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WWE Finally Releases Matt Hardy

Matt HardyMatt Hardy has finally been released from the WWE. After weeks of posting You Tube videos and Twitter rants bashing the WWE, a video showing Rey Mysterio without his mask is what finally did it. While nothing has been confirmed, it is more than likely that Matt Hardy’s next stop is TNA Impact.

The last month in the pro wrestling career of Matt Hardy has been one of the most bizarre that I can remember. Matt Hardy was sent home last month from England by the WWE. Hardy immediately went on You Tube and denied the reports. Problem being, WWE confirmed the report to a newspaper a few days later. Once the cat was out of the bag, Hardy continued posting You Tube videos and tweeting about his dislike for the WWE, how he wanted out, and wanted to go to TNA Wrestling. After weeks of making the WWE look like fools, the video of Rey Mysterio was enough to seal the deal.

I also find it kind of ironic how Matt Hardy has been on a warpath against “dirt sheets” over the last several months and yet he goes and posts a video of Rey Mysterio eating sushi without his mask on You Tube. For whatever Matt’s reasons are for wanting to get fired, he really crossed the line here. Yeah I understand he wanted to get his WWE release, but compromising Rey Mysterio’s gimmick is pretty low. This is ironic because while Matt will rant about “dirt sheet” writers exposing surprises, angles, etc, here he is exposing a guy’s gimmick. A pretty classless move if you ask me.

[adinserter block=”1″]I wrote a lengthy blog last month about the situation so I won’t rehash it too much. Matt Hardy has always had a loyal following of fans on the Internet and in the stands. It appears that a lot of those fans have turned against Matt and he is not nearly the popular wrestler he thinks he is. It is interesting in a sense as to whether Matt Hardy knows exactly what he is doing and is taking attention off of the reasons he was sent home by the WWE by creating these ridiculous videos and rants. Has Matt Hardy lost it or is he just pulling an Andy Kaufman, working his own angle, and recreating his gimmick?

The idea that Matt Hardy who has been in the WWE on and off for over a decade and probably had lifetime job security would intentionally get himself fired to go work for TNA Wrestling is just flat out ridiculous. From the rants in the videos, Matt Hardy believes that he would be the top guy if he went to TNA Wrestling. Aspiring to be the top dog on a company that barely gets 10,000 buys on a pay-per-view when you can be a utility player in a company drawing 200,000+ for SummerSlam doesn’t sound real enticing when you break down the numbers.

The big question now is whether TNA Wrestling feels that Matt Hardy is worth what he thinks he is worth. For one thing, the financial situation in TNA is not good and one has to wonder whether the company would be interested in giving a guy big money that was never a consistent main-event wrestler and quite frankly, a bit of a loose cannon. The immediate payoff would be a Hardy Boyz reunion, but let’s face it…how big is that really going to be in 2010? On top of that, a Hardy Boyz reunion would require turning Jeff Hardy back to a babyface just weeks after they turned him heel because doing a heel Hardy Boyz team would make no sense. Then again, this is TNA Wrestling.

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Also, Ric Flair, Mr. Anderson, Rob Van Dam, Kevin Nash, Mick Foley, Jeff Hardy, and Christian all left the WWE as bigger stars than Matt Hardy before going to TNA Wrestling. None of the above mentioned wrestlers have made any difference whatsoever in the TNA Impact ratings and buy rates. Compound that with the face that Matt Hardy burnt TNA badly a few years ago after leading them to believe he was coming and then quickly resigning with the WWE and you have to wonder whether there would even be serious interest from Dixie Carter and company.

[adinserter block=”2″]The next few months of Matt Hardy will be a fascinating in a lot of ways. If TNA turns Matt Hardy down, what would he do next? Would he try and salvage his relationship with the WWE? Would he start up Omega again and try and do it on his own? Or has he just gotten so caught up in playing on You Tube that he just takes an early retirement, sits around and posts videos to You Tube and tweet all day?

My gut feeling is that in a year from now this won’t have turned out so well for Matt Hardy. Hey, if the guy is happy than that is really all that matters. It just seems like a big slap in the face to the thousands of kids over the years who have killed their bodies on the independent wrestling circuit trying to be like Matt and get to the WWE only to wind up penniless and never receiving even a call, that their hero who had it all, walked away from it, giving the WWE two middle fingers. As bad as Matt Hardy says it was to be a WWE superstar, I am sure any one of those kids would have been happy to trade places with Matt Hardy Version 2.0.

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  1. Not for nothing but there are those of us who remember Rey going the better part of a year in TNA without a mask ( and those godawful overlalls).

    Not sure why WWE bothers to make it such a no-no.


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