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WWE Monday Night RAW Results and July 29, 2013 Recap

Vince McMahon comes to the ring with Brad Maddox and says they will have some fun tonight, then Maddox apologizes for letting John Cena name his opponent. Vince says Maddox insulted Daniel Bryan and says some examples, then he asks Maddox how he really feels about him. Bryan cuts them off and heads to the ring, and he says Maddox said some things about him, but he thinks Vince was the one who told him what to say. Vince says he is showing a lack of respect by cutting him off, but Bryan says respect is a two way street and he’s given everything for this company. He says Vince has never given him any respect, but Vince asks him if he respects John Cena and tells the fans to keep quiet.

Bryan says he respects Cena as a wrestler and for picking him as an opponent, but Vince says Cena manipulates people and he can’t be trusted. Vince says Cena picked Bryan for earning it and because he’s popular, but Cena is a liar and he thinks Bryan and all of the fans are fools for buying into this. He says Bryan can’t beat Cena, and he can’t even beat Kane tonight because he doesn’t have ‘ruthless aggression,’ something Cena use to have. Vince says Cena walks around like he owns the place and he doesn’t want him to win at Summerslam, but he doesn’t want a troll as champion either.

[adinserter block=”1″]Vince says the only person who could win is him, then he makes fun of Bryan’s height and says he hopes Cena and Bryan spontaneously combust at Summerslam. Bryan says Cena will pay if he’s lying about him earning his title shot, then Bryan says he loves Mr. McMahon because he’s always honest, but it doesn’t matter what he thinks. He says Vince always says it matters what the fans think, and he thinks they want a new champion at Summerslam, and that will be him. Bryan says Vince needs to listen to his own advice and listen to the WWE Universe, then he asks if they want him as champion and they all chant YES!

Highlights were shown of The Uso Brothers saving Mark Henry from The Shield last week…

The Shield vs. Mark Henry and The Usos

Mark Henry sends Dean Ambrose across the ring with a biel throw, then Seth Rollins tags in and Henry throws him across the ring so Rollins goes to his corner and tags Roman Reigns in. Reigns gets in Henry’s face and tries a test of strength, but Henry punches him in the corner and biel throws him before slamming his head into the turnbuckles. Henry asks ‘who wants some’ and tags Jey Uso in, then he stomps Reigns in the corner before he tags Jimmy Uso, who stomps and headbutts Reigns. Jimmy puts him in a facelock but Reigns pushes him into his corner, and Rollins tags himself in and punches Jimmy from behind. Ambrose comes in and sends him to the corner, but Jimmy kicks him in the face and tags Jey, who slams him on the mat and tags Henry in.

Henry goes for an elbow drop but Ambrose rolls away and tags Rollins, and they try for a double side Russian suplex but Henry throws them out of the ring. Reigns tries to interfere but Henry grabs him by the head and throws him outside, then The Usos run across the ring and hit suicide dives as we go to a break.

Back from break, The Shield had control. Reigns applied an armbar on Jey. Reigns tagged in Ambrose who also went to an armbar. Jey escaped. Ambrose charged at Jey but he moved and Ambrose went into the ring post. Ambrose tagged in Rollins, who stopped the tag from being made and knocked Jimmy off the apron. Jey back dropped Rollins and tagged in Henry. Henry cleared out the ring, but Reigns hit a Spear on Henry. Reigns was taken out on the outside. Jimmy Uso hit a dive off the top, then a Samoan Drop on Ambrose. He went for a splash off the top, but Ambrose got his knees up. Ambrose hit his finisher for the win. After the match, Mark Henry cleared the ring of The Shield.

Winners: The Shield

Michael Cole and The King set up footage of video from earlier today of a group of people are standing around the catering table when Ryback walks in and grabs a bottle of water. He asks some random guy what he said, then he shoves one against the wall and asks if he’s a big man. Ryback asks if he’s hungry and slaps him with some food, then he points at the table and says he’s going to put Cena through a table like this one. Ryback asks if the man wants Ryback to put him through the table and the guy says no, then Ryback turns away but ends up turning around and slamming the guy through the table as he leaves.

