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Shocker – WWE Release Daniel Bryan

Daniel BryanI am as stunned as the next WWE fan about Daniel Bryan’s WWE release. The former WWE NXT superstar was fired by the WWE on Friday and has already reverted back to his birth name Bryan Danielson on his Twitter. Sadly any chance that the WWE NXT invasion had of being interesting is now over.

Like most, I saw the news and thought it was a work. Hey, great idea. Fire the WWE NXT standout and continue the storyline. In theory that would make sense. Yet as the pro wrestling pundits and journalists sunk their teeth into the story, all confirmed it was a real firing. Bryan Danielson could be coming to an independent wrestling show near you shortly.

One thing everyone has confirmed is that Daniel Bryan was fired for choking WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts on Monday. My buddy Mike Johnson over at had the most comprehensive reporting on the firing of Daniel Bryan. Mike posted the following the about the release.

[adinserter block=”1″]“The belief among those I spoke to is that when Danielson choked Justin Roberts with his tie, he broke a company protocol that was put in place after the Benoit tragedy that talents were not to use ropes or objects to choke opponents.” Read Mike’s whole story here.

That does make sense but it also opens up a lot of questions. Did Daniel Bryan know about this protocol? Was anyone reminded of this protocol? Do new WWE wrestlers in general know about this protocol? It is hard to imagine that someone would get fired in the WWE for breaking protocol if it was something they were never aware of.

See, that’s why I always read every employee manual cover to cover when I take a new job!

My gut instinct here says that this goes deeper than a protocol. My instincts tell me that Justin Roberts was not in on the WWE NXT invasion angle. I think that he either a) made a formal complaint to WWE H.R. or b) threatened the WWE with a major lawsuit. I can’t see the WWE having this strong of a reaction to this for any other reason.

[adinserter block=”2″]Don’t cry for Daniel Bryan. Unfortunately the people hurt most by this will be the other WWE NXT wrestlers in the invasion angle. No longer do they have a leader they can count on for valuable world and wrestling experience. Now the WWE NXT angle will be full of guys that have zero experience in a top position or in a major wrestling angle. Sadly those are the guys that will be impacted most.

For Daniel Bryan, it reminds me a lot of the CM Punk situation a few years back in TNA Wrestling. CM Punk fans were up in arms when Punk’s tenure in TNA Wrestling came to an end. A few years later it looks like that was the best thing for him as he has had worlds more success in the ring and financially in the WWE than he ever would have had in TNA. I don’t know where else Bryan Danielson can go to earn the kind of a living he would have had in the WWE, but I am sure he can find happiness elsewhere whether it is TNA Wrestling, or returning to ROH.

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  1. I particularly noticed the choking scene during the broadcast but just shrugged it off at the time. Usually when somone is choked with a mic cord or some cable they stick their hand in the loop so as to relieve some of the pressure on their throat. But I noticed that when Roberts was being choked he had his hands on the ground. And Bryan was REALLY cranking back on his tie and it looked pretty intense. I thought at the time, "WOW, that dude is really selling that choke". Maybe he wasn't selling after all. Or maybe I'm just a mark…

  2. this is horrible,horrible,horrible news,the best angle in many years will be ruined because wwe pg rating,the sad thing is tna is not much better.when sting in the main event it looks sad,he is over 50!

  3. This move is nothing less than outrageous. A simple apology to the pissed off sponsor wouldn't be enough? The guy made a minor mistake and the WWE essentially ruins their best angle in years as a result? This is akin to WCW hypothetically firing Hall & Nash in the summer of 96 after the nWo had been formed. It's completely stupid and it's bad business. Either this is nothing but a work, or the WWE is planning to rehire Danielson very shortly.

  4. I'm sorry. I'm not buying this just yet. Things are changing so fast in the WWE right now. For example, WWE is now pushing wrestler's twitter links. I don't think the WWE would do this unless they intended on using Twitter for Kayfabe purposes. And "firing" a NXT wrestler after RAW last monday makes total kayfabe sense. I'm waiting for more info to come out.


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