ref separates them, Charlotte trips Brie. Lynch then rolls into the Disarmer and gets the submission win.


Charlotte helps Lynch celebrate after the match, but Lynch doesn’t look too happy about the assistance.

We see Charlotte and Lynch in the back after some commercials, and Lynch is sick of winning due to outside interference. That’s not having her back. She wants to be able to win matches on her own, on her terms. Charlotte says she just didn’t want Lynch to lose, implying Lynch can’t win a match on her own. Lynch is pissed, and she storms off.

Jojo is standing by with Kevin Owens. She points out what Dolph Ziggler said earlier. Owens says this isn’t about what Ziggler wants; it’s about what Owens wants, which is the IC title. It’s in the possession of a cockroach named Dean Ambrose. Just like a cockroach, Ambrose can survive almost anything, but he can’t survive Owens. She asks about Ziggler tonight. Owens gets why Ziggler is mad, but this is a bad mistake, because now bad things will happen to him. Tonight, he won’t stop until he puts Ziggler in a hospital.

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Ziggler goes on the attack with punches before Owens launches him across the ring. Owens boots him to the apron, then pulls him back in for more kicks. Ziggler gets thrown to the corner, where he receives a kidney shot. Owens clubs him down, gets in some more stomps, then crossfaces him against the ropes. Owens hits a straight right before Ziggler finally comes back with punches. Owens recovers and drops him with a back elbow. Ziggler comes back with a boot off the ropes and goes for a superkick, but Owens sees it coming and drops to the floor. He pulls an incoming Ziggler to the floor as well, but Ziggler lands on his feet and pelts Owens with rights before slamming him into the apron. He dives at Owens, who catches him and goes for a fall-away slam. Ziggler lands on his feet and hits the Zig-Zag into the barricade. Ziggler rolls him back in as we go to commercials.

Back from the break, Owens is back on offense, locking Ziggler in a rear chinlock after some shots to the back of the head. Ziggler elbows out before he gets snapped down by his neck. Owens follows up with a running senton for 2. He kicks Ziggler in the back of the knee, then nails him with forearms to the back of the neck before driving his knee into Ziggler’s spine and reapplying a rear chinlock. Ziggler tries to fight out, but gets clubbed down. He escapes a back suplex attempt and rolls Owens up for 2. He rolls Owens up again for another 2, then avoids a corner charge, sending Owens crashing to the floor. Owens gets back in, where Ziggler intercepts him with a clothesline. He follows up with a corner splash and a neckbreaker before connecting with a series of elbow drops. He calls for the superkick, which Owens blocks and turns into a belly-to-belly for 2. Owens heads up top, but Ziggler meets him, looking for the super facebuster. Owens drops down and hits Ziggler with a release German suplex. Owens then connects with the corner cannonball for 2. Owens looks for the pop-up powerbomb, but Ziggler puts on the brakes. He goes for the leaping DDT, gets thrown off, lands on his feet, ducks a clothesline, then misses the rocker dropper. Owens goes for the pop-up again, but Ziggler leapfrogs over him and connects with a superkick for 2. The two trade some punches before Ziggler goes for the Zig-Zag. Owens grabs the top rope to block, then backdrops Ziggler to the floor. Ziggler is clutching his neck, overselling Shawn Michaels-style. Owens heads out and clubs him against the announce desk before the ref orders him back into the ring. Owens ignores the ref, clubs Ziggler some more, then throws him over the desk. The referee calls for the bell.


Owens begins to throw a fit, tearing apart the announce desk. That’s when Ziggler dives over the desk and pelts Owens with right before Owens shoves him back-first into the ring steps. Owens tears the steps apart, then looks for a powerbomb on the bottom half before Dean Ambrose runs down. Those two brawl in the ring before Ambrose gets Owens in Dirty Deeds. Owens escapes to the floor before Ambrose can connect, however. Outside, as Ziggler is being helped to the back, Owens drops him with a superkick. Ambrose heads out to chase Owens off, and he when he goes to check on Ziggler, Ziggler nails him with a superkick.


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