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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Is Moving

The Underatker vs. BatistaBack up the trucks, WWE SmackDown will be moving networks once again. For the first time in WWE SmackDown history, the program will move off of broadcast television to the SyFy Channel. WWE SmackDown will remain in the Friday night 8 PM time slot, but will anyone watch?

The news broke on Monday through an article in the LA Times. The article reports that SyFy will pay the WWE close to $30 million for a year’s worth of SmackDown episodes. The price tag is an increase from the $20 million that the WWE received from My Network TV. Boy, Dixie Carter must be drooling at those numbers.

[adinserter block=”1″]On the surface this sounds like a big win for the WWE. New network, $10 million more a year, what more could you ask from your new television deal? Well if you are the WWE, you could ask for viewers. Dave Melzter reports that the SyFy channel is available in 13 million less homes than My Network TV. Those are a lot of television sets that the WWE will give up for a new deal.

I also think that there is a bit of a perception hit here that the WWE will take. When I think of the SyFy channel, I think of a pretty insignificant cable channel. To me, the channel comes off as something that appeals to only a niche audience. SyFy is also not an easy channel to find. A casual fan could stumble across WWE SmackDown now on My Network TV a lot easier than they will on the SyFy channel. My Network TV’s channel is usually located between 5 and 20 on cable systems, whereas the SyFy channel can go all of the way up into triple digits. I don’t care how you slice it, but that is a big deal.

I would also venture to guess that the move would give NBC the rights to air SmackDown on the WWE block on the UHD channel on the weekends. I can’t imagine that there are big numbers there, but every weekend UHD airs a block of WWE RAW and WWE NXT. This is possibly something they can market a bit more having the three flagship shows on the channel.

[adinserter block=”2″]The LA Times blog speculates that this could be the next step towards moving SmackDown to a WWE channel. There have been dozens of reports over the last several months of the WWE being in the process of starting their own channel. The SmackDown move to SyFy could possibly be just a holding place until the WWE channel is ready to go.

On the wrestling front, the announcement comes just two weeks before the WWE Draft. I think we will be able to tell right away how seriously the WWE is taking the move come draft day. If WWE SmackDown gets loaded up with big names, that would tell me that the WWE will be taking this move seriously and trying to beef up the show. On the other hand, if WWE SmackDown is raided and someone like the Undertaker moves to RAW, that would tell me that this move is indeed a holding place until the new WWE channel is launched. SmackDown’s past move to a new network didn’t impact that year’s WWE Draft much at all.

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  1. What's been 86d? Also I like NXT but that keg carrying contest was a load of BS and I wish they wouldn't waste our time with that crap.

    I also like the SyFy channel so I don't mind the move I just think that if it's a holding place that's kind of annoying. SyFy puts stuff on Hulu and that's where I watch Smackdown when I miss it sooo I'm hoping they'll keep putting it up there.

  2. Is anyone still watching NXT? After last week's complete waste of half an episode with a keg carrying contest I'm just about through with it. An especially if they are going to keep having Bryan lose each week.

  3. I don't think it's that big a step down to go to SyFy. Remember when RAW left USA to go to The Nashville Network, which became The National Network, which then changed it's name to SPIKE. They were a small little nothing network. Now they probbably generate as much interest as USA does, since they have UFC and TNA on. Okay, just UFC.


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