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WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Predictions: 10 Surprise Entrants

One of the most fun parts of the WWE Royal Rumble is the surprises. WWE fans are generally treated to a legend or returning superstar. Let’s make some predictions and take a look at some possible surprises in this year’s match.

[adinserter block=”1″]Last year’s Rumble surprise was a big improvement over the dismal mystery participants of 2012. Chris Jericho topped the list with a surprising return to the big dance. Jericho’s return was one of the best kept secrets at the time and a big crowd favorite.

I wanted to take a quick look at some surprise entrants for the 2014 Rumble. I tried to keep my choices limited to guys that could actually return to the Rumble as opposed to make ridiculous picks. Someone who is under a contract elsewhere or medically unable to perform won’t make the list. So with that said, let’s make some predictions and try and narrow down the list of possible surprise WWE Rumble participants.

Chris Jericho – Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me and I won’t get fooled again…yeah! I think it is highly likely that Y2J returns to the Rumble once again. Jericho has been so adamant about not coming back on Twitter than I am starting to think he is. He’d be a great surprise and I am sure he’d get a great response from the live crowd. I don’t see any reason why this one doesn’t happen.

Jake Roberts –
The Snake has been public for months about wanting to participate in the Royal Rumble. Jake was recently back for a guest spot and looked great. It was notable that he didn’t DDT anyone when he came back. I say notable because maybe, just maybe they are saving the big DDT spot for the Rumble. Unless he has some kind of personal setback between now and the Rumble I’d be surprised if we don’t see him in the match.

Rob Van Dam – RVD was in and out of the WWE within the blink of an eye. The former champion is a free agent and I see no reason that the sides wouldn’t come together for a one-night deal. I am sure that RVD would love a deal that takes him through Mania. Seeing Rob in the Rumble wouldn’t be a big surprise, as a matter of a fact I’d almost expect it.

Matt Hardy – This one is tricky because Matt Hardy does work for Ring of Honor. Is he under a contract that would prohibit him from making a one-night shot? Who knows? Time heals all wounds and by all accounts Matt has done a tremendous job of turning his life around. I am sure he’d love to go out much different after a successful WWE career. I have predicted Matt returning for now three years. This is it! If he isn’t back in 2014 I give up.

Dusty Rhodes – I was on the fence with Dusty because I just don’t know if he could take a bump over the top rope. He probably can’t and they’d have to get real creative with his exit but that is what the crack creative team is for right? Dusty has been featured more lately and while he still may be in the dog house, he was a part of a recent storyline. I would be shocked if the WWE didn’t include legends here as cross promotion with the network. Dusty fits the bill!

Vader – I was real surprised last year when Vader wasn’t in the Rumble. Vader made a one-night return on RAW that had people talking for months. I don’t know what his health is right now but he looked good the last time out on RAW. I think it would be a lot of fun seeing him back in the big dance.

Psycho Sid – Sid is a name that been on the down low for quite some time. Sid was gearing up for a comeback years ago that never materialized. I am not sure what kind of shape he is in now but he was always a favorite in his day. He’d get a huge pop coming out and who doesn’t want to see another big man in the Rumble?

Evan Bourne – He wouldn’t be a huge shocker but he is a guy that has been out of the picture for a long time. The Rumble is the kind of a match where he could come back and make a huge impact. There is major Rumble-stealing potential here in this guy. If he isn’t coming back now I don’t know when he’ll ever be back.

[adinserter block=”2″]Sheamus – The second the former world heavyweight champion said his recovery was delayed I assumed he was coming back as a surprise in the Rumble. I have to think that he has kept a low profile specifically for this reason. Of all the surprises he is the only one who would have a real shot of winning if he does compete in the big event.

Hacksaw Duggan – How can you have a Royal Rumble without the very first Rumble winner? I don’t know if Hacksaw can take a bump over the top rope but if he can, I think he winds up in the match. Fans still love old Hacksaw and I think he’d get a heck of a pop if he took a long walk down the aisle with his 2×4 even if it winds up being a brief appearance.

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