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Let’s Play Odds-Maker: WWE RAW GM

teve AustinFor those of you who have it all figured out from Monday night’s edition of WWE RAW, you don’t. Well, you probably don’t. All those hints that the anonymous RAW GM dropped about his identity are most likely red herrings. Sure, those hints would be goldmines in any other form of sport or entertainment, but the swerve has been a dependable tool for wrestling bookers over the years, even before the days when Vince Russo used it to the point of it losing its sharpness and efficacy.

Still, how funny is it that we as wrestling fans have come to expect swerves? Quite the unsurpriseable bunch we all are, but that’s fodder for another post. In this one, I’m totally going fishing what the swerve is going to be. Yep, I’m gonna play odds-maker. Who is the anonymous RAW general manager? Here are my choices, with associated odds:

Vince McMahon

There have been more nonsensical swerves in history in the WWF/E, so I wouldn’t put it past them to have the brutal beating of McMahon be the ultimate in red herrings. Remember, this is the same guy who was the “Higher Power” of the Ministry. Still, the company has moved away from Russo’s Crash TV model enough that such a swerve would be highly unlikely. Besides, why would McMahon, the chairman of the company, need to be the GM as well?

Odds: 500 to 1

Steve Austin

[adinserter block=”1″]Yes, there is totally a chance that the catchphrase hints are a dead giveaway for the Texas Rattlesnake. What’s old is new again, right? The WWE has dragged Bret Hart, Arn Anderson, Dusty Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat and even the tubby Michael PS Hayes out of mothballs for appearances this year, Mike Tyson hosted RAW, and WrestleMania was headlined by two forty-somethings. That being said, wrestling bookers don’t have a flair for the obvious, and they at least try to mask their intentions, even if that masking is ham-handed. Would I love to see Austin on TV on a regular basis? Hell yeah! Do I think he’s the GM though? Hell no!

Odds: 100 to 1


Yes, it could be anyone. This is the catch-all for all the names that aren’t listed here explicitly, from the obvious like Abraham Washington to the obscure like Lee Marshall, and from the ridiculous like Doink the Clown to the sublime like the Dream himself, Dusty Rhodes.

Odds: 75 to 1

Shane McMahon

The rumor is that Papa Bear McMahon’s oldest cub had a falling out with the company, which was the reason for his departure. Even if that was the case, blood is thicker than water and money talks. That being said, Shane-O Mac is a long shot at best, and again, why would Vince have to hire his own son?

Odds: 65 to 1

No Resolution/Angle Gets Dropped

Always a possibility when it comes to the WWE. I’m not sure how they could drop the whole thing, but believe me, they definitely could drop the whole thing and not bat an eyelash over the number of fans they give booking blue balls to.

Odds: 50 to 1

Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan

The Internet would simultaneously orgasm and combust if this were the case. Civil wars would break out on blogs and message boards about whether this was the plan all along, or whether it was just booking on the fly. People would join cults dedicated to the WWE booking team, thinking they were geniuses or at least heroes to the indie crowd and their own savior. This option is intriguing, and if gambling were legal and you could bet on something like this, the American GM Dragon would be a tantalizing long shot bet. However, while I fully believe that they’re going to bring American Dragon back at some point, I doubt it’ll be as the mystery GM.

Odds: 35 to 1

Jim Ross

Here’s where things start to get interesting. Good Ol’ JR has said time and time again that his new role in the WWE will strictly be backstage. That is a good place for him, as he was the driving force behind bringing in a lot of the talent that the WWF/E had in the beginning of the new century. However, he’s too iconic a personality to keep hidden in the shadows all the time. While Ross does not want to do the constant travel grind, this new angle sets it up so that he can work remotely and make special appearances, as well as calling Big 3 PPVs.

Odds: 25 to 1

Triple H

Well, they gotta bring Proboscis Maximus back somehow, right? It would be better than him coming back and squashing Sheamus and then the Nexus like bugs no doubt, and it would add an extra layer of intrigue to his character that has been missing for a decade-plus.

Odds: 15 to 1

Shawn Michaels

[adinserter block=”2″]HBK has said he’d never step back into a wrestling ring as a competitor again, and while I do believe him, I don’t think that means he’ll be out of the spotlight forever. It doesn’t make sense for him to be off camera for the rest of his career, and again, he can spend time at home with his family doing the GM thing remotely. Of course, he’d probably appear live on TV once a month at least, but HBK cracking wise is something that the WWE misses right now. I can’t believe I just typed that sentence, but it’s true.

Odds: 8 to 1

Stephanie McMahon

Okay, if Vince didn’t need to hire Shane to fill a role in the company, then yeah, he wouldn’t need to hire Stephanie, but honestly, I could see this happening more and more because hey, when the chips are down, the McMahons go into Family Feud mode. You could argue that business is as good as it’s been in awhile, but with stars leaving or preparing to leave, well, you go with what works to supplement the new, right? I hope to God this isn’t the option, but it looms heavily over the air.

Odds: 5 to 1

Michael Cole

This has to be the obvious choice. Communicating through Cole is a much bigger foreshadow than any catchphrase they can insert into the e-mails to throw people off. This fits very well into his heel character. Since the beginning of NXT Season 1, Cole has been slowly morphing into a complete heel PBP announcer. Heeling on Danielson was only the beginning. He’s been cheerleading The Miz as well as cozying up to Maryse and sympathizing with heels more and more. This would be the coup de grace in this slow burn turn.

Odds: Even money

No matter what the payoff is, at least the WWE can hang its hat on the intrigue generated with this anonymous GM right now. Hopefully, though, we’ll still be talking about this mystery as fondly as we are now once it’s revealed.

Tom Holzerman is a lifelong wrestling fan and connoisseur of all things Chikara Pro, among other feds. When he’s not writing for the Camel Clutch Blog, you can find him on his own blog, The Wrestling Blog.

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  1. Jim Ross just wouldn't be interesting because everyone knows he will "baby" john cena. I dont want another reason to hate john cena as much as i do already so No.

  2. i think Michael cole will be the best choice becuase he is the one reading the messages while he can be making the messages up himself. He has been playing the role of a heel for a long time now and it would make sense. I hope its either michael cole or Stone Cold. I just hope its not HBK or one of the Mc Mahons. cuz that woudn't play out right to attack Mr. Mc Mahon. Daniel Bryan is probaly going to be a heel when he comes back so im gonna have to say no on that. My choice is Michael Cole or Stone Cold Steve Austin! Hell Yeah!!

  3. Michael Cole is the best choice in my opinion. There is practically no chance that it will be Daniel Bryan; if (or when?) he comes back, he'll likely be a face and feud with the Nexus. Shawn Michaels or Steve Austin could potentially work, but the fans would be reluctant to boo either one of them. It would take some excellent storytelling for that to happen. The other choices (particularly Shane or Stephanie McMahon) would be terrible. Yet another McMahon war? No thanks.


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