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WWE Releases DVD/Blu-ray 2013 Schedule

The War Games matchThe WWE is busy gearing up for a year of loaded DVD releases in 2013. The year will feature all of the usual pay per view to DVD releases, in addition to some intriguing compilations. Check out the list and let the excitement begin for a handful of these fun releases.

The WWE is at an interesting point in their Home Video division. The company has put out just about every DVD you would ever want to see, in addition to some real cool compilations. After a decade of hot titles, what is left to offer the public? Of course it would be a select series of new compilations and rarities, which will undoubtedly get some hardcore collectors salivating at the idea of popping these new videos in their DVD or Blu-ray player.

[adinserter block=”2″]Bret Hart, Mick Foley, Triple H, and Bill Goldberg will get their own DVD releases. For Hart, Foley, and Hunter, this will be their second (or third in the case of Hunter) video. The Bret Hart DVD will be highlighted by rarities. That has some major potential right there! I don’t know what the WWE could sell on Foley that isn’t sold on his first release. I can’t imagine the interest in another Hunter DVD. Goldberg is an interesting name. He isn’t a favorite among the WWE brass so this one could go in the Ultimate Warrior direction. I also don’t know what the market is on something like this. How relevant Goldberg is in 2013? His run was so short that I can’t imagine a huge demand for a video, but I could be wrong. What will be most interesting here is if the WWE brings him back for a shot or two to promote the video. Why do the video if they don’t have a deal in place?

One of the highlights of this crop is the Best of Madison Square Garden next August. I am still a fan of watching the old M.S.G. shows whether they are on You Tube or WWE On Demand. Granted most of the matches probably won’t appeal to the new generation of fans expecting a faster style. However, for old school fans like me it is a chance to relive some great memories and watch my childhood heroes in their prime. There is an incredible catalog of matches to choose from here. I just hope they steer away from the 1990s and focus on the mid-late 1970s-early 1980s.

The Best of the War Games will hit the market in September 2013. The War Games was always one of my favorite matches. I still don’t understand why the WWE has never used the match. What fans who didn’t watch wrestling at that time may not appreciate, is that this was probably the fastest paced match of the era. It was non-stop action from start to finish. I know there were a few house show War Games that WCW taped but never released. I hope one or two make the list.

The History of the WWE will be told next November. This video is obviously geared for the holiday shopping period. I can’t imagine how the history of the WWE can be told on a 3-5 DVD set. It will be a nice chance to introduce new fans to the old faces and legends that older fans like me grew up. Fans can now see guys like Roddy Piper as more than just the weird old man they see on Monday Night RAW from time to time.

[adinserter block=”1″]Check out the full list below courtesy of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

– WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2012 – 01/15/13
– Best of Raw & SmackDown 2012 – 01/29/13
– The Best of Nitro Volume 2 – 02/12/13
– Royal Rumble 2013 – 02/26/13
– Bret Hart Unreleased Matches – 03/05/13
– Elimination Chamber 2013 – 03/19/13
– Mick Foley Biography – 04/16/13
– The Best of In Your House – 04/30/13
– WrestleMania 29 – 05/14/13
– Top 25 Rivalries – 05/28/13
– Extreme Rules 2013 – 06/18/13
– Goldberg – 06/25/13
– TBD PPV – 07/16/13
– ECW Unreleased Vol. 2 – 07/30/13
– Money In The Bank 2013 – 08/13/13
– Best of MSG – 08/27/13
– Best of War Games – 09/10/13
– SummerSlam 2013 – 09/17/13
– Top 20 Divas Countdown – 09/24/13
– Triple H Biography – 10/08/13
– Night of Champions 2013 – 10/15/13
– Money In The Bank Anthology – 10/29/13
– Over the Limit 2013 – 11/05/13
– History of WWE – 11/19/13
– Hell in a Cell 2013 – 11/26/13
– Raw 20th Anniversary Box Set – 12/03/13
– Survivor Series 2013 – 12/24/13
– Best WWE PPV’s – 12/31/13

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