WWE Retro Week…Make it Happen!


Should the WWE go to a retro week!It’s been a couple weeks since WWE went “old school” on Raw and I’ve been feeling nostalgic ever since. Everything from the use of the old RAW letters combined with the tron screen, the metal guardrails, the old ring, & even the old promo in match feature (wrestler cutting a promo in another screen while the action is going on in the ring) has left me clamoring for more; more of the product I remember from the mid 90’s when I was a kid & started watching. It was a much different time then, quite possibly more entertaining than products being offered today from any organization. Old School Raw left me feeling entertained and reminded me of why I started watching wrestling to begin with.

[adinserter block=”2″]Old School Raw can be the catalyst for a huge money making event. Who says it has to be just one night? Why not make it a week long event? If it can be done with Raw, do it with all of the shows for a week & bring in names from the past to help get the current guys over more. Old School Raw on Monday, Old School Superstars on Thursday, Old School SmackDown! on Friday, possibly Saturday Night’s Main Event or Shotgun Saturday Night on Saturday, leading into a Pay Per View Event on Sunday.

Retro week could be done leading into WrestleMania next year. How cool would it be to see a WCW themed week leading into WrestleMania in Atlanta as long as it doesn’t detract too much from storylines? Retro Nitro on Monday, Retro Thunder on Thursday, & Worldwide on Friday taking the place of SmackDown! with the Hall of Fame on Saturday & WrestleMania on Sunday. Rumor has it that WCW names will be inducted into the Hall of Fame next year in the old hometown of WCW, so a Retro WCW Week could make for an awesome bit of nostalgia.

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[adinserter block=”1″]Or, Retro Week can be held at another time of year. Go retro for all of the programming with In Your House either replacing one of the set Pay Per View events or as an added bonus event to the WWE calendar. It’s fair to say that In Your House was what got wrestling fans monthly pay per view events from WWE, so one more as a sendoff to the old event can’t possibly be a bad thing.

If Old School Raw was a one time thing, it was certainly a blast for those three hours. If it was a precursor to something much bigger, even better. But the one thing I was reminded of by Old School Raw is that there is indeed no school like the old school.

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