What Does the WWE see in Randy Orton


Randy OrtonOne constant on WWE television over the last five years has been the push of Randy Orton. Another constant has been boring matches, promos that put me to sleep, and a wrestler with the babyface charisma of a broom. Yes five years later and I am still wondering what the WWE sees in Randy Orton.

John Cena is a WWE superstar that a lot of fans question. I am not necessarily a fan of John Cena but I get it. Randy Orton on the other hand is another story completely. I have read comments from some very knowledgeable pro wrestling personalities and analysts who think Randy Orton has the potential to be a Stone Cold Steve Austin like megastar. I would love to know what they are drinking and where I can get some. As much as I try, the appeal of Randy Orton continues to be the biggest mystery to me in the WWE.

[adinserter block=”2″]At one time Randy Orton looked like he was on his way to being a game changer. In 2007 when John Cena was out with an injury, Randy Orton was in sole possession of the WWE RAW spotlight. He did well and started to have me believing during his feud with Jeff Hardy. His promos were still terrible, his matches weren’t very entertaining, but he was oozing charisma.

Orton broke his collarbone and had to miss some time right in the midst of his best run ever. I don’t know if there was a hesitation or fear of injury but Randy Orton has never been the same since he returned in 2008. Orton had his most high profile feud the following year with Triple H and the McMahons. Once again I started turning around a bit on Randy Orton. The gimmick and storyline actually worked with his style, lack of charisma, and promos. The fans were buying him and I was almost there until the dreaded night he ran away from Shane McMahon. In a single moment the WWE did more damage to the future of their so called franchise player than a bad match with Mr. Kennedy could ever have done to the Viper.

Randy Orton turned babyface, although the judgment is still out to whether he actually did or didn’t earlier in the year. Since his babyface turn Randy Orton has went from a boring, slow, unenthusiastic wrestler to a guy that looks like he’d rather be at home watching TNA Impact than extracting babyface heat from WWE fans. Every single pay per view match that Randy Orton has had since turning babyface has been abysmal. Matches with Legacy, Jack Swagger, and Edge have been so bad that anyone else would have had the rug pulled out from their push. If you really want to look deep, go back to last year and his WrestleMania 25 match against Triple H. That and those series of matches were probably some of the least well received matches in Triple H’s career to the point where Trips was starting to lose a ton of steam. The patience that the WWE has exercised with Orton is just simply mind boggling.

[adinserter block=”1″]So here we are going into the biggest WWE event of the summer and the WWE has opted to go with Randy Orton in the RAW WWE championship main-event. Orton was a replacement for Triple H who is unable to wrestle after recovering from surgery. The choice of Orton could be disastrous for someone like Sheamus who is on his way to becoming a bigger star than the Viper himself. A dull or even bad match would likely be blamed on Sheamus by the fans and the office and hamper all of the momentum that the world champion has accumulated in the last few months. I can’t understand how of all of the talented WWE superstars, Randy Orton was picked to be in the main event. It is a reward highly undeserving of someone who has done absolutely nothing worthwhile in over a year.

So please I ask of you, explain to me what and anything that is appealing about Randy Orton. Name me anything great Randy Orton has produced in the ring since the January 2008 Royal Rumble match against Jeff Hardy. Tell me any one great promo that Randy Orton has cut with conviction in the last year. By all means please let me in on what I have been missing that have some ranking Randy Orton’s charisma and potential up there with The Rock. You may see The Rock and Steve Austin but I see Lex Luger and Jeff Jarrett.

The scary thing about all of this is that Randy Orton at 30 years old will probably be in WWE RAW and SmackDown main-events for the rest of the decade. And you want to know why people are tuning out of pro wrestling?

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  1. Really? Cena's not the poster boy? So I didn't just see a kid with a John Cena Tshirt on at the mall the other day?

    Orton's easily the better wrestler. But God is he boring on the mike. His face promos with Edge have been better because, well, they let Edge do all the talking. That's a sign.

  2. u guys are just a bunch of people who r jealous of the fact that john cena is not the poster boy of the wwe that much now i mean the rock was the poster boy but he was actualy cool but john cena is over rated so then now they were looking for another guy to help out being the poster boy so they made orton turn face his promos rnt even bad i wanna no wat u r smoking i mean wat is it a little ice pot and marjuiana all mixed together

  3. Been wondering the same thing for a long time. I think they honestly wanted him to be the heel counterpart to Cena back in the Evolution days, but then Orton decided to turn himself into a living Affliction shirt, and now he's not as marketable in the mainstream.

  4. I still can't believe he gets a pop. All that slithering around is annoying. Not to mention his trunks are sooooo small!

  5. I couldn't agree more with this, on all levels. I have no idea what the appeal is, and never have had, to me; any time he's on, he's a reason to change the channel.


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