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WWE Should Bring Sister Abigail to Life to Restore Wyatt Family’s Credibility

The Wyatt Family finds itself in a more precarious position than ever. WrestleMania may have provided the faction with a coveted segment opposite The Rock but the turn of events seems to have further hurt its credibility. The Wyatts are damaged goods and WWE is not taking them seriously. How they were booked at WrestleMania is a condensed summary of how they’ve been booked for the past few years.

It started well.

The Rock made his flamboyant entrance at the AT&T Stadium and announced the new WrestleMania attendance record of 101,763, only to be interrupted by Bray Wyatt and Wyatt Family members Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman. The Rock got his pop and so did the Wyatts to some extent. The atmosphere was great. The Great One then called Bray a talent with all the abilities and charisma needed to be a star – a rub turned down by The Eater of Worlds who threatened to “eviscerate” The Rock. The crowd applauded; the atmosphere got even more tense. The Rock proceeded to quickly transform into his wrestling gear, and got ready for a match against Bray. The atmosphere was awesome.

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But this is when it all went wrong.

Instead of confronting Bray, Rock got a match against Rowan and won in six seconds – six farcical seconds! Moments later, The Wyatt Family regrouped for retaliation but then John Cena’s music hit and he stormed toward the ring. The Wyatts endured a humiliating beat down after which Cena and The Rock stood tall in the ring and celebrated with the crowd.

This did nothing for the Wyatt faction except make them look weak again. Bray Wyatt has faced off with some of the biggest names in the business, yet he continues to be on the losing end of each feud. But each time he bounces back in some way or another and we want to believe in a resurgence of momentum. And now the once menacing and powerful Wyatt Family act has been singlehandedly dismantled by The Rock for the sake of a WrestleMania moment and treated like a joke. We’ve watched Bray and his family fail so many times that there is no way today we can conceivably buy into them as a threat. Moving forward the Wyatts’ threats will ring even more hollow than usual, and more worryingly fans now have further confirmation that WWE has no idea what it is doing when it comes to booking The Wyatt Family.

Fans are clearly behind Bray and his crew, as was witnessed again on RAW when they assaulted The League of Nations. So why not tweak their act and offer them some more credibility? Not making Wyatt look like a threat is clearly a strange move by WWE Creative and goes against wrestling fans’ desires. There is a widespread Wyatt support and a strong argument to re-establish the Wyatts as a fearsome faction. They need a string of victories over legitimate competition in 2016 and beyond. If booked properly it will be an uphill climb for them to regain relevance and become the stars and main-eventers they have the potential to be.

So how can WWE spark this change and make the faction credible again, almost instantly? Easy… a new creative twist.

One path WWE could follow is the expansion of the Wyatt Family. To make the faction more dominant, Bray could resort to annexing more manpower. The flipside to that angle though would be finding the right people. The addition of Braun Strowman last year was an intriguing move. Not only does he look the part, but he also benefits from the fact that he was relatively unheard of prior to his main roster debut. That added an element of surprise which would be hard to replicate with other superstars. Moreover, WWE would have to give their superstars valid reasons and motivations to join the Wyatt clan. Transforming someone with no direction at the moment like Mark Henry would require time and serious investment. Growing the Wyatt faction could all of a sudden become a stumbling block.

Personally, I’d opt for another route – one that was rumored earlier this year.

I think it’s about time to weave in a more supernatural presence and bring to life Bray Wyatt’s numerous cryptic promos about the buzzards and more especially, Sister Abigail. Sister Abigail is the name of Bray Wyatt’s finishing move, but it has long been rumored that she actually exists. WWE would be wise to introduce Sister Abigail as a real person and enact her “tale”, often hinted at in the past by Bray himself.

Her character could firstly be introduced with promotional mysterious videos and she could eventually make her presence felt via occasional mesmerizing appearances more or less in line with the manner in which The Undertaker is shown. The Wyatts would immediately get behind her and she would provide them with the power to fight and conquer WWE – a bit like what Paul Bearer did with his urn for The Undertaker.

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Who would play the part of Sister Abigail is a subject for another post, but her inclusion on WWE Television could be the catalyst for bringing back credibility to the Wyatts again. Playing up the supernatural forces surrounding the Wyatt faction would be smart in the longer-term picture too as Undertaker is nearing retirement and the mysterious element in WWE would live on with the Wyatts – a sort of passing of the torch, if you like.

At WrestleMania 32, The Rock said to Bray Wyatt: “You talk about being The Eater of Worlds. From where The Rock is standing, you look like an eater of Hot Pockets.” Let’s just hope Wyatt can upgrade from eating Hot Pockets to feeding on major WWE superstar prey. And why not make Sister Abigail the instigator of this change?

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