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New WWE Mantra: Fix the Solution, Avoid the Elephant in the Room

The snow storm in the northwest may have been the best thing that could have happened to the WWE after the fallout of the Royal Rumble pay-per-view from Sunday night. The impromptu “Raw Review” did a lot to confront some of the major issues form the events of Sunday night, but did not completely reverse the fact hundreds of thousands of fans, whether in the arena in Philadelphia or hose who bought the WWE Network or a cable buy, are not happy with the Rumble match, the ending to the night and the fact the first PPV event of the year left us all feeling a bit empty inside.

[adinserter block=”1″] It’s unfortunate the brunt of the backlash has been thrust toward Roman Reigns after he won the Rumble match to a chorus of boos and chants for the Russian Rusev rather than the man who was passed over for Batista last year for reasons we all still scratch our heads and ask, “Did that really just happen?”

I guess if there was no Batista and a fraudulent Rumble win last year, there would not be a “YES” movement like there was and no Daniel Bryan title win in The Big Easy.

Like someone said to me the other night, there is no veteran to come in and save the WWE from itself right now. Those days when a Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan or Steve Austin grabbing hold of an arena and holding it hostage until the fans in their seats and at home are delirious with excitement and hope are gone.

The WWE’s coverage of Brock Lesnar and his interview with Michael Cole was potentially the best of Raw, bringing the events of WrestleMania XXX full circle with what the company hopes will be a colossal confrontation with Reigns at the company’s signature show in 63 days.

Right about now, Vince McMahon and his cohorts (including Triple H and Stephanie McMahon) are praying for forgiveness and hope the next two months can lead to enough buildup that fans will acquire cases of amnesia and forgive the three-headed monster for not reaching deep enough to see problems that could exist for not having Plan B and Plan C in their hip pocket.

This used to be a trademark of McMahon back in the days when sports entertainment was new and fresh and the Internet was not the watchdog of the industry and bloggers and media types like myself couldn’t voice their opinions about the death of kayfabe.

When asked, Lesnar said he hoped Reigns was ready for the challenge of facing the man who is currently the baddest ass on the planet and the man who self-promoted himself as being on a roll. The WWE should think the wrestling gods right now for that “roll” because along with Seth Rollins and John Cena, Lesnar saved the pay-per-view from becoming the worst piece of paid-wrestling viewing we have seen since he later stages of WCW’s death.

The people laid the Smackdown on the WWE this time – not the other way around.

Please understand that in light of what has taken place in the last 48 hours, the events are not the fault of Reigns. He is just the puppet that the WWE wants to try to get past the Cena Revolution and the carnage left behind by management and creative writers trying to escape the problems that exist from continually placing a gold strap on the should of Cena, Randy Orton and anyone else that has a 10-year ring license (Daniel Bryan, excluded) that for some reasons means they know what it is to sell at the gate and keep the green machine flowing into WWE coffers.

The WWE is slow playing its hand when it comes to WrestleMania, probably because Vince McMahon has no idea how he really wants the event to breakdown. Reigns had all the momentum in the world before a hernia operation sidelined him. The symbolism of The Rock getting in the ring and passing the torch to the younger Reigns couldn’t work with the Philadelphia crowd, some of the hardest fans to please in the country in any sport.

Add to the fact that we saw this between Rock and Cena a couple of years ago and it proves that McMahon likes to go to the well more than once too often. It is more than possible McMahon at 69 years of age is finally losing his magic stroke?

Maybe the WWE should go back to its “TV-14” rating and get more familiar with chair shots and blood and potentially more violent content. It would bring back the masses, but not solve the issues that exist with programming, script writing and fan dissention. That comes with time and the belief the WWE really does support a changing of the guard and will work to make WrestleMania the best it can be.

Sting should have been in Philadelphia. He should have been the veteran to get the crowd delirious with excitement. The Rock getting in the ring was the most electrifying failure in his Hall of Fame career. And it made no sense. McMahon sent him out there – hoping to change the temperature of the climate in the arena. It did not work. The WWE now has a Batista-like situation on its hands.

While Batista was visibly pissed off in the Rumble match at the way fans reacted to him, which made matters worse, Reigns has been the heir apparent for some time. The WWE brought him along with The Shield for the ride and now, he must balance Disney World on his shoulders – like it or not, ready or not.

[adinserter block=”2″]It isn’t Reigns’ fault the WWE universe doesn’t want him in the main event. It’s not his fault the fans wanted to see more of the Triple Threat Match between Seth Rollins, John Cena and Brock Lesnar. It isn’t his fault wrestling sensibilities have changed. Blame it all on McMahon and Triple H and the idea of the Authority.

But by the same token, Reigns must stand up after what happened at the Royal Rumble and help fix it by getting better on the mic and in the ring. And most of all use the experience as a lesson that will ultimately make him the champion the champion needs him to be.

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  1. I totally agree with 90% of your take on this. I actually really enjoyed the Rumble until Bryan was tossed out virtually for no reason. I knew at that point things were gonna end badly. Bryan should have had more of an impact and with the WWE going with a Kane match again on Smackdown, at least have his elimination keep that feud going.

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