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WWE SmackDown Money in the Bank Match Predictions – By The Odds

It is time to light a cigar, put my lucky visor back on, and take a look at the WWE SmackDown Money in the Bank 2011 match coming up on July 17. Who are the favorites and underdogs to grab the suitcase and win the match?

Now we all have the obvious choices for the eight-man SmackDown Money in the Bank match winner coming up at the WWE Money in the Bank pay per view. However, past Money in the Bank matches have seen some big upsets so why can’t 2011 be any different?

As a matter of full disclosure I think it is fair to reflect back the last time I placed odds on a WWE prediction. Back in February I handicapped the WrestleMania 27 Guest Host and well, let’s just say that I was a little off. I had Shawn Michaels as the favorite with 8-1 odds and The Rock as my biggest underdog at 100-1 odds. Hopefully I can get a little redemption with Money in the Bank.

[adinserter block=”2″]I handicapped the match looking at a few different things. One, I took into consideration their current push and status on SmackDown. Two, I looked at how the WWE creative team sees that individual and if it is someone that the creative team would be likely to push. Three, I looked at past Money in the Bank winners and how that WWE superstar compared to them going into the match. Four, finally I looked at the real chances of seeing that particular WWE superstar in the main-event challenging for the WWE championship and whether that is something that could really happen or not.

Daniel Bryan vs. Heath Slater vs. Kane vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Sheamus vs. Sin Cara vs. Wade Barrett SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Sheamus 8-1 odds – The Celtic Warrior is the runaway favorite in this one, even more than Del Rio is for the RAW brand’s MITB match. Sheamus is currently in the midst of a huge push on SmackDown. The only thing keeping Sheamus from challenging Randy Orton for the WWE world heavyweight title again is a reason. A win here gives him that reason and a very good opportunity at another WWE championship reign.

One thing that really separates Sheamus from everyone else here is that he is more likely to get an opportunity as WWE world heavyweight champion than anyone on the list. We know the history and history says the winner will challenge and beat the world champion at some point. I don’t see anyone on this list getting a title reign other than the former WWE champion.

Daniel Bryan 22-1 odds – Maybe this one is a little bit of wishful thinking but I think at some point the WWE are going to wake up and realize what they have with this kid. Bryan is in a very similar position to CM Punk before he won his first Money in the Bank and Jack Swagger. The WWE love to use these matches to take someone with potential and elevate them to the top of the ladder. With SmackDown ratings diving at a record pace the timing may be perfect for Daniel Bryan to get his crack at the suitcase and the WWE world heavyweight title.

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Kane 25-1 odds – Believe me, I am not telling you that I want to see this guy win the match more than the other four remaining wrestlers. However, for some reason or another WWE creative are in love with Kane right now. However, he did win the suitcase last year and I just can’t see the WWE going back to the well right now with him. Although he could be what you call the safe pick in a match with a lot of question marks.

Sin Cara 33-1 odds – Triple H’s pet project comes in with 33-1 odds to win this one. I thought for a second of putting him at the top or second but got cold feet. If you look at the intangibles, he certainly makes more sense than anyone to win the match. Of course as stated, we all know that Triple H has a lot invested in him and this would certainly help him get to another level. But his loss to Christian last week on SmackDown says a lot to me. The WWE loves parity and now that he has lost, he is vulnerable in the eyes of WWE creative. I am a big fan but he certainly isn’t ready for the big push just yet. Keep an eye on him for Money in the Bank 2012.

Wade Barrett 42-1 odds – Wade, Wade, Wade what the heck happened to that awesome Wade Barrett push from last fall? Those days are long behind us and these days Wade is spending his time looking at the lights on SmackDown. I think if this match were at another time, Barrett would actually be favored to grab the suitcase. I just think the writing on the wall isn’t telling me that SmackDown is ready to push Wade Barrett. Although maybe, just maybe, they took the intercontinental title off of Barrett to get him ready for a WWE world heavyweight title run.

[adinserter block=”1″]Cody Rhodes 88-1 odds – I am a big Cody Rhodes fan but this is just not his year. He certainly fits the profile of a young guy with big potential that is ready to take that next step. However, the WWE hasn’t booked him to look like a guy that could hang with Randy Orton or any champion. Although the Legacy tie-in with him challenging Orton for the belt would be intriguing, I just don’t think they have positioned Rhodes as anything more than a upper low-mid card SmackDown wrestler.

Justin Gabriel 800-1 odds – Can anyone explain to me why Justin Gabriel is in this match because I sure don’t know why. I’d say it is the lack of talent depth on the brand but Ted DiBiase, Ezekiel Jackson, or even Mark Henry would have made more sense than Gabriel. I think he certainly has the opportunity to have a breakout night here on July 17 but I don’t think anyone sees Gabriel as a WWE world heavyweight title challenger right now or maybe ever.

Heath Slater 801-1 odds – See everything I said about Justin Gabriel. Although in all seriousness this is going to be the best opportunity that he will ever have to showcase his athleticism. This is his first and maybe only change to distinguish himself from the rest of the Corre/Nexus and establish himself as a future player in the WWE.

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