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WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Predictions and Analysis

The Royal Rumble is known for one thing and that is the Rumble match itself and if you want to see my full and detailed predictions for that, you can click here. (Just pretend John Cena is Daniel Bryan!) This article will be looking at the remainder of the Royal Rumble card and deciphering what could and should happen.

Last year treated us to one of the worst Rumble mid-cards of all time featuring the likes of The Ascension versus The New Age Outlaws, The Usos versus Miz and Sandow and The Bella’s against Paige and Natalya – they were all, without fault, awful. The saving grace was the absolutely brilliant triple threat match between Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Seth Rollins which was the best match on the main roster in 2015.

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This year’s Rumble card is shaping up better and doesn’t look like it’ll be dominated by pointless tag team matches. Instead, rivalries will be coming to a climax and titles will be at stake, let’s get straight into it with match one.

Intercontinental Championship Last Man Standing Match

Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens

Ambrose and Owens will bring their rivalry to a close at the Royal Rumble with a brutal Last Man Standing match. These two know how to put on a fight, especially with weapons, and this should tear the house to the ground. Last Man Standing Matches can sometimes have a slow pace, but expect Ambrose to keep this one pretty frenetic.

What should happen? Well this is interesting, because whoever wins this match, is not winning the Royal Rumble – it’s as simple as that. However, both men should be in the Rumble Match and both men should be legitimate threats to win it and so, because Reigns will probably be the only babyface with a chance of winning the Rumble, I think Ambrose should retain his title here, breaking Owens through the announce table and getting the 10 count.

Prediction: Ambrose retains

Tag Team Championship Match

The New Day vs The Usos

This is probably the match people will care least about going in. The Usos are rather stale at this stage despite their energy and buzz and The New Day have stagnated a little bit over the last month or two and need some fresh momentum going into WrestleMania. Expect this to be a pretty standard affair to eat up some of the three hour card.

What should happen? Anything other than The New Day retaining would be awful for their momentum and given they should be a vital part of WrestleMania this year, The New Day should retain. Expect Woods to get involved somehow, leading to a rematch at Fast Lane.

Prediction: New Day retains

United States Championship Match

Alberto Del Rio versus Kalisto

On Raw, Kalisto pulled off one of the biggest upsets in the show’s history, defeating Del Rio and becoming the United States Champion. On SmackDown… Del Rio won the title back, because… well… I actually can’t think of a single good reason why… Anyway, Del Rio has the title and now Kalisto is due a rematch. Considering they’ve traded wins, the final encounter should be the rubber match that ends the feud

What should happen? Kalisto has to regain the United States championship and hold it for a while, defending it regularly and maybe even holding a few open challenges. The best thing Kalisto can do is show the people how good he is.

Prediction: Kalisto regains his title

Divas Championship Match

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Charlotte versus Becky Lynch

This gets the big slot before the Rumble Match and, if their last two matches are anything to go on, this should be an absolute classic. Charlotte and Becky have done a brilliant job constructing this feud with Charlotte coming off as the champion who has let the title get to her head and now thinks she’s above everyone and Becky being portrayed as Charlotte’s best friend who beat her, got betrayed and now wants to break Charlotte’s arm off and steal her title. The subplot of Becky never winning a title with WWE and Charlotte being a multiple time champion and the daughter of a 16 time World Champion is also brilliant.

What should happen? Well they should go back and forth for a long time, Flair should get involved, be ejected from ringside, Becky gets the upper hand, submitting Charlotte and becoming the Divas Champion. The timing is perfect. Becky has the crowd behind her more and more every week and that should peak at the Royal Rumble. Putting the title on Becky now cements her as the top babyface on the women’s roster. Becky then takes the title into WrestleMania and defends in a triple threat against Charlotte and Sasha Banks.

Prediction: Becky Lynch becomes champion

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