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WWE RAW Spoiler – The CM Punk Shoot Aftermath

What happened after CM Punk's shoot promo?WWE fans won’t have to wait long at all to find out what happened after CM Punk’s shoot promo on RAW. The WWE taped next week’s RAW last night in Las Vegas and according to RAW spoilers, the CM Punk angle will take an interesting twist next week on July 4.

Let me first warn you that you will read spoilers for next Monday’s RAW. If you aren’t interested in spoilers please stop reading now. Okay you have been warned.

According to reports, John Cena opened the show and told the crowd in Las Vegas that CM Punk had been suspended. John Cena informed the WWE Universe that Punk will not receive his WWE title shot at WWE Money in the Bank 2011 due to his actions on RAW Roulette. Instead, a new number one contender would be named later on RAW with that winner advancing to Punk’s spot against Cena at Money in the Bank.

[adinserter block=”2″]Alberto Del Rio defeated R-Truth and Rey Mysterio in a number one contender’s match to face John Cena at Money in the Bank. How does Rey Mysterio get a slot in such a match after being defeated on the last two WWE pay per view events? Got me, although it won’t matter anyway as you will find out if you keep reading this blog.

John Cena eventually came out and demanded to have the match with CM Punk at Money in the Bank. Vince McMahon then came out and told Cena that Punk’s contract demands were too high and he can’t risk him leaving with the title unsigned. Cena reportedly cut a “shoot” promo of his own on Vinnie Mac and reportedly told McMahon that the WWE belt isn’t worth a thing if he can’t defend it against Punk. McMahon finally gave in but told Cena that if Punk left the building at Money in the Bank with the belt then Cena would be fired. Hey, wasn’t Cena just fired back last year?

So there you have it. Cena vs. Punk at Money in the Bank is still on. If Cena loses, he will be fired. CM Punk was also not on the broadcast, nor is his shoot promo up on the WWE You Tube channel today. The scenario certainly opens up a few possibilities for MITB but at the same time, the stipulation really waters down the impact of Punk’s promo if you ask me.

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I was surprised but people were questioning on Facebook and Twitter whether Punk cut a shoot promo. Look, it wasn’t a shoot but it apparently got people wondering whether it was legit or not. This whole idea now of Cena getting fired after they just did an angle where Cena was told that he’d be fired if he lost, was fired, and never missed a day of work just completely waters down the angle. I think this whole scenario with Cena begging to wrestle Punk would have been a lot more effective without the firing stipulation.

Reading between the lines it certainly appears that the scenario I wrote about last week with Alberto Del Rio winning RAW Money in the Bank and later defeating new champion Punk for the title is a virtual lock. That is the problem here. As of last week you had four or five different possibilities, all being logical. However, after reading the RAW spoilers it would appear that this one will have a very obvious conclusion.

[adinserter block=”1″]As for Punk’s promo, my hunch is that he is re-signing with the WWE. However, I do think he will be taking a lengthy sabbatical until the end of the year. I think this whole deal is being set up to put a ton of steam on Punk when he returns. I am also assuming that Paul Heyman returns with Punk as his manager. Why not? If there is anyone that can take this thing to another level it is Heyman. I don’t think that name dropping his name was an accident. I also wouldn’t be surprised if somehow or another Brock Lesnar gets involved at some point in being in Punk’s corner or at least helping out with a few promos. In other words, I think this one has a lot of legs.

Circling back to the Cena retiring stipulation, this is exactly what I have been complaining about for months. The WWE shoots these angles with stips, they never honor them, and then attempt to do the same angle without success months later. This happens all of the time and they are killing themselves with their lack of follow through. Anyone who watched the angle play out with Cena vs. Wade Barrett knows that Cena won’t be fired. So the impact of throwing this stipulation in there actually turns more people off than gives the angle punch. My other hunch here is that with the way this is playing out, Punk will certainly address this with a promo before the match.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the show because for the first time since in months, some fans finally have a reason to watch RAW…well until July 18 anyway.

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