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WWE: Raw Is Braun

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If the last two weeks are any indication of what’s to come for Braun Strowman, it is clear that he is headed for great things in 2017. Strowman is easily Raw’s best top heel right now, and there are no signs of his momentum slowing down. Summer will prove interesting for sure when it comes to the Monster Among Men.

Strowman’s dominance on Raw reminds me of the shock value of the 90s and early 2000s. Two weeks ago, Strowman picked apart Roman Reigns by decimating him in a vicious backstage brawl. Despite the crowd reaction in favor of Strowman, not everyone gets opportunities to create shocking moments such as what he did. This past week’s ending of the ring implosion was predictable in the least. But again, with this much concentration on Strowman, it’s safe to say that his position is locked down.

This is a good thing for Raw – the company’s flagship show is in need of more edge and moments to keep fans tuning in. According to Facebook page The Spotlight, viewer numbers posted for Raw this week showed that it’s a fact that Strowman is a draw for Raw. That is even better news for the company, who has struggled to produce good, consistent shows on Monday nights.

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When Reigns does return, the pages will keep turning in their feud. Strowman is Reigns’ biggest enemy to date in singles competition. Even though Rusev was close to bringing Reigns to his limits last summer in their feud, Strowman has one up on the Bulgarian Brute. No one has put Reigns out quite like Strowman. Eventually the Big Dog will more than likely win the feud, but the buildup between the two men has gotten so much better now that WrestleMania has come and gone. Reigns is not your classic babyface, however the story will remain the same for him to overcome Strowman. That shouldn’t faze Strowman at all because with his huge moment with Reigns, that is more than a feud win could give him.

There were also rumors of Strowman heading for the Universal Championship down the line. With the tease of his face off with Brock Lesnar, who’s to say that very well could happen? For someone like Strowman, a win against the Beast Incarnate would be huge and perhaps the biggest win of his career. That is if the scenario comes to fruition. Never say never, but what a nice surprise that would be if that were to happen.

Regardless of where the road leads Strowman to, 2017 will definitely be his year. With the slow burn of his rise on Raw these past few months, the payoff should be huge. Strowman’s path of destruction is one of the highlights of Raw and the one consistent factor that is paying off with each passing week. He’s got the look and more importantly, he is very much over with the WWE faithful. He’s come a long way from being a Rosebud just a short couple of years ago. His rise on Raw is just the beginning for him.

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