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WWE SmackDown Reboot

I know I’m very late to the game regarding the WWE SmackDown roster announcement although this won’t happen until July 19th. This is a revolutionary thing for the WWE despite ending the split years ago. I’m all for innovation, experimentation, and change as long as it will provide a benefit that results in productivity and/or efficiency. My question about this upcoming roster shakeup is will this be productive and/or efficient?

If it worked so well then the brand split would have continued but in the world of professional wrestling some things are done because of the changing of the times but most importantly what the fans want. Or as we always hear “What’s best for business.” Since Wrestlemania I feel the product has been pretty strong bringing in NXT talent as well as bringing in established stars like AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows.

If I was able to walk into management and creative’s offices my first question would be “What is the objective to split the roster again?” Since that’s impossible, I will have to figure it out along with the rest of you by this time next month. Would Smackdown by the minor league of the WWE? Or ultimately, is it competition for WWE Raw?

I think what the WWE might be missing all along is actual competition from a rival wrestling federation. I don’t count TNA because they’re a mess in and of itself. From a business perspective I understand why Vince McMahon acquired WCW, ECW, and just about every bit of recorded history of professional wrestling; to take full control of the business and the archives. That’s great because I subscribe to the WWE Network (For $9.99 a month!) and I can watch WWE house shows from the 1970’s or 80’s from Madison Square Garden or matches from the NWA glory days to Monday Night War stories. But the down side is that there’s not another league that could compete with the WWE. From that standpoint, that energy is sapped that has been lacking since the Monday night wars.

If you want to get the ratings back, give the wrestlers a little free reign with unscripted or impromptu. Smackdown to me just offers us an alternative with a bunch of different wrestlers from the same company but what else do we have? Let’s hope this time around this split stays around for a while. I also hope that the storylines on Smackdown are worthy enough for me watch live or DVR instead of reading the results.

The feuds are brewing and I’m enjoying what I’m seeing so far; Styles/Cena, Reigns/Rollins, the Money in the Bank feud, and The New Day/Anderson & Gallows program. Die hard wrestling fans are creatures of habit. We’ll still watch but the question is how much will we be watching or will we watch it at all? To me, it depends on how the split up goes and who goes to which roster. That could determine how often I will watch Smackdown and more importantly, how often.

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