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WWE Sends Original Sin Cara Home, Future In Doubt

The crazy saga of Sin Cara continues with the latest twist possibly being his last. According to numerous reports, the man formerly known as Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde was sent home this week shortly after returning from suspension. His WWE return is now more in doubt than ever.

Mike Johnson over at broke the story earlier in the week. . Johnson first reported that the former Mistico was sent home from the SmackDown taping in Calgary before the show. Huncio, who played Sin Cara while the original was on suspension for a Wellness Policy violation is expected to take over the character indefinitely. Johnson has more details in his latest update.

In case you have forgotten, the original Sin Cara was suspended for 30 days for a violation of the Wellness Policy. During his time away, the WWE brought up FCW wrestler Jorge Arias otherwise known as Hunico to play the part of Sin Cara. Hunico donned the outfit and worked a few show, while the fans didn’t appear to notice the difference.

[adinserter block=”2″]Alvirde was on the bubble after the violation for being in the dog house. It appeared that Alvirde was in the clear when he returned last weekend. The latest turn of events took just about everyone by surprised because it would appear that Alvirde was flown into Calgary only to be told to go home. It would appear that WWE officials obviously had this in mind all along by having Hunico in Calgary ready to go with the Sin Cara outfit. So what changed?

According to Dave Meltzer on his recent podcast, Alvirde is in the dog house because of his ego. Meltzer said that Alvirde walks around the locker room like a star and this has rubbed a lot of people in the WWE the wrong way. Even worse and brace for yourself for this one, he doesn’t shake everyone’s hand, which is a tradition that has gotten a lot of play lately thanks to the Young Bucks. It was Alvirde’s ego and not his in-ring performance that has apparently put his job on the line.

Unfortunately for Hunico, his new promotion didn’t get off to a good start. Call it karma or just bad luck, but Hunico was a disaster at the SmackDown taping. He was ordered back to the ring by Vince McMahon to redo spots after McMahon deemed parts of his match unusable for television. If there is one thing readers that follow Internet reports and shoot interviews know, it is that the Vince McMahon re-tape is practically the kiss of death for a WWE performer.

The WWE has really put themselves into a major jam here. Call me crazy, but I think that Alvirde has been nothing short of fantastic in the ring, sans a few bumps in the road like Chavo Guerrero Jr. So because he didn’t shake enough hands, the company is willing to shoot itself in the foot with a subpar version of Sin Cara, one that apparently isn’t ready for prime time. This is something that could be very messy.

As most of you know by now, Alvirde also had the Triple H protection plan. Alvirde was Triple H’s pet project in talent development which gave him more job security than anyone else in his position. In addition to the Triple H and Stephanie McMahon support, he also had a big contract which put a bulls eye on him. To me and I don’t know this, this sounds more like backstage political games coming from Triple H and Stephanie’s enemies. Meltzer also reported this week that there are issues at play behind the scenes between several powerful WWE office employees and Stephanie which is where I think this thing comes from.

[adinserter block=”1″]I worked in the wrestling business for years and I totally get it about shaking hands. It may sound ridiculous, but that is just the way it goes. At the same time, there is this ignorance in the locker room towards Alvirde’s accomplishments in Mistico which did make him a huge superstar. He walks around like a superstar because he is one. He came in like one, and he is being paid like one, so he should have that chip on his shoulder. At the end of the day this all seems like silly high school cafeteria drama to me.

I don’t know how this is going to play out but my hunch is that Hunico may have gotten Alvirde his job back. The WWE will tour Mexico in October. If this story hits the media in Mexico and Hunico remains under the mask, it will be really interesting to see what kind of reception he gets after taking over the spot from a guy some would call a Mexican pro wrestling legend.

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  1. @ Dustin, I agree for the most part, except when in Juarez, Hunico was respected there and the fans would probably embrace him. But outside of that, no.

    • I'm not saying that Hunico doesn't have his fans. As Incognito, he did reasonably well for himself in Mexico, and I'm sure some fans will still be happy to have him back. However, he was nowhere near on the level Mistico was in Mexico, and Mistico becoming Sin Cara was a huge, HUGE deal south of the border.

  2. There have been re-shoots on Smackdown! many times. I even remember a re-shoot of the ending of a main event match between Kurt Angle and Undertaker. 'Taker was supposed to make Angle tap with a triangle choke at the same time his shoulders were on the mat, resulting in a pin for Angle. They had to re-shoot it because, from every angle, 'Taker's shoulder was clearly up and/or Angle tapped at the wrong moment.

    As far as this upcoming Mexico tour goes, if Hunico is playing the role, I expect a lot of backlash from Mexican wrestling fans. Mistico is practically a god in Mexico, while Hunico (Incognito) was never anything more than a mid-carder. Considering that they watched Mistico's entire career prior to signing with WWE, those fans will spot the difference immediately, and they will sh*t all over it. If you don't believe me, ask Rey Mysterio. He lost his mask in WCW prior to a huge mascara contra mascara title match scheduled with Psicosis in AAA. At the last minute, they had to change it to a plain old title match, which isn't nearly as special down there. As a result, the AAA crowd absolutely lit into Mysterio the entire match, despite the fact that he was supposed to be the technico.

  3. And let me just add, the fact that the WWE chose to publish Mistico's real name showed their long term goals with him….that decreased his credibility in Mexico and decreased their credibility with the Mexican people. It was unnecessary. IMO, that was the beginning of the end.

    • I believe that's a matter of policy. You pop on drugs and they suspend you, and they have to use your real name. That simple.

      • Cole, it may be a matter of policy, but it shows the difference in culture and a lack of respect for the wrestler's in-ring identity.

          • And that is still not clear it is, what exactly he violated with is it? Do tell if you KNOW. Last I heard it was clenbuterol, an asthma med used to drop bodyfat.

            Eric, you really should know better that that policy is arbitrary and not enforced on everyone, they tend to pop people who they have a problem with. More than one star has gotten warned before popped….so the policy is a joke and as long as you have a prescription for what you are doing, read Hormone Replacement Therapy, you are fine. It does little to curb abuse.

  4. Mistico was arguably the most popular luchador in CMLL and maybe in Lucha Libre outside of Dr. Wagner. He is an extremely talented performer and could have had a great career in the WWE, but once again, they don't use luchadors correctly. They never have.

    The handshaking thing is probably a cultural issue and no one explained to Mistico how the locker rooms work in America. They don't work that way in Mexico and it seems he's being penalized for something that he is probably unaware of. I don't think he has any chip on his shoulder, he simply doesn't know the right thing to do….no one explained it.

    Finally, Hunico is talented but I sense he knows the score in all of this and realizes he will be back in Mexico before too long. I don't think he will sell out Mistico the way the WWE wants to…because he has to work in Mexico again.

  5. Wow, ordering a re-tape? I've seen some things go wrong in The Impact Zone, but they just keep trying the spots until they get them. How do you try and save face with the crowd when you demand re-shoots…an instant rematch or something?

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