WWE Reeled us in But the Bellas let us off the Hook


[adinserter block=”1″]If you haven’t heard by now, twin magic has seen its final curtain call. The act has reached its conclusion and the fat lady has sung. In other words, it’s over.

And now it’s time to play the feud.

Don’t let this mountain of clichés fool you; the storyline between Nikki and Brie Bella has been the best of their WWE careers together by far. The emotion, the intensity, it has all added up to much more drama than likely anyone even dreamed possible.

Let’s face it; no one saw this coming.

The fact is that the expectations for any Diva angle these days are typically pretty low. And really, why shouldn’t they be? We all know that WWE is capable of so much more with the women yet they don’t bother. It’s a topic that we’ve been discussing as fans since Trish and Lita both left the company and that’s not changing anytime soon.

It’s just not fun anymore, is it? Lita and Trish told such great stories in the ring and the truth is that WWE allowed them the freedom to do so unrestrained. There was no governor placed on them and if there had been, it would have been wrecked almost immediately.

These two would not be denied and the legacy they left behind will likely never be matched.

Since then, fans have been given a roster full of models and well, divas. The chances of any current female performer taking a chair shot to the head or diving with a Hurricanrana off the top rope are less than zero. Let’s be honest, there’s just no reason for them to do that anymore; fans probably don’t care about it anyway.

That is what happens when you dumb down a division. Reduced to its lowest common denominator, the Divas are nothing more than filler. I’m not happy about it, but the truth is the truth. WWE has not proven they care for legitimizing them at all and there is no reason to believe they will start now.

Or maybe I’m wrong and I owe them an apology.

The reason for my error could be the aforementioned Bella Twins, who are now at odds thanks to Nikki being upset that Brie stole all her boyfriends back in the day. Okay, that’s not exactly how it all went down but it was pretty close.

Brie has done her best to cry on command though for the most part, I have an easier time believing Fred Sanford is truly on his way to meet Elizabeth. Yes, the reference is old but so is the premise; jealousy runs deep and eventually you drown in it.

I have to say however that what we saw on the August 25 edition of Monday Night Raw was pretty well done. Brie confronted Nikki, Nikki fired back and Brie cried. That much we expected. But what we didn’t expect was the moment that Nikki stated she wished that Brie had died in the womb. Then, she pulled her down to the mat and wailed on her like she owed her money.

Speaking of money, there is perhaps some to be made here. While the Divas title is not in the mix, the truth is that this is one of the more compelling angles we’ve seen from this division in quite some time. The emotion is there, the intensity is there and the crowd is buying in so far. If you don’t believe that, just go back and watch the spot, listen to the fans react when Brie is verbally and physically assaulted, then come on back.

But here’s the problem I have right now. While sister versus sister is a very intriguing angle and both of them are surely doing all they can to make it look good, the truth is that not very much is being done on social media whatsoever.

Remember social media, that thing that WWE is constantly shoving down our throats week in and week out? “WWE has more Twitter followers than” and all that? Well it turns out that even though the company knows fans are reading and following, someone forgot to mention this to The Bella Twins.

In the week following the Bella breakdown on Raw, their twitter account has been very curious indeed. Nikki has posted a few times, which makes sense; this gives the fans an opportunity to boo and hiss from afar. But the real problem here is that Brie is the one that has been the most active.

In fact, she’s been downright happy the whole time she’s done it. She’s posted Instagram pics, she’s sent shout-outs to fans and she’s even wished good luck to Shayna Baszler. If you don’t recognize the name, Baszler is the UFC fighter that was among those present during Brie’s match with Stephanie McMahon at SummerSlam.

And she happened to be all smiles at Stephanie when she entered the ring.

Before anyone says anything, let me assure you, I get it; it’s only Twitter, it shouldn’t matter. Right? But my problem with this is that WWE wants me to believe The Bellas are split in half now, that Nikki is a vindictive witch and Brie is a basket case. Okay, fine. I’ll bite.

[adinserter block=”2″]But don’t show me differently in the six days between Monday Night Raws. Where is the effort? Where is the attention to detail? Why does no one care about this at all? This is why fans have lost faith in that company and why they haven’t believed in the Divas for years.

It’s one small argument, one minor complaint, I get it. But to me it’s part of a bigger picture. And that picture is one many fans don’t care to see anymore.

You almost had me, WWE. You almost had me.

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  1. In my opinion the Bellas are terrible actors. Whenever I see them on TV I know it’s time for a bathroom break or time to change the channel. Every “skit” they are involved in is cringe-worthy. Obviously the audience doesn’t care because of the silence and the look of boredom on their faces. If it weren’t for Steph being involved the whole story would have no charisma.


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