WWE RAW Recap – 06/28/10


WWE SheamusAfter last weeks WWE Raw ending with Vince McMahon getting ganged up on I was wondering who’s Next? Also will we find out who this new RAW GM is? I’m also wondering what’s next for Nexus vs WWE? Can the second Raw I review on be as good as the first? Let’s get this review started….

Bad- Why does Sheamus have to be the first superstar I see on Raw?
Bad- Sheamus saying ‘The Champ is here.’ Get your own line fool!
Maybe- Cena is no longer the number one contender. Doubt it will be Orton or Edge since they seem to be feuding.
Good- Sheamus is mad about the jokes.
Good- Cream Cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good- Cena wanting Sheamus’ help. Supertars both heel and face teaming up. Interesting!
Good- Booing Michael Cole!!!!
Maybe- Waiting till next week for Nexus to be punished. Will we find out who the GM is?
Bad- No fighting with superstars vs Nexus.
Bad- Why does Sheamus have to face Mark Henry.
Good- Mom cancelling my Warcraft subscription.
Good- Two Money in the bank Matches. AWESOME!!!! There will be eight Raw superstars.
Maybe- Cena vs Sheamus in a Steel Cage. But you know Nexus can climb up into the ring, right?
[adinserter block=”2″]Good- Hart Dynasty in action, wonder against who? I’m right Uso’s and Tamina! Duh!
Bad- No match after all.
Bad- Truth’s promo. STUPID!!
Maybe- Santino and Vladimir Koslov as a tag team. Let’s hope there are no tag team title reigns.
Good- Suspense thought Koslov was aligned with Regal, but Regal attacks Santino and Koslov kicks Regal.
Bad- Great Khali’s manager leaving him. Who really cares?
Good- Rob Zombie as a Guest Host!
Good- Randy Orton, Edge, Ted DiBiase, Evan Bourne, John Morrison, Chris Jericho
Maybe- The Miz, R-Truth
Maybe- Edge’s fun being Money in the Bank Ladder match.
Good- Main event 4 on 4 tag match.
Bad- Sheamus vs Mark Henry, I’m taking a nap.
Bad- Intimidating Josh Matthews, that’s really great NEXUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good- Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat DVD out tomorrow!!!!!!!!
Good- He’s on Raw. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good- Seeing Dean Malenko and Arn Anderson.
BAD- NEXUS interrupting Ricky Steamboat!
BAD- Attacking the Legends. I hate this for two reasons.
Good- Alicia Fox and Maryse vs Eve Torres and Gail Kim
Good- Main Event was not that bad.

[adinserter block=”1″]Overall I did not really like this edition of Raw. It was boring and it was hard enough to watch the whole show(Hence the lack of detail because I had to try and stay awake.) I can’t see the Hart Dynasty wrestle. There were stupid promo’s like R-Truths and Great Khali. No superstars allowed to touch the Nexus. Then we have Nexus beating up a few legends. Highlights were the main event match, seeing the legends and the John Cena Jokes.

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