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WWE RAW Money in the Bank Match 2013 Predictions By Odds

It is time to light a cigar, put my lucky visor back on, and take a look at the WWE RAW Money in the Bank 2013 match coming up on July 14. Who are the favorites and underdogs to grab the suitcase and win the match?

Now we all have the obvious choices for the seven-man RAW Money in the Bank match winner coming up at the WWE Money in the Bank pay per view. However, past Money in the Bank matches have seen some big upsets so why can’t 2013 be any different?

As a matter of full disclosure I think it is fair to reflect back the last time I placed odds on a WWE Money in the Bank prediction. Last year I nailed the RAW MITB match by giving John Cena favorite odds at 2-1 although to be fair there was plenty of evidence leaked ahead of time to boost the pick.

I handicapped the match looking at a few different things. One, I took into consideration their current push and status on RAW. Two, I looked at how the WWE creative team sees that individual and if it is someone that the creative team would be likely to push. Three, I looked at past Money in the Bank winners and how that WWE superstar compared to them going into the match. Four, finally I looked at the real chances of seeing that particular WWE superstar in the main-event challenging for the WWE championship and whether that is something that could really happen or not.

Daniel Bryan 3-1 odds – Anything can change but at this point Bryan has to be to the top favorite in the match. As a matter of a fact, Bryan was rumored to be challenging Cena at MITB or SummerSlam before he was even announced to be in the Money in the Bank match. Although watching television the last few weeks the story doesn’t necessarily seem to be pointing in that direction.

I would have given Bryan better odds but I just can’t believe that they would give him the win with the way he is being booked. If I was to look at this logically I’d see a storyline culminating with Bryan vs. Kane at SummerSlam. I also don’t see Bryan beating Cena and while Cena didn’t win the title cashing in last year, I can’t imagine they’d do that two years in a row.

Rob Van Dam 4-1 odds – If it weren’t for all of the stories regarding Bryan challenging for the title I’d make RVD an immediate favorite. The WWE have obviously invested a lot in RVD and there is a lot of anticipation growing for his debut. RVD vs. Cena is legendary and while I don’t know if they can ever reproduce the scene at the Hammerstein Ballroom, I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see them try it again.

CM Punk 10-1 odds – Punk is a really interesting pick here. I can easily see Punk winning this and waiting until WrestleMania to cash it in against Cena. If you look at the big picture right now there is nothing special at all in the wings for WrestleMania. Punk has talked repeatedly about wanting to be in the main-event and this could be his ticket. Punk is in dire need of a big win and this could be the one that puts him back into the driver’s seat. That all said I think the more predictable finish is Heyman costing Punk and Punk officially severing all ties with his former friend the next night.

Randy Orton 20-1 – Orton is another interesting one. If I were booking this I’d probably go with Orton, set up Cena vs. Orton and have Orton turn heel and win the title. I know Orton vs. Cena has been done to death but it’s been several years since the last time they feuded. That said, Orton doesn’t appear to be building towards anything like that at all. It’s been a long time since Orton has won any of these kinds of big matches and I think that streaks continues in Philadelphia.

Sheamus 33-1 – You can never completely count out Sheamus but he has been so marginalized in recent weeks that a win here would be a huge shocker. I’d love to see it as part of a heel turn and renewed Cena feud but I don’t think it’s very possible at all.

Kane – 34-1 – I don’t see it but if they really want to shake things up and shock someone, put Kane over to win the match. Kane hasn’t been booked as a strong singles for a long time and lord knows nobody wants to see another Kane vs. Cena series. It’s not impossible but it’s not very possible.

Christian – 524-1 – Now this I’d call impossible. Christian in the SmackDown match would certainly be given better consideration than the RAW match. It’d be a great angle to swerve everyone here with Christian and give us that Christian vs. Cena feud we never got back in 2005 after weeks of hype. I just don’t see any way he wins a match with CM Punk, RVD, and Randy Orton in it in 2013.

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