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WWE Should Stay The Course

In the book, “To Be the Man,” Ric Flair told the dirty secrets of a failing WCW and how the power within the company use different gimmicks to try and entertain more fans with ideas like Josh and the Dancing Bears, Oz, Vinnie Vegas, Glacier, Mortis and so on. But the one gimmick that really stuck out was the concept of cutting Flair’s golden locks and calling him Spartacus.

[adinserter block=”1″]The idea never came to fruition, thank the wrestling gods and Flair was still styling and profiling well into his 60s. Never take a gimmick that works and rework it or repackage it to fit some financial demand.

While this might be a huge leap and a huge parallel that misses its mark, the WWE cannot take what his hot right now and repackage it to make more money that could ultimately lead to a downfall, again, in the viewership of this business.

Here is a little bit about what I am talking about. All major feuds right now in the company are strong.

  • Bray Wyatt and John Cena
  • The Shield vs. Evolution
  • Wade Barrett and Big E (soon to be)
  • Daniel Bryan and Kane

All the Divas vs. All of the Divas

For once, as we head toward Extreme Rules, the company is striking gold following WrestleMania. And there is no Brock Lesnar to speak of. While Paul Heyman is preaching the gospel of Lesnar as another “Legend Killer,” the Beast Incarnate is nowhere to be found, which sticks to him current M.O., but it gives the company a chance to take what is working and use it to the fullest without making many changes. We saw Monday night how great Kane’s re-emergence is to the company and how the monster will wreak havoc on Bryan and the company. We see snippets of the brilliance in Roman Reigns as a singles star.

The fact we saw tension with the Rhodes Brothers Monday night and the idea that the Uso’s are now the cream of the tag team crop makes for an interesting lead into the hot summer months – the time when the WWE needs to hone its skills, produce amazing matches and build toward SummerSlam.

But don’t go trying to change things. For once, sit back and watch it all unfold and make minor adjustments as the world unfolds in the business. I know there is a plan somewhere to repackage many of these WWE superstars (Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, David Otunga) – but leaving well enough alone is the best thing the company can do right now.

Flair also said the greatest mistake WCW did was releasing a young and promising “Stunning” Steve Austin back when he and the late Brian Pillman were the Hollywood Blonds. Austin was a firecracker of a competitor and a champion, but the managing party did not see the potential in leaving him alone, having him ascend toward the top rung of the ladder and allowing him to challenge Flair or Sting (that would have been one hell of a match). Maybe it was dollars the company was worried about, but it did not make much sense in the end.

The WWE has four major players on the roster who could take this company as far as it is able to go in the next few years:

  • Bray Wyatt
  • Roman Reigns
  • Cesaro
  • Wade Barrett

[adinserter block=”2″]Riding those superstars will ultimately determine the next generation of champions Cena has talked about. But the company must also allow them to remain true toward their current characters. A repackaged Curtis Axel or a new look for 3MB only works if they are used in a program that betters them. Changing the current lot of superstars in any way only hurts them right now – and diminishes the product on television.

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