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WWE – Sheamus: The Lucky Number Seven

Right about now, Sheamus is a happy guy. He’s combing the hawk, he’s braiding his um, beard, and he’s smiling like he won the lottery. Truth be told he kind of did.

Fans are hating on The Celtic Warrior right now and it’s to be expected. He’s the fill-in champ after all, the guy that was given the belt because WWE just didn’t have anyone else available. Actually, no one else was even ready.

Daniel Bryan may never come back, Randy Orton is out, John Cena is out and Seth Rollins is on the shelf. Brock Lesnar hasn’t been seen since Hell in a Cell and The Undertaker has faded to black once again. In terms of world title succession, Sheamus was the seventh guy in line.

That’s right; Sheamus drew the lucky number seven. If that’s not a fitting description for this situation, I don’t know what is.

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Sheamus has no business wearing that belt and it’s a safe bet that every fan knows that. It’s not to suggest he can’t fill the spot and it’s not to suggest that he won’t make the best of it. Okay, maybe it is to suggest he can’t fill the spot. But honestly, it’s not really his fault.

Sheamus is in a tough spot here. He’s a good heel but he’s not a great heel and that’s what he needs to be now. He should go on a rampage through the main roster so he can get over as champ but there’s no way to know if the company will get behind that move.

He needs to be able to hit the ramp and pop the crowd all to pieces, to make them jump up and hate him to the point they curse the ground he walks on. The sight of him should elicit a response the likes of which has not been seen since Shawn Michaels screwed Bret Hart and that heat should be nuclear from here to WrestleMania.

But it won’t and no one can blame him for that. They are of course and it’s likely only going to get worse but Sheamus should not be blasted for doing what’s asked of him. He’s a guy that never complains, he doesn’t make a spectacle of himself either backstage or online and he always does what’s asked of him. Of course this time, he was asked to be the champ.

Apart from the belt and apart from the criticism he gets, the truth is Sheamus can work. He’s a brawler and he can go with anyone put in front of him. His style is old school and despite what anyone says, he’s tough. Fans know when he steps through the ropes, he’s all business.

The biggest problem he has is his character. When he’s babyface, fans believe he’s out of his element. When he’s heel, fans believe he’s too weak and silly. At this point, the guy could hand everyone in the crowd 100 bucks each and still not get over.

There’s just something about Sheamus that keeps him from getting over. He can’t connect with fans no matter what he does and now that he’s WWE world heavyweight champion, he’s having a hard time living that down. His identity can’t come from The Authority and if it does, it’s only going to be good as long as he’s aligned with them.

When the split eventually comes, Sheamus is right back to square one. It happens to him over and over again. The best run he had was with the World Championship and at that time, he was one of the top three stars in WWE. Fans had problems with him then but it was obvious that he was being given the ball so he ran with it; he was not option B.

This time, he’s option G. He’s champion right now because the company had no one else to go to. While that sounds bad, the fact is that opportunity is born out of necessity. In the time that Sheamus is wearing those 10lbs of gold, he must take advantage of it.

That means when he’s on camera, he must go for the throat. When he’s on the mic, he must go for broke. When he’s in the ring, he should strive to bring the house down every time. Sheamus must do everything in his power to become the champion that WWE needs him to be. He has it in him; the fact is WWE must believe that to some degree as well.

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Not being the first choice does not mean Sheamus should just settle for whatever comes his way. When he enters the room, people should know he’s the world champ. If he can’t do that and if WWE is wrong about this, then the ramifications could be dire.

Fans need a reason to tune in and featuring a world champion that‘s not over is not the way to make it happen. If WWE’s ratings continue to slide now that Sheamus is the champ, the blame will be thrown toward the company and toward him as well.

Being the seventh choice will make no difference to anyone if Sheamus fails. All they will see is WWE dropping the ball yet again in a top storyline. Sheamus is in a tough spot and he may not be smiling for long.

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