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WWE Reportedly In No Rush To Sign Sting

What do you do with a man called Sting? Well after years of chasing the darling of WCW, a new report indicates that the WWE are now playing coy with the future of Hall of Famer. Could all of the hype be another WWE disappointment?

[adinserter block=”1″]Fans have wished to see Sting in the WWE for over a decade. After years of waiting it appeared that their hero was finally going to do business with Vince McMahon. Yet as time ticked away Sting remains on the sidelines. A new report reveals that the WWE may not be as hot on Sting as some have hoped they would be.

Dave Meltzer breaks down the latest on Sting-WWE plans in the recent Wrestling Observer newsletter. According to Meltzer, the WWE are not in a rush to sign the Scorpion King. Why is Sting still a free agent to this day? Well according to the Meltz, the WWE just don’t see him as a priority.

“Sting, while the deal had not been signed as of a few days ago, it’s more the WWE side dragging its feet. As noted, Sting is not the priority in the company the way some of the other big-name deals have been.”

Meltzer also points out that Sting was hoping to wrestle The Undertaker this year at WrestleMania, noting that Sting “bought into the Internet hype for himself.” In other words the buzz around a Sting vs. Taker match was more wishful thinking from fans on the Internet than any actual plan that the WWE had. It is clear that the WWE plan The Undertaker’s WrestleMania match months in advance so it would only make sense that he not be in the plans.

I have to be honest. I am in the boat of the WWE. I was never a big Sting fan although I always thought it would be cool to see him in the WWE. Yet the man is closing in on his 55th birthday and while he looks great for 55 in TNA, the WWE is not TNA. Demands are different, it’s a faster style, and the expectations are just different. Unless Sting could pull off a miracle, I don’t see him being anything but a big disappointment in the ring.

It’s also clear that TNA Wrestling isn’t bringing him back. I’m sure they’d love to have him but a reduced price. Sting isn’t taking a large pay cut so where is he going to go. With the WWE Network launch and WrestleMania on the impending calendar, I could see where they put Sting on the backburner. I have to believe this isn’t the way the Stinger expected this to go down.

[adinserter block=”2″]I do think we’ll see Sting in the WWE but I still don’t know if it’ll be inside the ring. Maybe he shows up as some kind of an authority figure? I could see that. Maybe he shows up to mentor a rising star? I could also see that. What I can’t see is 55-year old Sting hanging with this crew of WWE wrestlers and apparently, neither can the WWE.

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  1. I think the author of this article seriously underestimates Sting’s ability and experience inside the squared circle. Now tell me Mr. Garqiulo, how many wrestling superstars can boast 25+ years on the main event stage…maybe 3 or 4? And Sting just so happens to be one of them! One thing I hate about America is that we are so freaking age driven. Stinger, if you reading this, I still believe you!


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