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WWE: Sheamus vs. John Cena: Too Predictable?

There’s predictability and then there’s pushing the envelope to the point of knowing exactly how a match will go even after the bell rings.

[adinserter block=”1″]On Monday Night RAW, the match with John Cena and Sheamus is a prime example of the WWE and its predictability. I watched as Sheamus, who by the way should really go back to his original look, take on John Cena hit for hit. It was extremely over-sold and extremely predictable. I’ve never exactly hated John Cena but I’ve never really been a huge fan of his either. As the face of the WWE it has become predictable that no matter who Cena goes up against, he’ll 9 times out of 10 win a match.

Sheamus was a favorite of mine for quite some time. Be it heel or face, you have to admit, he always had a certain appeal to him. However, on Monday night RAW, I was super disappointed in the match between him and Cena. You could see Cena calling their moves. You could even see Sheamus playing along like the good worker they’ve turned him into.

The worst was knowing what moves would come when and you could tell that this match was greatly choreographed and they were just going through the motions. It felt empty and as much as the announcers tried to play it up, there was just no hope to the match.

Sheamus looked tired. It was as if he was bored out of his mind. The exciting man that was Sheamus was no more. Cena even looked done with the entire match before it was over.

It makes me sad.

Whatever happened to the unpredictability of the WWE? What happened to being surprised by the ending of a match? These are questions a lot of fans ask themselves, however, who is listening?

We all still long for the days of Triple H and Shawn Michaels during the attitude era. I know those days will never come back but for the love of all that is good and holy in the WWE, why can we not see something close to those days? Now I remember. It’s the WWE’s attempt to keep it family friendly.

Granted, you can tell they’re trying. You’re seeing the greats return like Sting but is it enough? Is it really enough to engage the old school fans and keep the new ones interested as well?
I miss the times of my teen years when I could watch a match and have absolutely no idea how it would turn out. I still remember being on the edge of my seat as the title matches took place and you were biting your nails that the heel wouldn’t win. Those days are far gone.

[adinserter block=”2″]Now, after the bell rings, I can more than likely predict what is going to happen and who will win. If that doesn’t let the average fan down, I don’t know what will.

As I watched Cena put Sheamus in a headlock I called either a tap out by Sheamus or a pin by Cena. I knew Cena would win. That’s how predictable this has become. It worries me that if I, the occasional wrestling fan can call matches, what does that say?

I think it says a lot in my opinion. Of course, Cena won by an AA and then a 1-2-3 count pin for the win. I knew it from the time the bell sounded. I knew it the moment the match began.

Dear Triple H and Mr. McMahon: your fans are asking for unpredictability. They’re asking for the days of not being able to call the winners of each match before the match even begins. Can you listen for once?

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