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Flashback: WWE 2010 Royal Rumble Results & Recap

WWE EdgeSunday, January 31st, 2010-Philips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia, is the host of the Royal Rumble. For me right now, it’s 5:17 pm, less than two hours before the WWE Royal Rumble. Also for me, it’s the calm before the storm, being able to listen to Fozzy’s “Chasing the Grail” while doing some writing homework, I thought I put some thoughts down before the Rumble event.

I am interested on seeing how long Jericho will be in the Rumble match with his arrest this past week, and I am interested on seeing if Triple H will actually win the Royal Rumble match like expected and some are predicting.

I have mix feelings on both situations, both I have listed in the WWE Week in Review article that is out today on CCB.com. But yeah, just nervous on not knowing how many numbers who will come over for the night; I am hosting the Royal Rumble at my apartment. But I should get back to doing homework, but am excited for the event! Let’s get ready to Rumble! YES!

The Royal Rumble Starts, Now!

The trio at the color commentator’s both is Jerry “the King” Lawler, Michael Cole, and Matt Striker. I wish Jim Ross was around, for it would be Lawler, J.R., and Striker.

Extreme Championship Wrestling Championship Match: Christian [c] vs. Ezekiel Jackson

This started out as kind of a slower match. Me personally, a good start for the Rumble event. William Regal was going to attack Christian outside, and the ref caught him right before he had a chance to do anything, and before he had a chance, the ref threw out Regal. That sucks, but we will see him later in the event [7:10pm]. After this happened, Jackson had control of the match, and he’s had control for most of the match. I have a feeling that Christian will win the match and retain the title [7:12pm]. Jackson get’s a two-count and my buddy Aaron walks into my apartment [7:13pm]. Jackson hits a huge clothesline and get’s a two-count [7:15pm and 7:17pm]. Out of the blue, Christian hit’s the Killswitch Engage and get’s the victory [7:18pm].

Winner: Christian, still ECW Champion.

Backstage segment with Tiffiany, Cryme Tyme, Teddy Long, and the Great Khali. They all try to get both members of Cryme Tyme into the Rumble. So far, this is a funny segment. They reference Family Matters. The Miz shows up. Teddy Long announces Miz versus MVP for the U.S. title, next. Cody comes in and visits Orton backstage. Rhodes announces that he will be behind Orton no matter out. It doesn’t matter about DiBiase, Rhodes will partners with Orton.

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United States Heavyweight Championship Match: The Miz [c] vs. MVP

Miz comes out with a bitter look on his face [7:26pm]. MVP has his pyro go off. For my friends and I, it’s “Mini-Cool Aid Mang!” YES! This is a faster paced match than the last match. I’m happy to see that. I am not really getting too much into this match. Miz is on top rope and waiting, and hits the double axe handle [7:31pm]. MVP went “ballin'” and hit a big boot onto the Miz and got a two-count [7:34pm]. I don’t know why the Miz doesn’t get himself counted out, and write when I wrote this, the Miz got the victory with a small package [7:35pm]. After that, MVP took out Miz.

Winner: The Miz, still the U.S. Champion.

The Big Show sees Chris Jericho. Show tells Jericho that he’s jealous that he and the Miz have more chemistry than the team of Jeri-Show. Jericho throws out all his big words describing the Miz. Jericho states that the team of Jeri-Show was the best tag team champions of all tag champs. R-Truth then comes in, and says that he’ll throw out Jericho. DiBiase runs into Orton, and DiBiase says that Rhodes has been acting up on him. It seems like both men are trying to butter up Orton. DiBiase says he’s behind Orton.

World Wrestling Entertainment Heavyweight Championship Match: Sheamus [c] vs. Randy Orton

I love Sheamus’ theme song [7:43pm]. One of my buddies thinks Sheamus’ beard is one of the ugliest beards that he’s ever seen. That’s sad, I like his beard. Orton get’s a pop [7:44pm]. I’m surprised. I think Orton is getting pushed as a babyface. That’s kind of odd. Vintage Orton! Randy is taking forever to get to the ring. It’s 7:45pm, and he isn’t in the ring yet. I also noticed that the champions have been coming out first out of the three matches so far. That’s odd, how normally the champion’s come out second. Justin Roberts does his ring intros at 7:47pm. Nice standing drop kick from Orton [7:49pm]. One of the announcers’s even growled. The ten of us who are here all laughed. A slower based match, something that I think is a nice change from the last match. Orton is kicking at the thighs of Sheamus [7:51pm]. Spinning told hold from Orton to Sheamus [7:52pm]. Single-arm DDT from the champion and a two-count [7:55pm]. The crowd is totally in the match, and I love it. Sheamus tries for his finisher, the “Razor’s Edge,” and Orton get’s out and pushes Sheamus out of the ring [7:58pm]. Orton goes for the punt, Sheamus rolls out of the ring, and the crowd boos [7:59pm]. Cody Rhodes comes out and attacks Sheamus, and Orton hits the RKO, and the bell gets called [8:00pm]. Sheamus gets called for victory, as a disqualification.