They show a video of all the recent attacks by the Wyatt Family.

Kane is shown backstage and he approaches Brad Maddox and asked where The Wyatt Family is. Maddox said he knows Kane has been looking for them, but they aren’t here. He said that if Kane wants to send a message to them, then he should show them he’s still a monster with a killer instinct when he faces his former tag team partner and friend Daniel Bryan tonight.

Rob Van Dam vs. Fandango (w/ Summer Rae)

Fandango takes RVD and hits the ropes, but RVD kicks him in the face and takes him down with a springboard moonsault from the apron. RVD tries to pull him back in but Fandango snaps his head on the ropes, then he kicks him in the face and puts him in a headlock. RVD elbows his way out and goes for a spinning heel kick, but Fandango ducks it and hits an enziguiri for a two count. RVD kicks him back and hits Rolling Thunder, then he hits a monkey flip out of the corner and follows with a springboard heel kick. He goes up top but Fandango rolls outside, then Summer Rae argues with RVD and prevents him from diving outside, then she leaves with Fandango as he gets counted out.

Winner (by countout): Rob Van Dam

Backstage, A.J. Lee was shown complaining to Big E Langston about not doing anything when Kaitlyn spears her. Then she started laughing and said he watches because Langston likes her and what she does in the ring. AJ said Langston never knows what she’s going to do next. She skipped away.

Kaitlyn vs. AJ Lee

AJ gained the upper hand with some slaps and applied an armbar. Kaitlyn got to the ropes. AJ kicked Kaitlyn a couple of times, but missed a splash attempt. Kaitlyn tried a roll up but AJ escaped and hit a knee to the face. Kaitlyn escaped a chinlock and caught AJ with an elbow. Kaitlyn hit a clothesline and went for a Spear, but AJ caught her with a knee. AJ hit a drop armbreaker for two. AJ went for a clothesline but Kaitlyn caught her with a Spear for the win.

Winner: Kaitlyn

After the match, A.J. threw a fit in the ring. Dolph Ziggler came out and stood on the stage while congratulating her on her loss. He told her that she could cry on Langston’s shoulder, and then she could return the favor because he wants a match with Langston on the spot. Langston was talking trash from the ring and Ziggler was headed there as they head to commercial.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Big E Langston

Langston drops him with a shoulder block, then he hits him a few times before Dolph goes for a running splash, only to have Langston catch him and slam him down. Langston hits the ropes and splashes him for two, then he bearhugs Dolph but he breaks it with some elbows and hits the ropes. Langston catches him and hits consecutive backbreakers for a near fall, then he puts him in an elevated chinlock before slamming him in the corner. He rams Dolph with his shoulder and punches him in the stomach, then he rams him with his shoulder again but Dolph avoids a third one. Langston goes into the ringpost and Dolph punches him several times, then he connects with a dropkick before kicking his knees and hitting the ropes. Langston tries to counter with a powerslam but Dolph floats over, then he pulls the ropes down and Langston spills outside but AJ jumps in and attacks Dolph.

Winner (by DQ): Dolph Ziggler

Backstage we see John Cena talking on the phone when Daniel Bryan walks in, and he asks Cena if what Vince McMahon said earlier was true. Cena says Vince is the ultimate promoter and would do anything to sell tickets, and you shouldn’t trust anything he says. Bryan says Vince has always told him the truth, then Cena asks if Bryan is calling him a liar, then he puts his hat on and walks away.

Michael Cole announces that Alberto Del Rio will be allowed to pick his opponent at WWE Summerslam this Friday on Smackdown.

Non-title Match: Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian

Christian controlled the early offense and knocked Del Rio to ringside. Christian tried to slide into Del Rio under the bottom rope, but Del Rio moved and then threw Christian into the ring steps. Del Rio caught Christian with a kick to the arm that drove it into the steps and then dropkicked him into them heading into commercial.

