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WWE Segment “Ambrose Asylum” Works for Dean Ambrose

It’s literally new day and a new era. Add in a new roster, and a new talk show to go along with it.

It is only fitting that with the new guys and girls in town plus change on the horizon, that WWE changed the talking segments as well. Of course we still have “Miz TV”, which serves for the Miz to get heat on his character. So it was right to have a talk segment for the babyface. Well, we have it with the “Ambrose Asylum”, headed by Dean Ambrose.

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Honestly there was no better person to do a talking segment than Ambrose. Anyone who has followed him since the beginning knows he has a special gift with words. He sells his character and what he is saying so well, the “Ambrose Asylum” can only help him and showcase his speaking talent. Just as Chris Jericho utilized “The Highlight Reel” for so many years, Ambrose can do the same thing, and leave his own stamp on a long list of WWE talking segments.

Truth is he’s already started. Ambrose has a no nonsense attitude and brings humor to the segment. The handwritten sign adds to his magnetism that he’s low maintenance and just an average dude. It’s just who Dean Ambrose is; less is more in his approach and believe me it works. Ambrose is in his own element during “Ambrose Asylum”. In character, he seems so much more laid back, and is having fun with it. It gives his character the opportunity to grow, which is essential for someone like Ambrose. He doesn’t deserve to get lost in the shuffle; I am pretty sure “Ambrose Asylum” will be the place where some of his big moments will happen. It can’t come soon enough.

In hindsight, it was really clever how the torch was passed to Ambrose courtesy of Jericho. By story we all know that The Highlight Reel was “cancelled” and replaced with “Ambrose Asylum”. Not only did it help accelerate the tension with Jericho and Ambrose, but it gave Ambrose a purpose he desperately needed on an already busy and chaotic Raw.

WWE certainly doesn’t need to fix what’s not broken with Ambrose. If anything, giving him his own talking segment was one of the best things they could have done for him. Already it was brought in via a storyline, and with the Shield reunion that happened on Monday, that was an excellent catalyst for all three men and “Ambrose Asylum”. Ambrose really shined in the segment, which leads me to believe that he will be just fine.

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Whether “Ambrose Asylum” ends up on Raw or Smackdown soon, rest assured Ambrose will bring it all to the table. It will be something fans will look forward to for as long as it is around. In this case, the timing was just right, and fans don’t have to worry about Ambrose getting lost on the roster. If anything, it gave him the more reason to be the center of the show which fans had always wanted for their favorite lunatic. So, bring on the crazy, and let’s get wild with the” Ambrose Asylum”!

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