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WWE Should Drop Back Down to Four PPVs

WrestlemaniaIn my article “All Hail the King: Bring Back the WWE King of the Ring Tournament,” I mentioned about WWE having 15 pay-per-views now days and the average span of the ppv’s is 3 and a half weeks.

I believe that three to four weeks is too short to build up a great pay-per-view card and build up great quality matches and main events for that pay-per-view. I’ll give you what I believe what the WWE should do and I’ll give you my reasoning behind my argument.

In my philosophical and personal opinion, WWE should cut down back to their Big Five Pay-Per-Views, bringing back the King of the Ring, SummerSlam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and WrestleMania. I do believe if they do such, they (being the WWE) could bring fans back into the sport because the storylines and pay-per-views would mean something. Then what could the WWE do with the off-months without pay-per-views? Bring back Saturday Night’s Main Event, and don’t screw it up!

[adinserter block=”1″]Saturday Night’s Main Event was a step in-between the normal television shows and the pay-per-views, having ppv quality match or two on it and ppv storylines being born on the show. The WWE tried to bring it back in 2006 and 2007 and flopped. Why? WWE was doing around 13 to 14 pay-per-views then, it simply wasn’t going to work.

WWE was trying to bring back something that worked back then that wouldn’t work now. I think that having four shows now is too much. WWE should cut the ECW roster in half and put each half on the other shows, or just bring the roster together, drop the ECW and Superstars shows and keep Raw and Smackdown at two hours each.

Thinking things through and thinking it out philosophically, 15 pay-per-views are too much for fans to keep up with. Heck, I think 12 a year is good, if not, 12, in my opinion is pushing it. I think if any company would do six pay-per-views, they would get two months to build up the pay-per-view matches. Personally, I would enjoy seeing them do four pay-per-views a year, and if so, they would have three months to build up the matches, a month to find the number one contenders and two months to have them feud with the champions.

From another personal and philosophical stand point, I think the business as it stands would benefit from doing four pay-per-views a year. My reasoning is this: they can do two to three Saturday Night’s Main Events between the pay-per-views and give the fans ppv quality matches for free to give them a reason to order the pay-per-view’s live and pay the extra money that they (WWE) charges now.

[adinserter block=”2″]Why give away ppv quality matches? Better the industry and better the promotion. If any wrestling business did that for free, I would pay money to see even better quality matches, matches that would end feuds that they started at those events like Saturday Night’s Main Events.

To rap this article up, I would love it if the WWE would cut down their pay-per-views and build up their feuds and matches for the cards to be better than what they do. I strongly dislike that WWE would do more than 12 pay-per-views a year. It’s too many, it cost too much, and wrestling fans get burnt out for ordering, paying, and watching 15 pay-per-views a year. Please, McMahon, really? But this is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, loving the beautiful hot days and gorgeous summer nights, goodbye!

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