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WWE Royal Rumble 2010NOTE: Click here if you are looking for our 2011 Royal Rumble predictions blog. It’s that time of year again…the Road to WWE WrestleMania begins this coming Sunday at the Royal Rumble. If you’re not familiar with the Rumble match itself, it’s a 30 man over the top rope elimination match. Once you go over the top rope & your feet touch the floor, you’re out. Two men start the match & a new competitor enters every 90 seconds. The winner goes on to face either the Raw or SmackDown! Champion at the main event of WrestleMania. Let’s look at the lineup:

WWE Women’s Title Match (SmackDown! Brand)
Michelle McCool (C) vs. Mickie James

The war between these two divas has been raging for a while. McCool has done everything from destroying Mickie’s ring attire to throwing food/drink at her to making fun of her in a parody of “Old McDonald” and a Looney Tunes cartoon. The catalyst for all of this? Apparently, Mickie is “overweight”. Gimme a break. If Bertha Faye was still around, I’d say go for it. But come on. *yawn* Despite months of taunting, I think you’re gonna see McCool retain the belt.

Predicted Winner: Michelle McCool
Who Will Win: The Audience once the match is over.

ECW Championship Match
Christian (C) vs. Ezekial Jackson w/William Regal

Christian is the longest reigning ECW Champion since ECW was resurrected as a WWE brand. In that time, he’s defeated the likes of Tommy Dreamer, William Regal, & Shelton Benjamin to stay on top of the land of extreme. Captain Charisma faces his biggest challenge yet…the monster Ezekial Jackson. Standing at 6’4″ weighing 309 lbs. & having mowed down just about everyone in his path since making his ECW debut, this is easily Christian’s biggest challenge to date.

Predicted Winner: Christian after a break down between Regal & Jackson.
Who Should Win: Christian. WWE seems to be intent on building the brand around him. Christian has a strong following & is a top merch. seller. Why ruin a good thing?

World Heavyweight Championship Match
The Undertaker (C) vs. Rey Mysterio

I can’t believe we’re actually going to see this. And no, I’m not excited about it. If Rey Mysterio of all people beats The Undertaker for the belt, I may quit watching WWE programming. Look for interference by Batista and/or Shawn Michaels in this match.

Predicted Winner: Rey Mysterio via DQ, allowing ‘Taker to retain the championship.
Who Should Win: The Undertaker

WWE Title Match
Sheamus (C) vs. Randy Orton

Now this is cool. Sheamus has had quite a year. Coming over to Raw from the ECW brand, Sheamus shocked everyone by capturing his first WWE Title by defeating John Cena. Enter Randy Orton. When is the last time anywhere we’ve seen a heel vs. heel match, let alone a heel vs. heel match for the WWE Title? I honestly don’t know how to call this one. But if I were a betting man…

Predicted Winner: Randy Orton via DQ, allowing Sheamus to retain the championship.
Who Should Win: Randy Orton (It’s the least they could do for Orton considering he’s continually jobbed out to John Cena. And he’s a big merch. seller.)

30-Man Royal Rumble Match
Another that is impossible to call. But since we’re doing predictions…

Predicted Winner: Triple H, setting up Triple H vs. Sheamus for the WWE Title at WrestleMania.
Who Should Win: The Miz. Mark my words, 2010 is the Year of the Miz.

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