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WWE RAW Rating Drops to Less than 3 Million Viewers

It’s official, Sheamus as WWE champion is an unmitigated disaster. The RAW ratings are out and it is anything but good news for the WWE. It’s a good thing John Cena is back in three weeks, otherwise this ship is in danger of sinking.

The RAW ratings are out and there is no positive way to spin this one. The rating was down 10% from last week’s RAW. Even worse, the rating at 2.95 million viewers, only 200,000 more viewers than the lowest rated non-holiday RAW, which goes back to 1997. It’s the first time RAW averaged less than three million viewers since 1997.

To put it into perspective, RAW shows featuring WWE champions The Miz and Jack Swagger did higher numbers than this show. The three hour breakdown is as follows…

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  • 3.19 million views hour one
  • 2.99 million viewers hour two
  • 2.71 million viewers hour three

The story I see here is that a lot of fans were interested in the results of the Survivor Series and who the new WWE world champion was. When they found out, they didn’t care, and tuned out. Ironically the Roman Reigns vs. Rusev main-event was super hot a year ago when they squared off in a battle royal. In one year these guys have been booked so badly, that the audience didn’t care a bit.

Say what you will about Sheamus as champion and the Survivor Series but the fans spoke in numbers here. Generating a number this low off of a pay per view with a new WWE world champion is not the endorsement you want for your product going into WrestleMania season.

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