Winner: Sheamus, still the WWE Champion, after a disqualification from Cody Rhodes.

Legacy is officially broken up. Orton attacks DiBiase and Rhodes, and then Sheamus big boots Orton. Maybe, just maybe, DiBiase and Orton may team up with Sheamus? I would love to see that. But DiBiase and Rhodes aren’t with Orton anymore. It’s about time. The women’s match is next.

WWE Women’s Championship Match: Michelle McCool [c] vs. Mickie James

Michelle is coming out first. I wonder why all the champions, now number four, is coming out first again. Michelle get’s a mic and talks. McCool talks about how “fat” Mickie is. McCool claims that Mickie is forfeiting the match. Layla comes out in a fat suit, and then Mickie comes out. Mickie took out the “Piggy James” Layla [8:13pm]. DDT from Mickie and has the three count [8:13pm]!

Winner: Mickie James, the new Women’s champion.

After the match, Mickie roundhouse kicks Layla. A cake gets brought out by the divas and Mickie puts it in Michelle’s and Layla’s face, and they both start to scream. I am happy that this match lasted less than a minute. I think the match lasted maybe 30 seconds. Mysterio is showed backstage, getting ready for his match. Now the video package airs for the World title match.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: the Undertaker [c] vs. Rey Mysterio

Mysterio is coming out now [8:21pm]. This is a first; the challenger is coming out first. Out of the five title matches, this is the only match where the challenger is coming out first. Lights out and the Undertaker come out and his music plays [8:23pm]. Undertaker finally gets to the ring steps and the lights come on [8:25pm]. Tony Chimel announces the guys at 8:26pm. Mysterio kicks the shin [8:27pm]. Undertaker throws Mysterio over the top rope after Mysterio punches him in the corner [8:28pm]. Awesome punch, Mysterio tries to jump back into the ring and Taker hits him, and Mysterio falls back outside the ring [8:29pm]. “It’s like swatting a fly” one of my friends just said. Vintage Undertaker, a leg drop onto Mysterio on the ring apron [8:30pm]. I really like the match. Mysterio tries to make the match up a notch and make it fast and the Undertaker hits one move and takes it slow. “Vintage Satan” says another one of my friends, talking about the Undertaker. Moonsault from Mysterio to Taker outside the ring [8:32pm], and Taker is bleeding from the mouth. One punch from the Undertaker, and Mysterio is out on the mat [8:36pm]. I really enjoy this match. Mysterio “drops the dime” and gets a two-count [8:37pm]. 619 connects, twice, goes for the West Coast Pop, and the Last Ride by the Undertaker [8:38pm]! YES!

Winner: the Undertaker, via the Last Ride! All these matches seem short, and I like it, and the Undertaker is still the World Heavyweight Champion.

Michaels and Kane are backstage, and Kane told HBK that his obsession with the Undertaker is bad. Kane leaves and Triple H comes in, and wishes HBK luck. Michaels said that the best man should win tonight. They shake hands. Michaels said he wants to face Taker at WrestleMania, and Triple H said he knows, and he will get him. A movie shows for WrestleMania, 56 days away (for Sunday, the night of the Rumble).

The Royal Rumble Match!

Here’s the enterances.

[1] Dolph Ziggler
[2] Evan Bourne
[3] CM Punk
[4] JTG
[5] The Great Khail
[6] Beth Phenoix
[7] Zach Ryder
[8] Triple H
[9] Drew McIntyre
[10] Ted DiBiase
[11] John Morrison
[12] Kane
[13] Cody Rhodes
[14] MVP
[15] Carlito
[16] The Miz
[17] Matt Hardy
[18] Shawn Michaels
[19] John Cena
[20] Shelton Benjamin
[21] Yoshi Tatsu
[22] The Big Show
[23] Mark Henry
[24] Chris Masters
[25] R-Truth
[26] Jack Swagger
[27] Kofi Kingston
[28] Chris Jericho
[29] Edge
[30] Batista

The last four guys were John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Edge, and Batista. When Edge got in right away, he did eliminate Jericho, which was expected. I did write down who got eliminated by whom, but for some odd reason, my numbers got mixed up, so I’m sorry for not having that list for you guys. But yeah, when it was the final four guys eliminated were

[26] Chris Jericho by Edge
[27] Shawn Michaels by Batista
[28] Batista by John Cena
[29] John Cena by Edge

Edge wins the the Royal Rumble

Besides Edge winning the Rumble, the other two surprises for me were Michaels eliminating Triple H and Michaels being eliminated. The announcers quit talking after Michaels was eliminated, I think McMahon was telling them what to saw afterward, which kind of tells me Michaels was expected to win, and Triple H being eliminated because it was expected that Triple H to win. At least Edge never won the Rumble before, and at least he wasn’t number 30. But this is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, happy that I ordered the Royal Rumble, and happy that I will order WrestleMania XXVI because Triple H didn’t win the Royal Rumble, goodbye and goodnight!

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