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WWE SmackDown Money in the Bank Match 2012 Predictions – By The Odds

It is time to light a cigar, put my lucky visor back on, and take a look at the WWE SmackDown Money in the Bank 2012 match coming up on July 15. Who are the favorites and underdogs to grab the suitcase and win the match?

Now we all have the obvious choices for the eight-man RAW Money in the Bank match winner coming up at the WWE Money in the Bank pay per view. However, past Money in the Bank matches have seen some big upsets so why can’t 2012 be any different?

[adinserter block=”2″]As a matter of full disclosure I think it is fair to reflect back the last time I placed odds on a WWE Money in the Bank prediction. Last year I nailed the RAW MITB match by giving Del Rio favorite odds at 2-1. On the other hand I had Sheamus as the favorite with 8-1 odds while Daniel Bryan was my second choice at 22-1. In other words, don’t take my predictions to the bank (no pun intended)

I handicapped the match looking at a few different things. One, I took into consideration their current push and status on RAW. Two, I looked at how the WWE creative team sees that individual and if it is someone that the creative team would be likely to push. Three, I looked at past Money in the Bank winners and how that WWE superstar compared to them going into the match. Four, finally I looked at the real chances of seeing that particular WWE superstar in the main-event challenging for the WWE championship and whether that is something that could really happen or not.

Dolph Ziggler 8-1 – don’t think there is any clear favorite here so everyone is going to get good-great odds here. However, I do think that Dolph winning is what makes the most sense in the match. He is in the midst of somewhat of a renewed push (although he keeps losing) and I think there are plenty that would agree that he is the best overall performer in the ring wrestling in the WWE today. From all accounts it appears that the company well behind pushing Sheamus, so whomever wins here is going to have to either wait it out or do business. Ziggler should win, wait it out, and take the top spot early next year by cashing in the briefcase.

Damien Sandow 15-1 – I don’t know why and I don’t have any inside information here but if I had to go out on a limb I’d say that Sandow has a fantastic shot of becoming a breakout star at Money in the Bank. Sandow seems to be the new flavor of the month for the SmackDown writers and I think that is a good thing. Giving a guy like him a shot to the top is what these matches are supposed to be all about. I like Sandow a lot here and expect that he or Ziggler grab the briefcase on the 15th.

Cody Rhodes 18- 1 – The odd thing here about Cody is that when you watch him, you don’t expect the WWE to do anything with him as far as putting him in the main-event picture. Yet that is exactly what their booking pattern has been the last few years when it comes to jobbing a guy out and then giving him a big push. I liked Cody a lot a couple of years back and he is a nice worker, but he is not a main-eventer. I think they know that which is why he has lost a lot over the last few months and I’d be pretty surprised, although not shocked to see him walk out victorious.

Lord Tensai 23-1 – Tensai is hard to get a read on. One minute they want to completely give up on the guy and the next he is moved to a top spot on another brand. I think Tensai really has a chance to make a mark and do some nice things in the match. Tensai winning would make sense in that it would open up the door for a natural heel to challenge Sheamus in what could actually be some fun, stiff matches. I don’t see him winning over Sandow or Ziggler, but he is not a complete dark horse either in my opinion.

Christian 25-1 – Would I love to see Christian win? I sure would but I think it is clear that the only way Christian is getting another run in the title picture is if someone goes down and they need a last minute sub. Christian has been one of the most consistent wrestlers in the ring when it comes to putting together great matches, yet he appears to be destined for that intercontinental/U.S. champion spot. He deserves it but I don’t have any clear vibe that the WWE has any major plans to push Christian any harder than they already are.

Sin Cara 56-1 – Sin Cara qualified for the match on RAW this past Monday. Wait, so I am not the only one who finds irony in a guy qualifying in the SmackDown MITB match on RAW? Anyhow, Cara certainly gives the match a boost so I am not complaining. I just can’t help think that the guy has any chance of winning. Let’s face it. He wasn’t even in the match until Monday. How big of a push is really going to get?

Tyson Kidd 75-1 – Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Kidd win this match. I am a big fan. But let’s face facts with Tyson Kidd. He has been slotted and that slot doesn’t include a Money in the Bank briefcase.

[adinserter block=”1″]Santino Marella 208-1– Why bother right? It is not improbable but very unlikely Santino wins this match. It is a wasted spot because nobody expects him to win, so why bother putting him in the match? I could do without his “comedy” for one night and he only hurts the match as far as match quality goes to me. They had their chance with Santino a few months ago when he was hot, they never ran with it, so let’s close the book and move on already.

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