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WWE Reportedly Interested In Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen doesn’t have many options following his second round loss to Anderson Silva at UFC 148. He could remain in the division, move up in weight, or…step into the WWE pro wrestling rings according to one report.

MMA and pro wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer broke the story on his post-UFC 148 podcast this past Sunday. Meltzer said that the WWE “wants” Chael Sonnen. Meltzer didn’t get into much more as far as details but according to him, WWE officials have their eyes on the American Gangster and are ready to negotiate.

[adinserter block=”2″]I have to admit that I am a bit surprised by the news. I enjoy Chael Sonnen’s promos and I think they are better than anyone’s in the WWE today, but he doesn’t fit the prototypical WWE recruit. At 6’1” and 215 pounds, he would be a small man in a land of giants. Additionally, Chael has a very generic look to him when it comes to pro wrestling. I think he could talk fans into buying anything, but I am a bit stunned to be honest.

There are also a lot of moving parts here that make me question whether it could happen and if so, how successful he would be at it. He is 35-years old and I am sure he has a lot of tread on the tires as far as his body and the punishment he has taken from wrestling and MMA. I think he could easily adapt, but the road schedule can be brutal for someone at his age and already with abuse on the body.

I am also not convinced he’d get his promos over in the WWE. Chael’s promos certainly were a huge part in whatever monster business he will wind up doing with Anderson Silva. What about Chael’s other fights? He didn’t talk his way into big business with Michael Bisping and Brian Stann. Anderson was also the perfect subject of his promos. There are no Brazilians headlining WWE shows. Can Chael cut those same kinds of promos every week for 52 weeks a year? Will anyone buy it considering that with all of the talking he has done in the MMA world, he has no UFC titles to show for it? In other words, I think Chael is a one-trick pony and that one-trick thrashed him in the second round at UFC 148.

I also think that money could be the biggest issue preventing this kind of a deal from happening. Vince McMahon just paid Brock Lesnar $5 million and thus far, he hasn’t been that big of a difference maker at the box office. Vince is not going to shell out anything remotely close for a guy that a) hasn’t wrestled and b) wasn’t a winner in the UFC. Chael is probably set for life after UFC 148 and could probably hang around MMA after he is done fighting as a well-paid analyst. Is a pay cut really worth the immediate wear and tear on an already beaten up body? Oh and there is also that TUE exemption that could also prevent a deal from happening.

[adinserter block=”1″]Chael Sonnen in the WWE is fun to think about and while the WWE may “want” him, getting him in the WWE ring is something else altogether. I don’t see it happening but stranger things have happened. I think it is more likely to see Chael come in at some point for a one-shot deal as CM Punk’s trainer/manager than actually getting into the ring and wrestle.

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