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Repost: WWE Royal Rumble By The Numbers Video: 2012 Edition

Originally published on January 26, 2012 – One of my favorite video packages that the WWE produce each year is the Royal Rumble by the numbers. It is one of the rare times that you will see the WWE acknowledge and promote off its history. This year’s video is no exception and includes some interesting Rumble statistics.

The video is only a little over four minutes but boy does it cover an entire history of 24 broadcasted Royal Rumble events. The video differs from year to year with new and updated stats. Here are just a few numbers that I found particularly interesting.

[adinserter block=”1″]31 WWE Hall of Famers have competed in the Royal Rumble. Great number and a really fun stat. Some notable past Hall of Fame Rumble participants include Ric Flair, Jimmy Snuka, Mr. Perfect, Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Ted DiBiase, and the Macho Man Randy Savage who interestingly enough, is included in the video. The video also notes that 21 of them have headlined WrestleMania.

Shawn Michaels holds the record for eliminating WWE superstars from the Royal Rumble at 39. I do recall some of those early Rumbles where Michaels went crazy eliminating guys but I never expected him to hold that record. Kind of odd that a guy his size holds that record in a match that has featured the dozens of bigger guys from Hulk Hogan to the Great Khali. Kane follows him at 35. Eliminating 11 in one shot certainly doesn’t hurt. The chances are good that HBK’s record will be broken this or next year.

Steve Austin holds the record for most Royal Rumble wins at three. I found that interesting because I always thought there were guys who won more or just as many. It really is something that in 24 years of Rumbles (not counting the untelevised first one), that only one guy has won three. Especially guys like Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, The Rock, and Triple H have participated in Rumble matches in their primes. I would expect this record to be broken at some point as well.

My favorite stat revealed here in the video may be that #1 and #30 have produced the same number of winners in Rumble history. That is a fascinating stat because every year since the Rumble started it was booked in a way that put the #30 spot over huge while predicting an immediate loss for anyone who drew #1. Quite honestly I don’t even know if I would have mentioned that in the video but it could also provide a new spin on the “unlucky” #30 spot in the future.

[adinserter block=”2″]I was also surprised to find that #27 has produced the most Royal Rumble winners. According to the video, #27 has produced more Rumble winners than any other number with four winners. I am not sure what the significance is, but I think this is something that you will see played up a lot more over the next several years in promoting the Rumble.

Finally, since 1993 55% of the Royal Rumble winners have gone on to WrestleMania and won the WWE championship in which they challenged for. I always thought it was much more but at second glance, it really is a 50/50 split of winners who were victorious at WrestleMania.

There are some more fun stats in the video such as total weight, total number of entrants, total number of live audience members, and much more. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.

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  1. Some thoughts on the stats…

    1) The percent of winners that go on to WrestleMania and win the title used to be around 75%, but the last several years lowered that stat to 50/50. In fact, the last 4 winners have failed to win the title at WrestlMania. Not the sure thing it used to be.

    2) On Stone Cold's record of 3 wins, I don't think this will be broken any time soon. Only 2 other men have more than 1 win, Hogan and HBK at 2. And with them both retired, I think it will be quite some time before we see someone get to 3 wins let alone 4 wins.

    3) I always found it funny that they always made a big deal about starting at #1 (the "unlucky" #1 producing as many winners as the "lucky" #30), but no one cares about who is #2. Don't they start the match at the same time? Does #1 really have a disadvantage over #2 because he walked to the ring first? And I'm surprised they still use that stat since one of the two men to win from the #1 position was "He Who Shall Not Be Named".


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