We get back to see Alberto hit a middle rope elbow drop for two, then he stomps Christian’s shoulder a few times before putting him in the tree of woe position. Alberto kicks him a few times and rips at his face, then he goes for an inverted superplex but Christian knocks him down and follows with a tornado DDT. Christian punches Alberto several times and connects with a missile dropkick for two, then Alberto tries to beg him off and drop toe holds him in the corner. Christian kicks him and gets a sunset flip for two, then Alberto punches him several times in the face and smiles as he scoop slams Christian near the corner. He throws Christian on the apron but Christian rams him with his shoulder, then he snaps Alberto’s head on the ropes and runs towards him.

Alberto hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two, then he nonchalantly kicks Christian’s shoulder and steps on his chest before going for a middle rope backsplash. Christian rolls away and calls for a spear, but Alberto rolls outside so Christian chases him and runs into a superkick for a near fall. Alberto waits for him to get up and sets up a step up enziguiri, but Christian ducks it and sets up a Killswitch but his injured arm prevents him from locking Alberto’s arms. Alberto shoves him back and goes for the Cross Armbreaker, but Christian rolls through and hooks his legs to take the win.

Winner: Christian

Highlights aired from last week of the Daniel Bryan, Ryback, and John Cena drama from the end of the show. The announcers hyped Cena vs. Ryback in a tables match for later in the show. WWE aired a great commercial for the ECW Unreleased Volume 2 DVD that will be released on Tuesday.

Wade Barrett vs. Cody Rhodes

Wade knees Cody in the corner and kicks him a few times, then he knocks him outside and punches him in the back of the head before throwing him into the barricade. Wade rolls him in and hits a rolling underhook suplex, then he slams him chest first into the turnbuckles before putting him in a waistlock. He bounces Cody off the top rope and knees him in the back, then he applies a side headlock but Cody punches his way out and whips him across the ring. Wade reverses it but Cody catches him with an elbow, then he connects with a top rope moonsault before they slug it out. Wade whips him into the ropes but Cody knees him in the face, then he kicks him in the stomach and hits a running knee smash for two. Cody goes for a Disaster Kick but Wade ducks and kicks him, then he sets up a pumphandle slam but Cody floats over and hits Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Damien Sandow comes out after the bell and says Cody is damned for throwing his briefcase in the Gulf of Mexico, and he’s filed a complaint with WWE. Sandow says he brought Cody under his wing and tried to teach him, and he succeeded and won Money In The Bank, while Cody grew a mustache. He says he came from a well off family while Cody came from clowns, then Cody starts to move towards him but Sandow says carnies are beneath him and takes off backstage.

They show Kane walking backstage and they also show Daniel Bryan walking backstage.

Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

Bryan charges Kane and knees him in the face, then Kane pushes him back but Bryan kicks him a few times and hits the ropes. Kane trips him but Bryan rolls through and puts him in a single leg crab, then Kane kicks him away and punches him in the corner. He whips Bryan into the ropes and hits a big boot, then he punches him in the corner and stomps him a few times. Kane applies a chinlock but Bryan makes it to his feet, then he punches Kane and hits the ropes, but Kane catches him and press slams him before hitting a low dropkick. Kane elbows him and puts him in headlock, but Bryan comes back with some kicks and follows up with a diving clothesline and a boot to the face. Bryan dives off the ropes and almost gets chokeslammed, but he counters it and knocks Kane outside before taking him out with a running knee from the apron.

