WWE Slammy Awards MUST Become Separate Network Special

WWE Slammys

Instead of writing my weekly article ranking every superstar from this week’s edition of Monday night Raw, today I will be explaining why this must be the final year that the Slammy awards and Raw take place at the same time. I am doing this because this week’s show gave us nothing to rank, no highlights and progressed no storylines.

Anyone who has watched WWE for a number of years knows that the Slammy Award Raw is ordinary every single year and tonight was no exception. Last week, the WWE delivered one of their best shows of the year, but nothing they followed up with tonight was memorable or logical and that is probably partly due to time restrictions. Though WWE Creative you don’t get a free pass here, you still booked an awful Raw.

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For example, Sheamus got embarrassed last week, putting his title on the line and dropping it to Roman Reigns despite having every advantage imaginable. What was Sheamus’ reaction? He came out smiling to help Alberto Del Rio and Rusev lay out their opponents before silently wandering into a main-event match that was completely isolated from Roman and the title. This was actually the only storyline that had ANY development whatsoever tonight, with every other match meaning close to nothing.

The Divas Championship storyline did not progress whatsoever. Instead we got a rematch from Smackdown last week and Becky winning clean with Charlotte not interfering or doing anything felt incredibly hollow and made all the work done on Smackdown to progress this feud pointless. The Tag Team Championships are on the line tomorrow night and how did they build that up on Raw? They had the Tag Team Champions lose CLEAN in a HANDICAP match to The Usos. Does anyone remember Kane versus Bray Wyatt or the eight man tag match that followed? No? Of course you don’t, what is there to remember? The only other thing of note that happened on the show match wise was Owens getting a clean victory over Dolph Ziggler in a match that was not as good as their match from Smackdown last week. Yes, in conclusion, this show was a worse version of last week’s Smackdown.

This is because the Slammy’s disjointed the show from start to finish. Almost everyone had their entrances cut short or their matches cut down to under five minutes in order to make room for the awards and given the show is on thin ice momentum wise to begin with, this just lead to a flat and boring show – which was evident in the dead Minneapolis crowd.

The show also had basically no backstage segments which usually help the show to flow and give us storyline progression. Which is the problem summed up in a sentence: The Slammy Awards make Raw an impossible to follow show with the in-ring action simply being there because it has to.

The Slammy Awards are an interesting concept and have a number of important and interesting award categories meaning the Slammy’s could easily have their own two hour network special this time every year instead of just shoehorning them into Raw. Now that there is a WWE Network, there’s no excuse not to do this. That way, you don’t have to book storylines around awards. For example, Dolph Ziggler presenting the Breakout Star award because we all know that Kevin Owens will win the award and that way they can have their brawl. Nope, don’t underestimate the stupidity of the WWE Universe who won’t vote for a heel, leading to Neville winning the award and probably a very last minute script change.

Whether the awards are rigged or not, they should get their own spotlight on the Network away from Raw and there are many ways to set it up. They could go down the route of making them as big as possible by renting out a stage and everything similar to how they do the Hall of Fame or they could simply pre-tape the Slammy’s before a Raw or Smackdown, in place of Superstars and/or Main-Event. Trust me, no one will miss either show for a week.

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However they do it, The Slammy’s can’t be allowed to bog down Raw again because this has gone on for far too long and this week’s show was one of the worst Raw’s of 2015 because of it – and there is some STRONG competition for Worst Raw of 2015… Maybe there should be a Slammy for that.

Sidenote: Anyone who voted for Neville ahead of Kevin Owens in Breakout Star of the Year and The Usos ahead of The New Day for Tag Team of the year… you’re off the Christmas card list.

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