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WWE Should Not Place Scott Hall in the Hall of Fame

I have to be honest when I say I am not sure I agree with the rumor that is flying around that Scott Hall will be the next WWE Superstar to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. There are many reasons why I can think of others who are just as deserving – and have been just as instrumental with the growth of the WWF/WWE over the decades of success this company has had.

[adinserter block=”1″]Please do not get me wrong – Hall was a major player in the “Attitude” Era of this company as Razor Ramon and later as himself in WCW as the co-founder of The Outsiders and later the New World Order. Even with those accolades, Hall should not be inducted into the hallowed Hall – yet.

The information was received through Enzo Marino over at

Like I have stated before, the selection process of an honor like this is political and subjective. The bidding – much like the Baseball and Football Hall of Fame – where handlers, promoters, friends and the media all get involved and “pitch” for their performer. Hall is one of those rare specimens who was able to find success in Florida with the NWA before moving on to Minneapolis and the AWA and then traveled to Stamford and the WWF before making his way to WCW.

Hall’s career is also chronicled for his use and abuse of alcohol, which nearly killed him. Like Jake Roberts – another WWE Hall of Fame inductee this year, he sought the help of Diamond Dallas Page to get him through life’s toughest road, which now I and millions of WWE and wrestling fans hope will keep him sane and sober.

But this is not why I vote against Hall in the Hall. And I question whether he will be joined by Kevin Nash as well, a choice that I would meet with dissension as well.

Part of my issue is this – anyone who has rolled around on a mat and jumped off a turnbuckle can now make a case for being placed in the Hall of Fame. The characters are immortalized way too much and given “legendary” status for having taking a fall and a bump in their careers. And when you look at the landscape of professional wrestling, there are a few names that need to be added to the growing list of immortals before Hall hears his name called. I’m not saying he is not worthy, but it is just not his time yet.

– Wayne Farris played the Honkytonk Man and was one of the most decorated WWE Intercontinental Champions of all time. His charisma and connection to Jimmy Hart was legendary and deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame.

– Degeneration X will at some point be included in this list. Whether it is the entire unit – including Chyna – has yet to be determined. But with all of Hall’s issues off camera, it is hard to make the case he should be in the Hall of Fame and not Chyna.

– Demolition was as devastating a tag team as there ever has been in the company. Three-times a WWF Tag Team Champion, they will be hurt by the fact that DX and The New Age Outlaws have not been inducted yet.

– And of course, Randy Savage has not been given his due respect by the company, but there are a myriad of reasons for it. At some point, the legend will be honored for his achievements and rightfully so. I am still seething over the fact Edge is in the Hall of Fame and the Macho Man is not.

[adinserter block=”2″]While these wrestlers will undoubtedly wait for their call, Hall will be ushered in, which begs a bunch of questions with very few answers to be shared.

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