Back from break Kane it a clothesline in the corner. Bryan then hit a drop toe hold on Kane into the corner. Bryan hit a missile dropkick off the top then a dropkick in the corner, and two more after. Bryan went to the top again but Kane caught him with an upper cut. Kane hit a side slam for two. Kane hit his clothesline off the top. He went for a chokeslam but Bryan tried countering into the Yes Lock, but Kane powered out. Bryan landed some kicks but Kane caught him on one. Kane went for a chokeslam but Bryan countered with a roll up for the win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Kane hit a chokeslam on Bryan. The Wyatt Family came out. He went after Bray but Harper and Rowan stopped him. They took Kane out in the ring. Bray came in and hit his finisher. He said he heard Kane calls himself the Devil’s Favorite Demon. Bray told him to be careful who he says those things around, because you never know who is listening.

Natalya vs. Brie Bella

Brie goes after Natalya but she gets thrown on the mat, then Natalya suplexes her and goes after her in the corner. Brie ducks under the ropes and snaps Natalya’s head on the ropes, then she kicks her in the back and taunts her. She puts her in a modified chinlock and slams her head on the mat, then Brie hits a legdrop and puts her in a chinlock. Natalya elbows her way out and puts Brie in an abdominal stretch, but Brie comes back with a facebuster for two. Brie slams her head on the mat and goes back to a chinlock, then Natalya takes her down with a snapmare and follows with a scoop slam. Natalya dropkicks her and hits a discus clothesline for two, then she goes for a Sharpshooter but Nikki walks out on the stage with a duck whistle. She taunts Natalya (they called her an ugly duckling earlier) with the whistle, then Brie kicks her in the chest and steals it with a rollup.

Winner: Brie Bella

Curtis Axel (w/ Paul Heyman) vs. R-Truth

As Curtis Axel was making his entrance, Paul Heyman got on the mic and said he is the most wanted agent in all of wrestling. He said Lesnar will end the career of Punk at Summerslam. He then said it was great being a Paul Heyman, just like his client Curtis Axel. Axel said he was more perfect than perfect.

Axel kicks Truth a few times but Truth comes back with a shoulder tackle and a front release suplex, then Axel kicks him in the shoulder and punches him in the head. Truth hits him back a few times but Axel shoves him and hits a dropkick, then he hits a neckbreaker as CM Punk runs out to ringside. Punk pulls him out of the ring and throws him on the ground, then he goes after Heyman and prevents him from running through the crowd. Punk shoves Heyman into Axel and attacks Axel near the commentary table, then Punk turns and watches as Heyman runs up the ramp and backstage.

Winner: No Contest

Triple H approaches Vince McMahon in the backstage area and tells him he needs to stop telling Brad Maddox what to do, but Vince says he wants Bryan to succeed. He laughs as HHH tells him he knows he’s joking, and Vince laughs and says he’s right, but he wants a champion like HHH. Vince says of course, he should be much younger, then they go back and forth a bit until Stephanie walks in and says they can work this out. Stephanie says the fans chose Bryan as much as Cena did, and they might be able to help him by giving him a corporate makeover of sorts. Vince smirks and says good luck with it, then he leaves and Stephanie and HHH agree that it might not be that great of an idea after all.

Tables Match: John Cena vs. Ryback

Ryback throws Cena in the corner and kicks him, but Cena comes right back with a clothesline that sends Ryback outside, then he throws him into the barricade. Cena gets a table but Ryback hits him in the back, then he punches him and throws him across the floor before throwing a table at him. We get back from a break to see Ryback punch Cena in the back, then he calls for a powerbomb and sets a table up in the entrance way. Cena floats over and punches him a few times, then Ryback whips him into the steps and slides the bottom of the steps in the ring.

[adinserter block=”2″]Cena slams him into the ring apron and the barricade, then he wedges a table on the apron and the steps but Ryback counters with a suplex. Ryback steps on him and gets another table, then he rolls him in but Cena puts him in the STF, so Ryback crawls to the ropes and slides out to the floor. Ryback crawls under the ring as Cena throws a table at him, then he reappears on the other side of the ring and takes Cena down with a running tackle. He hits Cena in the face with the stairs, then he puts the table back on the apron and steps before Cena kicks him into the broadcast table. Ryback runs back to Cena and kicks him, then he tries to throw him through a table but Cena lifts him for the Attitude Adjustment and tries to put him through the table.

