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WWE RAW Money in the Bank Match 2012 Predictions
Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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WWE RAW Money in the Bank Match 2012 Predictions – By The Odds

It is time to light a cigar, put my lucky visor back on, and take a look at the WWE RAW Money in the Bank 2012 match coming up on July 15. Who are the favorites and underdogs to grab the suitcase and win the match?

Now we all have the obvious choices for the eight-man RAW Money in the Bank match winner coming up at the WWE Money in the Bank pay per view. However, past Money in the Bank matches have seen some big upsets so why can’t 2012 be any different?

[adinserter block=”2″]As a matter of full disclosure I think it is fair to reflect back the last time I placed odds on a WWE Money in the Bank prediction. Last year I nailed the RAW MITB match by giving Del Rio favorite odds at 2-1. On the other hand I had Sheamus as the favorite with 8-1 odds while Daniel Bryan was my second choice at 22-1. In other words, don’t take my predictions to the bank (no pun intended)

I handicapped the match looking at a few different things. One, I took into consideration their current push and status on RAW. Two, I looked at how the WWE creative team sees that individual and if it is someone that the creative team would be likely to push. Three, I looked at past Money in the Bank winners and how that WWE superstar compared to them going into the match. Four, finally I looked at the real chances of seeing that particular WWE superstar in the main-event challenging for the WWE championship and whether that is something that could really happen or not.

John Cena 2-1 odds – Anything can change but at this point Cena is the clear favorite to take the match. As a matter of a fact, Cena was rumored to be challenging CM Punk at SummerSlam before he was even announced to be in the Money in the Bank match. Logically, I don’t see anyone else coming out of here with a future match against Punk other than Cena. It just makes sense whether Cena-haters like it or not.

The only reason I didn’t give Cena better odds is that the WWE tends to switch gears when something is so obvious. Now they did go with Alberto Del Rio last year even though everyone and their brother knew he was winning, but they could pull a swerve here. There is one other scenario here that could work which we will get into with our next MITB favorite.

Kane 10-1 odds – 10-1 odds seem pretty low at first glance for someone like Kane right? Well there is a storyline here that could make sense which makes Kane somewhat of a favorite. Kane and AJ have a history and we already know that AJ is highly involved with the Bryan vs. Punk match. What if AJ was really aligned with Kane all along? What if AJ screws Bryan and then swerves Punk by having Kane come out and win the belt at Money in the Bank? It is a doubtful scenario but then again the WWE creative forces have no problem pushing Kane in 2012. I doubt he wins but he is not as much of a long shot on paper as you would think.

The Big Show 22-1 odds – I can’t see any way that The Big Show leaves Money in the Bank as the winner and a future contender for CM Punk. On the other hand, Show is in the midst of a gigantic push (no pun intended once again). There is a scenario where Show could win, challenge, win the title, and somehow or another bring Johnny Ace back. It is extremely unlikely but not out of the realm of possibility. If the WWE headlined a pay per view with Show vs. Cena, they could certainly have the audacity to go with Punk vs. Show at SummerSlam.

[adinserter block=”1″]Chris Jericho 1245-1 – Yes those are some very long odds for the big bad mama jamma! As fun as Jericho vs. Punk was earlier this year, nobody wants to see it again. Jericho could be an intriguing MITB winner if he were to hold on to the briefcase for awhile. I just don’t think the timing is right for another Jericho title push. I have the sense that Jericho is turning babyface soon which would completely take him out of the mix for another run at Punk. That and timing make Jericho is a real long shot to grab the briefcase at Money in the Bank.

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  1. Just read this and had a thought: How great would it be for Jericho to win!? We all know he's leaving in weeks to go on tour with fozzy. So Jericho could win the match and have a wwe title match in hand for the next year. Weeks later, he quits, is fired, etc and is gone from the wwe. Sometime in 2013 he returns out of nowhere to steal the title and "save" us once more.


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