Ryback gets out of it and goes for a press slam, but Cena lands on the other side of the table so Ryback breaks the table with the steps. Cena picks up the other part of the steps and they have a stand off, and they throw the steps at each other before rolling back in the ring and slugging it out. Cena lifts Ryback and hits a side slam on the steps, then he follows with the Five Knuckle Shuffle before he goes out for another table. Cena sets it up but Ryback lifts him for Shell Shocked, then Cena tries to counter but Ryback spins him and drops him with a backpack stunner. Ryback grabs the table and wedges it in the corner, then he hits a Meathook and calls for a second, only to have Cena duck and hit an Attitude Adjustment through the table.

Winner: John Cena

3 Things that I Liked:

  1. Rob Van Dam. It’s nice to see him winning again. I know technically he only lost one match and he did win this by a countout. But why exactly did RVD lose to Del Rio on Smackdown? I can understand him losing but he didn’t even look like competition in that match. RVD needs another major program before he leaves. I just wish he was given more time to properly sell a feud or storyline or that there was someone worthy of his popularity and in ring skill to feud with him.
  2. AJ Lee. She is the perfect “diva”. How many storylines has she been involved in with other main event stars and she was the main focus? She’s been the greatest diva I’ve seen for a long time. I really love every program she is involved in. I also look forward to what the WWE has planned next for her.
  3. Cody Rhodes. I’m happy that he is finally getting a well-deserved push. I am again baffled at the sight of Wade Barrett being used as an enhancement wrestler. He deserves much better and hopefully some of the higher ups in the WWE will see this sooner rather than later.

3 Things that I Hated:

  1. Vince McMahon and Daniel Bryan. I was actually excited for this main event at WWE Summerslam and in one segment Vince destroyed it all. What exactly was he trying to accomplish with this debate? I really don’t know where this whole Vince burying Daniel Bryan is going or if there is a payoff even in mind. He is the hottest thing in professional wrestling today and Vince in one segment killed almost all of it! I hated everything about that segment and I hope I never have to watch something this bad ever again. Maybe we’ll see Vince pick someone to take out Bryan and take his place in the WWE Championship match at Summerslam. I hope there’s a plan set in place and not just a one off occurrence.
  2. Big E. Langston’s ring attire. I saw more of his ass than I ever cared to see. Seriously, can they get the guy some new gear!
  3. Taped Shows. I hate them! Even if I didn’t know that it was a tape show you can obviously see. Short matches, no storyline advancements and nothing ground breaking being announced. You know the WWE was just packing it in for tonight when they announced that they would be two divas match on Raw, when was the last time that ever happen? Shows that aren’t live just suck and there’s no reason for them anymore. WWE can do away with these ASAP!

Segment of the Night: “Kane…you should be careful who you say those things in front of, because you never know who might be listening!” – Bray Wyatt.

Match of the Night: Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

Overall Grade: C +

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  1. I liked the back and forth between Bryan and Kane. But to be fair I had Del Rio and Christian as my match of the night until I posted it and I just couldn't go against any match that Daniel Bryan was in.

  2. The Wyatt Family was by far the best segment for me. I love what they have going with them right now. I thought the match of the match of the night was Del Rio vs Christian though. It seemed to me like they were just trying to get through the Bryan vs Kane match, just to get to the Kane/Wyatt Family story.

  3. I agree Punk and Heyman can sell a Main Event better than anyone in that company. But I was at least intrigued at the Bryan-Cena match, purely because I wanted to see Daniel Bryan win. I'll be watching still because of the Punk-Lesnar match but I think Daniel Bryan can get a great match out of Cena.

  4. You mean it took tonight for the bloom to come off the rose for Cena vs Bryan it only took me as long as Cena announcing the match and knowing their girlfriends will be the focus of their feud.

    Summerslam became interesting when Punk vs Brock was booked and that is your Main Event.

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